We learned this week socialinteractionism. Social interactionism is related with humanistic and cognitive perspectives.

I have learned two important and well known psychologists Russian, Vygotsky and the Israeli, Feurstain. I learned their views to language teaching. Social interactionists say that everybody is born in a social world. So, people interact with each other. As a result of interaction we make our own sense to the world. . We have talked about a deaf and not being able to speak family in our lesson. The family had innate problems. They thought that our children have the same problems with us when they were born. However these children werenot deaf and they were able to speak.However they did not receive any word from their family. After the family had awared this situation, they decided to send their children to a course to interact. After interacting with other people these children were able to speak. As a result of this example, we learn a language through using the language to interact meaningfully with other people. Vygotsky emphasized the importance of language in interacting with people, not just speech, but signs and symbols as well. He had a holistic approach. He rejected broken down small pieces to learn. Also, I have learned mediation. Effective learning depend on social interaction between different level of skill and knowledge. The person who has more skill and knowledge helps another one. This important person in the child s learning is known as a mediator. Vygotsky says that learning may appear in charge of the challenge. A little beyond learner s capacity should be given information, so learning appears. In contrast to Vygotsky s mainly theoretical writings, Feuerstain focus on for classroom teaching and learning.Feuerstain was one of the founder members of Israel. Jewish children came all around the world to Israel. So that they had problems mentally.Feuerstain main goal is that construct methods of providing them with the skills and strategies to overcome their learning difficulties and to become effective learners.

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