Unit 5: Sampling Introduction, Sampling Techiniques

Nature of Class

Sampling Techiniques Cont Sampling Size, Sampling Errors, Sampling Distribution Sample Design Group Presentation Unit 6: Estimation Introduction, Point estimation and Good estimator Interval Estimation, Confidence Interval estimate Sample Size determination Unit 8: Measurement and Scaling Introduction to Variables types, Different Measurement scales Objective Test and its types Attitude measuring scales Group Presentation Unit 7: Testing Hypothesis Why Hypthesis? How it is related to Research question Hypothesis testing procedure Significance Level -Interpreting and Selecting, Type I and Type II errors, One-tail or two-tail test? Testing of Hypothesis in case of single mean -Large and Small samples Testing of Hypothesis in case of difference between two means -Large and Small samples Numericals Chi-square test as test of independence Intrduction to nonparametric statistics, Run test and Median test Group Presentation Unit 9: Qualitative Data Analysis Undersatnding Qualitative data, Validation Deductive and Inductive reasoning strategies and procedure Contenet Analysis Group Presentation Unit 10: Research Report Writing Report writing Basics- why, how and what Structure of the report- how best to organise Different style of report writing Standard styles available

Lecture Lecture Activity/Case Task

Lecture+Numerical Lecture+Numerical Numerical

Lecture Lecture Activity Task

Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture+Numerical

Activity Lecture+Numerical Task

Lecture Lecture Lecture Task

Lecture Lecture Lecture+Activity Lecture

Assignment Presentation on the last day of the class

Group Presentation:A group of students will be given an article based on related topic. group will make a presentation for the rest of the class. Time given will be 10 mins to d the presentation. Evaluation will be done on how well the group have understod the ma of the article and also on presentation skills .

Lecture/Task # 1 2 3 1 1 4 5 6 7 8 2 2 9 9 10 10 11 12 3 13 14+15 3 16 17 18 4 19 20 21 22 .

The e 10 mins to do erstod the mater .related topic.

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