Wuthering Heights Reading Worksheet Think about these questions as you read.

Try to answer the questions as you carefully read through the book. 1. Who authored Wuthering Heights? 2. What is the name of the village that is near Wuthering Heights? 3. Which 2 characters in the book claim to see the ghost of Catherine? 4. Who raises Hareton when he is young boy? 5. Who is forced to work as a servant in Hindley’s home? 6. When do young Catherine and Hareton plan to marry? 7. Who says “I am Heathcliff!”? 8. Which character dies first? Last? 9. Who is forced to work as a servant in Heathcliff’s home? 10. What is above the entrance of Wuthering Heights? 11. Which 2 characters plan to live at Thrushcross Grange at the end of the story? 12. When does Heathcliff say that Catherine will decompose? 13. Where is Catherine’s body buried? 14. How old is Linton when he reunites with Catherine? 15. Which character does Edgar Linton not like his daughter to visit?

Answer Key: 1. Emily Bronte 2. Gimmerton 3. Heathcliff and Lockwood 4. Nelly 5. Heathcliff 6. New Year’s Day 7. Catherine 8. Mrs. Earnshaw (First); Heathcliff (Last) 9. Hareton 10. Hareton Earnshaw, 1500 11. Hareton and Young Catherine 12. When Heathcliff can join her in the earth 13. In a churchyard cemetery that overlooks the moors 14.16 years old 15. Linton Heathcliff

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