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Howe AP Government 27 September 2010 SRQ #1 In general, liberals are a group that favors freedom and individual rights. Therefore, they are typically pro-choice. Due to their beliefs of individual freedom, they feel it is right to allow a person to choose whether or not to abort a child. In this aspect, it is clear that the liberals want less government restricts on moral issues. To go along with this ideology, they tend to favor an allowance of gay marriage. As they feel choice is most important, they hold no prejudice over any type of marriage. On the other hand, conservatives typically want more government restricts on social issues. Therefore, on the issue of abortion, conservatives typically feel very strongly against it. This is due to the fact that conservatives are typically religious and therefore find it morally wrong to abort a baby. Also, conservatives often find gay marriage wrong. The fact that many conservatives are religious adds to their rejection of gay marriage as it goes against many of their religious beliefs. Regarding economic issues, liberals typically want more government restricts. This is due to the fact that liberals are typically of middle or lower class and also people of various nationalities. Therefore, it is clear that liberals need the government control for their economic stability. With this in mind, liberals strongly favor affirmative action. This is due to the fact that liberals want equality in the workplace since they want jobs. On the issue of taxes, liberals often do not oppose a tax raise on the wealthy. As previously mentioned, liberals are many times middle to lower class and therefore would not be as affected. Conservatives, on affirmative

. oppose it. it is clear that conservatives oppose taxes on the wealthy because they are often wealthy and therefore would be taxed in a greater amount.Shinto 2 action. This is due to the fact that conservatives are usually white males and would lose job opportunities since many jobs will be given to other nationalities. Also.

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