Gilgamesh Reading Worksheet Think about these questions as you read.

Try to answer the questions as you carefully read through the book. 1. For what purpose did the gods create Enkidu? 2. What river flows past the city of Uruk? 3. When Enkidu dreams of the underworld, what are the dead wearing? 4. Who steals the magic plant? 5. What test must Gilgamesh pass in order to prove that he is worthy of eternal life? Who gives him this test? 6. How was The Epic of Gilgamesh preserved? 7. The Cedar Forest is guarded by the demon _______________________. 8. _______________________, god of the ________________, supports Gilgamesh’s entry into the Cedar Forest. 9. After Enkidu dies, why does Gilgamesh leave Uruk? 10. Who learns of the coming flood that will destroy the world? How does he learn of this flood? 11. Who is responsible for introducing Enkidu to civilization? 12. Gilgamesh spurns the goddess _________________________ 13. The Bull of Heaven brings what to Uruk? 14. Gilgamesh gets to the other side of Mashu, the twin peaked mountain, by __________________________________________________________________________ 15. Why does Enkidu both bless and curse the temple prostitute?

Answer Key: 1. To act as a counterbalance for Gilgamesh’s power. 2. Euphrates 3. Feathers 4. A snake 5. Gilgamesh must stay awake for 7 days and 6 nights; Utnapishtim gives him the test 6. It was preserved on clay tablets 7. Humbaba 8. Shamash; sun 9. To learn how he can avoiding dying himself 10. Utnapishtim; the god of wisdom (Ea) speaks to him through the walls of his home 11. A temple prostitute 12. Ishtar 13. Famine 14. by walking through it 15. Without her, Enkidu wouldn’t have been tempted to leave the wilderness, and therefore wouldn’t have met Gilgamesh.

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