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Church Site Dissertation

Church Site Dissertation

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Published by: sultancip on May 07, 2011
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Creating and maintaining an attractive church website, which is going to be an effective

interface to the local community, is going to require much work and dedication. It is very

unfair, therefore, to allow one person to carry all the burden and responsibility. “Church

websites are often a one person task and there is no-one to help when that one person

becomes overworked.” (Fish 2007, 7). “I'm 87 and am the web master of two church

websites. I do not have a committee or a team to work with at either church although I

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have asked for help and would truly welcome it”, wrote somebody on a church website

forum I belong to.

The Bible, of course, says nothing about maintaining a church website, but it does say a

lot about working together as a team in doing the Lord’s work and the need for


. For example, we can learn a lesson from Moses in Exodus 18. Jethro noticed

that Moses was wearing himself out by taking it upon himself to do all the judging, (this

was a critical time in history, the beginning of Israel’s legal system): "What you are

doing is not good. You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves

out. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone.” (Exodus 18:17-18).

Jethro pointed out the problem and suggested a solution - to appoint men to judge the

smaller matters and for them only to go to Moses with the ones they could not deal with.

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