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Church Site Dissertation

Church Site Dissertation

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Published by: sultancip on May 07, 2011
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The website also needs extra people to edit and proof read. Someone with a good

visual eye for design to give a second opinion is also invaluable. Even when everything

is live on the Internet, everyone in the church with access to the Internet should be

encouraged to look out for mistakes and report any errors. “Mistakes also rob a site of

credibility in the eyes of many people. “ (Whittaker, 2009).

Someone is also needed to read (everyday if possible) and respond to incoming emails

that come via the church website to the church. “Ensure that all incoming emails are

responded to in a timely fashion... Suitably equipped/trained volunteers can give

email/face-to-face counsel and friendship. It need not be all done by paid church staff.”

(Whittaker, 2009).

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