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Hoang Ngoc Minh .

MAGGI 3. MILO 5. BAR-ONE 7. NESTLE Milk 10. NESCAFE 2. NESTLE SLIM Milk 11. . KIT KAT 6.Some of the famous brands of Nestle are: 1. NESTEA 9. NESTLE Jeera Raita. MILKMAID 8. NESTLE Fresh 'n' Natural Dahi 12. MILKYBAR 4.

  .Nestle India Limited   A subsidiary of Nestle Founded by Henri Nestle in Switzerland in the year 1867. The company was established in India in 1961. in an effort to upgrade the existing standards of the Indian milk industry at that period. The first production unit was launched in Punjab.

µ .Vision ´Nestlé's aim is to meet the various needs of the consumer everyday by marketing and selling foods of a consistently high quality.

Nestle helps provide selections for all individual taste and lifestyle preferences.µ .Mission ´We strive to bring consumers foods that are safe. of high quality and provide optimal nutrient to meet physiological needs.

The company has been continuously introducing new products for its Indian patrons on a frequent basis. with a presence in almost every country.Nestle India has a strong support from its parent company. These brands are almost generic to their product categories. y Brand strength . thus expanding its product offerings y . Maggi and Cerelac. y Product innovation .SWOT analysis Strengths Parent support .In India. Nestle has some very strong brands like Nescafe. which is the world·s largest processed food and beverage company.The company has access to the parent·s hugely successful global folio of products and brands.

e.SWOT analysis Weaknesses: y Not as successful as they thought they would be in some market (i. LC-1 was a food and not a drug) . and consumers didn·t quite understand (i.e. France) y Some of their product were positioned as too scientific.

quality of edible inputs and personnel. ‡The food industry requires high standards of hygiene. ‡ The main issue for Nestle India is traceability. . The fragmented nature of the Indian market place complicates things more.Supply chain ‡Complex supply chain management.

Health-based products are becoming more popular in the world.Ranked first in nearly all the product segments in which it operated (market leader) .SWOT analysis y Opportunities: . including in the United States .Well-known company and strong brandname .

‡Existing markets are not fully tapped and the company can increase presence by penetrating further. .Expansion ‡ The company has the potential to expand to smaller towns and other geographies. the per capita consumption of most FMCG products is likely to grow. ‡With India's demographic profile changing in favour of the consuming class. Nestle will have the inherent advantage of this trend.

Carnation.Product offerings The company has the option to expand its product folio by introducing more brands which its parents are famed for like breakfast cereals. . Smarties Chocolates. etc.

Nestle India could become an export hub for the parent in certain product categories .Global hub Since manufacturing of some products is cheaper in India than in other South East Asian countries.

the Indian Government has reduced the import duty of food segments thus intensifying the battle. Off late. .The company faces immense competition from the organized as well as the unorganized sectors. to liberalize its trade and investment policies to enable the country to better function in the globalised economy.SWOT analysis Threat Competition .

But the companies¶ may not be able to pass on the full burden of these onto the customers. increasing packaging and manufacturing costs.Sectoral woes Rising prices of raw materials and fuels. and in turn. .

Currently. Traditionally. Indians believe in consuming fresh stuff rather then packaged or frozen.Conclusion ‡ The food processing business in India is at a nascent stage. only about 10% of the output is processed and consumed in packaged form thus highlighting huge potential for expansion and growth. ‡ . but now the trend is changing.

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