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Orchid cultivation

Orchid cultivation


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Published by: ABID H on Sep 04, 2008
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Orchid cultivation

 Naturally

long vase life (3-5 weeks)  Prices do not fluctuate widely  Specialized market  Special gift for special occasions  Easy to multiply  Easy to grow

Advantages of orchid cultivation

Classification of orchids
 Based

on temperature

– Temperate Orchids – Sub tropical Orchids – Tropical Orchids

 Based
– – – – –

on habitat

Epiphytic Orchids Lithophytic Orchids Saprophytic Orchids Terrestial Orchids Epiphytic Orchids-Dendrobiums, vandas, Phalaenopsis – Terrestial orchids- Cymbidiums, spathoglottis

Based on habit (growth) monopodial Orchids
Main stem will grow year after year ,producing infloresence from leaf axis, no rhizome

Sympodial Orchids
main stem will terminate growth at the end of season, a new shoot emerges at the base of stem forming its own bulbous structure called as pseudo bulb /rhizome

 Temperature

Requirements  tropical Orchids Dendrobiums ,Arandas, Mokaras  Day temp :-21-35  Night temp :-18-21 Humidity Avg humidity 50-80% Day >50% Night not less than <30%

 Planting

density 10-14 plants /m2

 Plant

to plant :- 15  Row to row :- 15
 Yield
– 2nd year :-2 to 3 flowers – 3rd year :-5-6 flowers

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