POWER-ENHANCING HERB JAR An herb jar to enhance your powers, physically, psychicly, and mentally.

It may be used before commencing rituals involvingscrying, mirror evocation, summoning, trancing, or dream-work. Fill a jar with a mixture of the following: Cinnamon (for dream magick) [also draws money] Nutmeg (for good luck) [also draws money] Allspice (healing) [also draws money] Ginger (lunar magick) [also increases energy] Basil (protection) [also for a happy home] Fennel seeds (spiritual healing) [also for psychic abilities] Garlic (spiritual purification) Marjoram (protection) Sage (spiritual purification) [also for wisdom] Cloves (protection) [also draws money] [White or Yellow] Mustard seed (protection) Before you do any scrying -- of any kind -- inhale the scent deeply and shake the jar gently. © 1997 mona (threedg@primus.com.au) a.k.a. mystic_angel67@hotmail.com [comments in brackets by cat@luckymojo.com relate to hoodoo magic]

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