Nobody will ever remember how u look, how u speak, what u did or anything else.

But the only thing they remember is how u made them feel. If a person is silent, it doesn't mean He is unknwn of fun thrills . . . . But it means life has taught him some lessons whch has made him Silent. awesome lines: A soft nature of a person dosent mean weakness..... remember.. nothing is soft den water... bt its force can break d strongest rocks :) Sumtimes God Closes all doors and shuts all the Windows for u...... during those times, think that may be there is STORM outside and HE wants you Safe within..... Never mix your words with your mood. BCOZ u will have many options to change urz mood but u will never have any option to replace the spoken words....!! :) " Successful People always have two things on their lips, Silence n Smile. Smile to solve the problems.and Silence to avoid the problems "

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