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SubmlLLed ln ÞarLlal lulflllmenL for Lhe Award of Lhe ulploma of

ÞosL CraduaLe ulploma ln ManaaemenL
(Sesslon 2009Ŵ11)

SubmlLLed Loť SubmlLLed 8vť
Ms Surabhl Slnah Anmol verma
(lnLernal Culde) 8oll no 09
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l Anmo| Verma bearlna ko|| No 09 Class ÞGDM II ¥ear of Lhe lnsLlLuLe of ManaaemenL SLudlesţ nolda
herebv declare LhaL Lhe Þro[ecL 8eporLŴ607 enLlLled " 5ona||ka 1ractor Ldt " ls an orlalnal work and Lhe
same has noL been submlLLed Lo anv oLher lnsLlLuLe for Lhe award of anv oLher dlplomaŦ 1he suaaesLlons
as approved bv Lhe faculLv were dulv lncorporaLedŦ

5|gnature of 5tudent

5|gnature of Iacu|ty Gu|de


No management study is complete without practical experience. Being an PGDM student I know
that creativity and practice both are essential elements oI management
I would like to pay my sincere thanks to Ms 5urabh| 5|ngh Ior providing me a golden chance to
undergo Ior proiect & gaining practical knowledge about sonalika tractor Ltd.

Thanking you
Anmol verma


Indian Tractor Market 5
World Leading Tractor Manufacture 8
Current Manufacture Tractor Of India 10
History Of Sonalika Group 13
Mission & Vision 15
Sonalika Group Units 19
Product And Services Of All Group Units 25
Distribution Network 30
Organisation Chart & functioning of departments 31
Conclusion 40
Suggestions 41
Bibliography 42


Arable Land Mn Hectare 1444 170 2
Irrigated Area Mn Hectare 249.6 45.8 2
Tractors In Use Tractors/000 Hectares 28 10.5 8
The Tractors available in developed countries have advanced Ieatures and accessories that is not
Iound in Indian tractors .Tractor industry has made a steady and satisIactory progress even in
drought areas.
Four Iactors have contributed to the steady progress:
O Government laid stress on the mechanization oI agriculture with a view to boost Iood
grain production. ThereIore agriculture sector started receiving Iinancial assistance.
O There is an increase in awareness among the Iarmers Ior the need oI Iarm mechanization
and are keen to acquire tractor with the help oI credit Iacilities Irom Iinancial institutions.
O Agronomists believe that there is need Ior more tilling due to depletion oI moisture and
repeated cultivation oI land .It is precisely Ior this reason that the demand Ior tractors was
well maintained even during a draught period.
O Animal power available is too inadequate to meet power demand oI our Iarmers.
Mechanized operations are preIerred to eliminate drudgery and delay, also labour
shortage during harvesting increased the use oI tractor.
The automobile sector is a key player in the global and Indian economy. The global
Motor vehicle industry contributes 5 per cent directly to the total ManuIacturing employment,
In addition, the auto industry is linked with several other sectors in the economy and hence its
indirect contribution is much higher than this. All over the world it has been treated as a leading
economic sector because oI its extensive economic linkages.


India`s manuIacture oI 7.9 million vehicles, including 1.3 million passenger
cars,amounted to 2.4 per cent and 7 per cent, respectively, oI global production in
number.The auto-components manuIacturing sector is another key player in the Indian
automotive industry. Exports Irom India in this sector rose Irom US$1.0 billion in 2003-04 to
US$1.8 billion in 2005-06, contributing 1 per cent to the world trade in auto components in
current USD. In India, the automobile industry provides direct employment to about 5 lakh
persons. It contributes 4.7 per cent to India`s GDP and 19 per cent to India`s indirect tax revenue.
Till early 1980s, there were very Iew players in the Indian auto sector, which was suIIering Irom
low volumes oI production, obsolete and substandard technologies. With
De-licensing in the 1980s and opening up oI this
At the end oI the day there are enough reasons to believe that the industry will grow because:
O More Iarmers are opting Ior multiple cropping over last decade. Country's net cropped
area had remained virtually stagnant while gross cropped area increased by about 4.7°.
This indicates the increased popularity oI multiple cropping.
O 95° oI tractor sales are on credit. Credit is extended by commercial banks, state land
development banks and regional rural banks.
O Irrigation Iacilities reduce reliance on the monsoon and allow Ior quick yielding varieties
oI Iood -grain .This reduces the cropping cycle to 3-4 months Irom the traditional 5-6
O Reduced cropping cycle require deep tilling which translates into higher demand Ior
O Cost oI tractors in India is the cheapest in world .The cost oI a Iinished tractor here is as
much as the cost oI gear box in developed countries. Hence there exists tremendous
scope Ior exports.

O According to a study conducted by PHD Chamber oI Commerce and Industry, Since
purchase oI tractor involves a big investment its demand in aIIected by the availability


and easiness oI credit. A higher availability oI credit will lead to a higher demand
Ior tractors.
O The tractors between the 31-40 horse power and 31-40 hp range dominate the market.
The reason Ior medium horse power tractors being more popular are that the maior tractor
demanding states like Puniab Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have plenty oI alluvial soil
which does not require deep tilling. Lately it is visualised that higher hp segment has the
maximum growth potential Higher horse powered tractors will be the Iuture requirement
with the government intention to encourage contract Iarming through the leasing in and
leasing out oI Iarm lands.
O Regarding exports India oI latter has been exporting tractors to a number oI countries, but
predominantly to Sri Lanka, Nepal and U.S.A .However the study reveals that exports
Irom India are going down in the recent years .The maior reason Ior the decline in
exports oI tractors oI tractor Irom India is being the Iailure to Iind an extensive market
overseas ,deteriorating Ioreign exchange situation in AIrican countries and their poor
buying capacity, comparatively cheaper imports oI second hand tractors by South East
Asian countries Irom developed countries and the disintegration oI erstwhile U.S.S.R. but
also the potential export markets can be explored by Indian in the Iuture. Since Indian
tractors conIirm to the international standard by virtue oI their Ioreign collaboration it is
possible Ior India to export to more tractors to the rice and wheat growing countries like
Canada, Philippines and Bangladesh.
The tractor industry in India has developed over the years to become one oI the largest tractor
markets in the world. From iust about 50,000 units in early eighties the size oI tractor market in
the country has grown up to over 400,000 units. Today industry comprises oI 19 players,
including 3 MNCs. The opportunities still are huge considering the low Iarm mechanization
levels in the country, when compared to other developed economies across the world. AIter a
downturn during last 3-4 years, the industry is back on a growth path, which we believe would
sustain in coming years as well. Key concern Ior the industry is its dependence on Agricultural
income in hands oI Iarmers and the state oI monsoon. Today there are as many as 19 players
operating into tractor manuIacturing activity in the country. However, about 97 per cent oI
market is shared among the top 6 players only.







FOUNDER - Mr. L.D.Mittal
Sonalika Group - Sonalika group is one oI the top automobile and agriculture machinery
manuIacturers in India. Apart Irom tractors its product line includes multi utility vehicles, three
wheelers, engines and various Iarm equipments and implements. Established in 1969, Sonalika
group since the inception has tried to understand customer need to be Iacilitating them with its
value Ior money products. The Company has a state oI art manuIacturing Iacilities, spread in
acres, located in the Iree shrubs oI Puniab and Himachal Pradesh.
Sonalika is the one oI the top 3 tractor manuIacturing companies in India, other products include
oI, Multi utility vehicles, engines and various Iarm equipments. Today the group stands tall with
an approximate turnover oI 5000 Crore INR. An average growth oI 30° makes it one oI the
Iastest growing corporate in India. It is also one oI the Iew debt Iree companies. Group has
strength oI about 2000 employee technocrats. The company works on the maxims oI low
production cost and clean and saIe environment. Such eIIorts have Ietched the company the
accreditation like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. History reveals that innovation is the key to
continued progress and when applied to technology that touches human liIe, it can unIold a
whole new economic phenomenon that has the power to change the world. With unique
initiatives like the Thought leadership Forum, Leadership Forum, we have been able to create a
unique platIorm Ior learning through success stories oI industry leaders. The success saga oI
Sonalika Group a business conglomerate having prime interest in agricultural & auto machinery
goes back to nearly 5 decades. The corporate philosophy embedded in trust, quality and
commitment has helped the group to carve out a niche Ior itselI in the highly competitive world
oI Machinery. Sonalika is the Iastest growing tractor company registering growth over growth
since its inception has crossed 1.80 lac merely in 10 years & has attained one oI the position in
top three in India


Sonalika group`s products exist in various international markets. Company`s product
exported to Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ethiopia,
Ghana, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nepal, Oman, Republic oI
Benin, Senegal, South AIrica, Srilanka, Sudan, Canada, Zambia, Syria, Togo, Tunisia, Ukraine,
and Zimbabwe.


The dream Proiect oI Sonalika group is to cater the agricultural and auto industry with quality
abrasive products through untiring dedication and leadership.

we pay personal attention to customers so that, we can build products they need, and not merely
sell the products we build.

To accomplish our mission, the ownership, staII, and management go to great lengths to treat
each customer like a member oI the Iamily and provide them with the best choice oI products
and highest quality oI service in the industry.

Red symbolizes the strength, power, determination, and desire oI company.

Yellow surrounding the Sonalika produces a warming eIIect, arouses cheerIulness, stimulates
mental activity, and generates the same.


Green Leaf in the center symbolizes growth, harmony, Ireshness, and Iertility. Black
underlining the logo associates with power, elegance, and Iormality.
Orange surroundings the complete logo represents enthusiasm, Iascination, happiness,
creativity, encouragement, and stimulation. All this permutation oI persona represents the
Sonalika group as an asset in the industry.


Details of top executives

1. Chairman- Mr. L.D. Mittal
2. vice Chairman- Mr. A.S. Mittal
3. Managing Director- Mr. Deepak Mittal
4. Finance Head- Mr.Rainesh Jain
5. Production Head- Mr. Ashok Kapoor
6. Marketing Head- Mr.L.R.Yadav (CEO)
7. R&D Head- Mr. Ashwani Malik

The total turnover oI the group stands Ior 3200crore INR. An average growth oI 30° makes it
one oI the Iastest growing corporate in India. It is also one oI the Iew debt Iree companies.



1) 1969, Modest beginning into Iarm equipment and machine manuIacture and
earning name and Iame over all these year.
2) 1995 DiversiIication into manuIacture oI tractor over whelming response Irom
the market.
3) 1996 Roll out oI Iirst tractor Irom ITL.
4) 2000 Enter into ioint venture with Renault Agriculture France Ior tractor
manuIacture in India.
5) 2000 Started in house manuI. OI engine Ior tractor application.
6) 2002 Started export oI tractor to AIrica, Asian sub continental.
7) 2004 Started Roll out oI 100000 Tractors
8) 2004 Started establishment oI ICML.
9) 2005 Become the Iourth largest tractor manuI. In India.
10) 2005, Roll out oI Iirst vehicle Irom ICML Iacility.
11) 2005 Joint venture with Yanmar Agriculture oI Japan.
12) 2006 SuccessIully developed 4 wheels drive Iront Axles and transmission oI
tractors Ior Yanmar.
13) 2006 Rollout oI 100000
tractor engine.
14) 2006 Become 3
largest manuIacture oI tractor in India.
15) 2006 Market launch oI Rhino (MUV) and establish dealer`s network.



Sonalika group divided into Iour companies` .Sonalika group units is as Iollow:




International Tractors Limited was incorporate on October 17, 1995 Ior the manuIacture oI
Tractors and has since then built a distinct position Ior itselI in the Tractor industry. ITL is
manuIacturing various Tractors oI Sonalika brand between 30 H.P to 90 H.P, and CLASS brand
between 70 hp to 90hp. The tractors manuIactured by company have secured a reputation oI
perIormance, quality and reliability in the market because oI their maximum pulling power,
minimum Iuel consumption and low emission. All this makes ITL one oI the top Iive tractor
selling companies in India. These tractors are also exported to various countries including South
AIrica, Australia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Canada, Bangladesh, Algeria, Zambia, Senegal, Ghana

ITL has entered into strategic alliance with YANMAR oI Japan Ior ioint manuIacturing tractors
in India. ITL has a marketing arrangement with TATA International Ior development oI selected
South American and AIrican market. The company`s marketing eIIorts are promoted by dealer
network oI 600, and 450 sub dealers. Such a networking has enabled the company to grow like a
well-knit Iamily whose roots lie in its customers, who have providing constant Ieedback and
support to allow the company to turn their dreams into products.
They are also manuIacturing tractors, meeting norms oI Smoke & Mass Emission, Tested and
certiIied by ARAI, Pune. United States Environmental Norms Agency, Washington DC has also
certiIied our Engines. These certiIications enabled SONALIKA Tractors to enter into world
Market. All the Models oI Tractors and Combines Harvesters manuIactured by us are tested &
approved by central Farm Machinery and Tractors Training & Testing Institute, Bundi (MP)
India, (the Government oI India Institute authorized Ior issuing test reports).

Address- International Tractors Limited Jalandhar Road, Hoshiarpur (Pb.) Pin-146022


International Cars & Motors Limited (ICML) is a Group Company oI the Rs 1200 Crores
SONALIKA Group. The Company is promoted by Mr. L.D.Mittal (Chairman), Mr.
A.S.Mittal(Vice Chairman) & Mr. Deepak Mittal, Managing Director, who are having vast
experience in manuIacturing oI tractors, Farm machines & Automobiles.

ICML is a proiect oI its kind and is the Pride oI Himachal Pradesh`. The Company is having its
state-oI-the-art production Iacility, with centrally air-conditioned, dust & pollution Iree
environment, to manuIacture multi-utility vehicles / sports utility vehicles, in Amb, Himachal

The Company is a Mother Unit` as its establishment shall attract many other ancillary & small
units Ior meeting the raw material requirements yielding maniIold employment avenues, revenue
& industrialization in the state.
The Company has entered into Technical Collaboration Agreement with MG Rover oI UK, with
the technical know how Irom MG Rover, UK. The Company has manuIactured MUV with the
name oI RHINO RX & the same MUV boasts oI Rover engines. The company is in-process oI
developing its own Common Rail Direct iniection (CRDi) engines.
The company has the installed capacity to manuIacture 2000 MUVs in a month i.e., 24000
MUVs in a year. In the Iirst Iull year oI production in 2006-2007, ICML is aiming to churn out
about 5000 MUVs & expects to achieve a turnover oI 250 Crores. The Company, besides
catering to the domestic market, also has an eye on exports & exports to Malaysia, Nepal,
Bangladesh & Indonesia are also in an advanced stage. It will also oIIload the product in AIrican
continent soon.
The Company is eligible Ior the Central & State Govt. Tax sops, exemption Irom the excise duty
& income tax Ior 10 years, which shall add to its viability & Iuture expansion.

Sonalika Group intends to iniect Rs. 1000 Crores in Himachal Pradesh over the next 2 -3 years in
the upcoming ICML plant & ICML has an ambitious plan to play a maior role in the Indian


Automobile Industry. International cars & motors ltd, car plant is located in Ioothills oI
Shivalik Range and surrounded by natural greenery oI Himalayas at AMB (HP) a tax-
Iree zone. The total area oI plant is 93,000 Sq. M. out oI which 42,000 Sq. M. is covered area.
Plant capacity to produce 24000 cars in a year.
Address:-Amb Distt., Himachal Pradesh.¦Tax Free Zone}


International Autotrac Finance Limited is a non banking Iinance company approved by
IAFL provide Iinance to customers oI International cars & motors limited in rural & semi urban
areas across India through customer Iriendly schemes.
Its parent company Sonalika Group ranks among the largest tractor & Iarm equipment
manuIacturer in India

Business Plans of IAFL
First Phase: In the Iirst phase, the area oI operations will be in the state oI Puniab, Haryana,
Jammu, H.P (Done).
Second Phase: In the second phase, the area oI operations will be extended to other parts oI
Northern India.
Third Phase: In the third phase, the area oI operations will be extended to whole India.


Sonalika Agro was established in 1971 to support the Indian Iarmers with mechanization
technology to Iacilitate persistence oI green revolution. Sonalika Agro Industries Corporation,
the group`s maiden venture is one oI the Ioremost Farm equipments and implements
manuIacturing companies in India with 80° share in threshers alone. Its product line includes
Combine Harvesters, Tractor/SelI Driven straw reapers, Potato Planters, Maize seller cum-
Dehuskers, Seed Cum- Fertilizers Drills, various kinds oI threshers, etc.; Sonalika Agro is a
pioneer in manuIacturing tractors mounted combine harvester, which is not popular in India, but
also in various others countries across the globe. Today, the company is supporting the Iarmers
with world class Iarming equipment to ease the process oI making the Green Revolution II, a
dream come true. In the light oI the company's mission, highly qualiIied and experienced staII is
working as a Iamily in the manuIacturing Iacility at Hoshiarpur (Pb).


Product and Services of All Croup

International Tractors Limited
This company mainly deals with tractors brands and these tractors also exported to diIIerent
markets in Ioreign countries. These brands are as Iollow:-
DI-750III 50 1600Kg
DI-730II 30 1200 Kg
DI-735 35 1200 Kg at lower links
DI-55 55 1200 Kg at end oI lower links
DI-750II 50 1200 Kg
DI-90 90 1600 Kg at end oI lower links
DI-75 2WD 75 1600 Kg
DI-750 50 1200 Kg at end oI lower links
DI-60 SENIOR 60 1200 Kg at end oI lower links
DI-75 4WD 75 1600Kg
DI-740III 40 1200Kg
DI-60 2WD 60 1600Kg
DI-740 40 1200 Kg at end oI lower links
DI-398X(north speeds) 39 1200Kg
DI-60 4WD 60 1600Kg
DI-745III 45 1200Kg
DI-35 35 1200Kg
DI-340S 40 1600 Kg at end oI lower links
Rx42 45 1200Kg
DI-47Rx 50 1200Kg


DI-730III 30 1200Kg at ends oI lower links
DI-732III 34 1200Kg at ends oI lower links
DI-60Rx 60 1600Kg

Sonalika Agro Industries Corporation
This company mainly deals with agricultural equipments and implements. That are helpIul to
the Iarmers in agriculture The product line oI the sonalika agro industries corporation is as
Combine Harvestors
Potato Planters
Maize Sheller-cum
Seed-cum-Fertilizer Drills
Straw Reapers
International Autotrac Finance Limited
This company basically deals with services which are provided to Iarmers, salaried Ior Iinanace
the tractors and other agricultural equipments and implements. Provide Iinancial assistance to


International Cars And Motor Limited
At present this company produces one car model Rhino Rx a MUV by this group and also
working on the new car model INSPIRE and this will launch within this year.

No wonder Sonalika products have created a niche Ior themselves not only in India but also in
Ioreign markets including France, AIrica ,Bangladesh , Srilanka, Senegal, Mali, South AIrica,
Canada, Syria and many oI the South Asian countries. Some oI the international clients are as
MG Rover, Power Train, Renault, Yanmar
In domestic market sonalika products are popular in all across the India. In Puniab, there are
45dealers oI sonalika tractors.
There are 70 dealers oI International cars and motor products all over the India.


As per the training concern my training is in the sonalika tractors that is International Tractors
limited. This company mainly deals with tractor manuIactures and also some other like
Generators etc.ITL was established in 1995-96 with a covered area oI 25 acres. It is situated at
distance oI 7 km Irom Hoshiarpur on Hoshiarpur-Jalandhar road. It is specialist in manuIacturing
oI producing three cylinder diesel engines oI tractors. The Iirst tractor manuIactured by the
company on 14
Oct, 1996. In Oct, 96 the capacity oI the company was one tractor in two days.
It has sold 400 tractors in the Iirst year oI launching tractor & now the production rate is 1200-
1250 tractors per month but installed capacity oI company is 100 tractors per day. It has
developed its own 60HP diesel engine.
ITL`s Hosiarpur situated plant is spread across 50,000sq.meter, which is having Iully
computerized and high level modern machines. Presently, the production capacity oI plant is 100
tractors per day. Near about 3000 people engaged in the plant including workers, technicians,
and engineers on regular basis and around 3000 people work on contract basis.
Competitors oI Sonalika tractors are as Escorts, Eicher, Hmt, Mahindra and Mahindra,
Swarai/PTL, TaIe/Massey, New Holland Iord,


-Company has produced smoke Iree diesel engine
-Company has increased its production oI diesel engines up to 60 engines per day
-International Tractor Limited has a network oI network oI more than 1000 dealers -
Computerized tractor plant
-First Indian tractor engine750III conIorming to Euro II norms
-Pride oI country awarded to Sh L.D MIttal, Chariman.
-Gold medal awarded to Sh. A.S Mittal, Vice Chairman
-Udyog Bhushan awarded to Sh. Deepak Mittal, MD


Followed by Sonalika:


Followed by other firms:







Managing Director
ChieI Operating OIIicer
Joint ChieI Operating OIIicer
HOD oI Every Dept.
Managerial StaII
Support StaII



A) ISO - 9001
ITL has got ISO-9001 quality system certiIied by International CertiIication Ltd. It is Ior use
when conIormance to speciIied requirements is to be assured by supplier during several stages
which may include design, development, production, installation & servicing.
Sonalika has arranged collaboration with French Renaults Ior technical know-how and
marketing. With the help oI this collaboration SONALIKA will develop its own DI-740 Tractor
engine which will help it to reduce its cost.


B) ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System


Study of functioning of departments
ITL has Iully integrated and state oI the art assembly Iacilitation Ior producing world class
tractors. Several productivity improvements in assembly line over the years have made it
possible to manuIacture nearly 37000 tractors per Year. Atomization oI assembly line not only
increased production capacity, but also provided a quantum iump to the quality oI assembled
tractors. ITL assembly line producing tractors in broad range Irom 30HP to 90HP with eIIective
planning oI resources.

Highlights of Assembly Facilitations:
Automated conveyors (Toe-in conveyors, slat conveyor and overhead conveyors.) Ior sub-
assemblies as well as Ior maior assemblies and Iinal product.

Quality. Assembly & Testing Tools:
Hydraulic Test Rig Up to 1600Kg LiIting Capacity
Millipore Testing Equipment. Torque calibrator
Hydraulic presses
A unique 3-Stage oil Iiltration system having modern Iacility oI centriIuge Iiltration
Batch type Special purpose machines (SPM) at various locations Ior washing oI heavy
castings, components & subassemblies
Pipe Ilushing machine Ior proper cleaning oI hoses & pipes
Induction Heaters Ior controlled heating oI bearings
Standard testing procedures for final product
Roller testing Field Testing


Road testing
Research & Development:-
Brief of R & D :
O ITL R & D center is recognized by government oI INDIA
O ITL R&D is a complete dep`t in itselI starting Irom designing upto development,
O Highly qualiIied team oI engineers Ior designing oI transmission & vehicle areas
O Vendor development is capable Ior the development oI new proiects components oI
R&D through vendors & commercial settlement
O Vendor quality control is capable Ior ensuring quality requirements oI components
through veriIication at vendor end
O High skilled workers are capable Ior making any types oI prototypes
O High conIiguration workstations are used Ior design activities
O Teamcenter is used Ior PLM concepts
O I-Deas, Solid-Edge & AutoCad is used Ior 3D & 2D design activities
O Two transmission test rigs.
O Circular test track (mgr) & Roll over protection test rig.
O Hydraulic system test rig.
O Endurance test rig Ior operator seat & Ienders.
O Pto test bed & Endurance test rig Ior MUV gearbox under commissioning.


O Proto machine shop with HMC, radial drilling & turning centre.
Engine R&D Center:
Sonalika have In House Design Engine R&D department with up-to-date technology. Having a
team oI exceedingly competent & remarkable squad oI engineer`s proIicient oI designing most
excellent Engines in technology.
Engines developed so Iar available in rating oI 28-90 HP. Sonalika has started spreading roots in
MUV manuIacturing with own R&D team and designed two exclusive engines with latest
Engines are designed with Rotary FIE Irom BOSCH & (CRDi) Common Rail Diesel that gives
variable geometry turbocharger Ior superior engine response .The in house R&D has all supplies
required Ior complete design oI engine Irom structural parts to emission development. Use oI
CAD and FEA is made to design robust parts. While Emission test cell is also being
commissioned using equipment imported Irom AVL Austria world leader in emission
measurement Ior conducting in house emission.
New Tractor Engine under G1 Series MUV Engine (Rover) Proto-type stage
This center is capable oI designing new technologically advanced Engines & its various
components. It can also carry out DFEMA Ior its own design or any other components.
In-house R&D capabilities:
The in house Engine R&D department oI Sonalika is one oI the Iinest. Possessing a team oI
highly qualiIied team oI engineers capable oI designing complete engine Irom ground up.
Engines developed so Iar include tractor engines Irom Hp rating oI 28-90 Hp.With entry oI
Sonalika group into MUV segment two engines have been developed by the in house R&D
exclusively Ior the MUV application.
The engines have been developed using latest technology. One engine uses Rotary FIE Irom
BOSCH while the other engine is a Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDi) with variable geometry
turbocharger Ior improved engine response at all points during engine operation. The in house
R&D has all tools required Ior complete design oI engine Irom structural parts to emission


development. Use oI CAD and FEA is made to design robust parts. While Emission test
cell is also being commissioned using equipment imported Irom AVL Austria world
leader in emission measurement Ior conducting in house emission measurement.


Quality Assurance:-
The entire evolution of Quality is classified into 4 phases
Inspection Phase
"uality Control Phase
"uality Assurance Phase
Total "uality Management Phase
Equipments used for Quality Assurance.
O Profile Projector used Ior inspection oI Critical Parameters e.g. Thread, Gear
proIiles etc.
O 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
O Software Used For Measurement(CMM)-(Geometrical 3D measuring soItware) In
this soItware,we can calculate & store co-ordinate oI component as per drawing
speciIication as well as Geometrical tolerances (Flatness, Concentricity, Parallelism
& Positioning) with Graphical Presentation. With help oI Geopak Win generate a
program oI each component & run in CNC mode, saIe a time, generate presentable
report as per requirement. Scanning is the option in GEOPAK WIN,with that you
record contours and surIaces, realize nominal actual comparisons with contours,
calculate geometrical elements at the contour aIter scanning & import contours Irom
external systems, respectively export them to systems (Auto cad, Ideas Ior modeling
O GEOPAK-WIN: - Scanning is the option in GEOPAK WIN, with that you record
contours and surIaces, realize nominal actual comparisons with contours, calculate
geometrical elements at the contour aIter scanning & import contours Irom external
systems, respectively export them to systems (Auto cad, Ideas Ior modeling purpose).


SWOT Analysis:-

O Human Resource
O Research & Development
O Physical Resources:- SAP, own IT dept.
O Availability oI Iinance
O Investors Relationship
O Import oI tractor implements
O UnsuccessIul Rhino car
O Lack oI advertisement regarding their products
O Unexplored Markets Ior Exports :-Mexican & Brazilian markets
O Competitors
Mahindra & Mahindra
New Holland
John Deere



Sonalika has various advantages over its competitors such as low initial cost, low Iuel
consumption, high speed, low maintenance cost, & easy availability
As tractor is meant Ior pulling load, sonalika has all these qualities to pull maximum load due to
high backup torque They basically aIIected by the displays in providing inIormation regarding
new products so company should create some awareness regarding this and make some hording
on roads to attract tractor users with new Ieatures mention on it.



Through tractor market is highly competitive in India and Sonalika is relatively new brand.
Hence Sonalika need a strong positioning. As sonalika tractor is capable oI pulling more load
and unbeatable and unchallengeable Ieatures. Sonalika must be positioned as a tractor, which is
most economical and ideal Ior heavy load work.

Product awareness:
For promotion oI a new product awareness is most important Iactor. As all the Iarmers contacted
are aware oI sonalika tractors and their Ieatures and speciIications. This can be done through
organizing kisan melas, exhibitions and eIIective demonstration at village level.

O Besides these points we would like to suggest Iew more things:
O More & more emphasis on R & D must be given
O Spare parts must be easily available Ior diIIerent models oI tractors
O Become a cost leader in Iield oI tractors
O Provide better aIter sale service to develop better relation with dealers




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