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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

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Published by Atta Ul Haye Tahir

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Published by: Atta Ul Haye Tahir on May 08, 2011
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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

Academic Background: Year Continute 2010 2007 2005 Certificate/Degree M.ed B.A F.A Matriculation Institution Allama Iqbal University Punjab University F.G Post Graduate College for Women , Wah Cantt. P.O.F Model High School, Wah Cantt.

Work Experience and Skills: y y y y Al Habib Institution worked as a senior teacher Six month Skills: Good Communication , hard working , Cooperative, intelligent sincerce with my work. Certificate of merit Al-Jamia Tul Islamic Lil Binnat School of Islamic Studies Islamic Short course in 2nd Position . Fehmul Quran Course of one month from Islamic Institute Al-huda .


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Name: Sex: Marital Status: Date of birth: Nationality: ddress:

Rimsha Mehraan Female Single 20-07-1989 Pakistani 27/Area E/49 Wah Cantt.

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