Assignment of Marketing Management

University of Baluchistan MBA second semester

Assigned By: Dr Sana Ur Rehman

Submitted by: Mohammad Nasir Mushtaq Mohammad

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a societal process by which individuals & groups obtain what they need & want through creating & offering & freely exchanging products &services of value with others.

Tokyo.Sony¶s History Sony was founded after world war II in 1946 in Tokyo Japan under the name of Tokyo Telecom Engineering Corp. . Its headquarter is in Minato. Japan & the fifth largest conglomerate. In 1950 they released Japan¶s first Tape recorder. Beginning capital of the company was just 200. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita were the pioneers of Sony.000 yen means slightly more than $1500 & begun research.

Sony going Global Companies name was Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo before 1950s. Sony is the combination of Latin word for sound ³sonus´ and an American word ³ sonny´. After 1950 company came up with the Name of Sony Corporation. .

000 people.Sony Today As May 2010 Sony employed 191. . The company¶s total revenue was almost $10 billion with $2 billion profit. Sony has almost 100 affiliated companies outside Japan.

.Vision To create exciting new digital entertainment experiences for consumers by bringing together cutting-edge products with latest generation content and services.

Sony is constantly striving to create exciting new worlds of entertainment that can be experienced on a variety of different products. . By ensuring synergy between businesses within the organization.Mission Sony is committed to developing a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services that challenge the way consumer¶s access and enjoy digital entertainment.

. Segmentation allows the firm to better satisfy the needs of its potential customers.Market Segmentation Market segmentation is the identification of portions of the market that are different from one another.

Sony¶s market segmentation Sony offers different products for different group of customers. plasma-killing' tri-color LED-backlit Bravia. Its product line is very large starting from Mobile SD cards to 55-inch. . Sony has 5 main product lines.

Sony¶s Market Segmentation Standard believers The biggest segment as far as Sony is concerned consists of 'Hi-Fliers' .

Segmentation Contd Trendsetters 'Trendsetters' who are most receptive to advanced models .

Segmentation Contd Game lovers concerned with Digital Entertainment .

Segmentation Contd Social Contact ‡ Sony Ericson is the upwardly mobile. sociallyconscious .

Segmentation Contd Assured "net worth" individuals .

Bases for Segmentation Segmentation ‡ Geographic ‡ psychographic ‡ Behavioralistic ‡ Demographic .

Segmentation Contd Geographic World Region All over the world Country Japan Cities Reached out maximum places .

Segmentation Contd Demographic Age All age groups Gender Male. Female Income All income groups Occupation Every sector Religion Irrespective of Religion .

Segmentation Contd Psychographic .

Segmentation Contd Behavioral Benefits Loyalty status Quality Strong .

Such as: . So SONY serving various target markets in its each product line.Target Marketing A set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve.

Difference B/w Target Marketing and Market Targeting Target Marketing calls for 3 steps Market Segmentation Market Targeting Product Positioning .

. Working Adults with hobbies of TV watching. sports. movies and high-end game consoles.Sony Bravia¶s target market Middle & Upper Middle class families (age 20+ to seniors).

aims to boost its market share in China by rolling out lowerpriced handsets to target low-end users. The firm was ranked the fifth-largest.Sony Ericsson to Target Low-end Market Sony Ericsson. and Ericsson of Sweden. . a mobile phone joint venture between Japan's Sony Corp.

. with Sony firmly setting their sights on the traveling executive. And there is no hiding the target market here.Sony VAIO¶s target market There¶s great news for all of those Sony Vaio fans out there as a new range of high-end models has just been released.

The people who are most interested in staying up-todate with the newest technology are usually men of the ages 15-30. .Sony Digital Entertainment target market Sony uses the newest and greatest technology to appeal to their customers.

. Business.Conclusion Sony is a multinational company functioning almost all over the world. Sony has a very vast product line for different group of customers. It is working in more than 140 countries. From this segmentation we differentiated its target market in different Consumer. In this assignment we have discussed the Sony Corporation¶s segmentation with respect to its Target market. and Global markets.

Recommendations Sony should modify the products according to the customer needs. e. Sony should promote like adding prizes to the sold goods from Sony itself will be a good idea. providing free Sony CD /DVD or music player for every laptop sold. Sony should consider the less fortunate people on the aspect of pricing of its products.g. .

sony.References .

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