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For tne lirst tnree montns 012011 (including tsunami event: a Iloating world: a symbolic language), wnile on Hateruma Island, (SW Yaeymas), Japan,l collected embellisned vertical headlines Irom YAEYAMA MAINICHI SHIN BUN (newspaper) and nave digitally collaged tnem witn my pernaps·prophetic photos oilioisam along various peers as well as typical island painled·cinderblock direclives .. all togelner as a gO·page pdllebook (and companion·piece 10 Global Islands Projecll,O), bul it may be prinled as well, A sample low·res jpeg·page is allacned, Order Ihrougn Scribd ~7, nllp~lbradbrace,neVid,hlml hllp~/bbrace,neVid,nlml