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Prophecy In Motion Uganda

Prophecy In Motion Uganda

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Published by Mugalu Duncan
Prophecy In Motion Uganda - The Prophecy About Uganda is Unfolding.
Prophecy In Motion Uganda - The Prophecy About Uganda is Unfolding.

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Published by: Mugalu Duncan on May 08, 2011
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“For God and My Country”


P.O.BOX 1933 KAMPALA – UGANDA TEL: + 256 712 316070 EMAIL: pimifdtn@yahoo.com

PROPHECY IN MOTION UGANDA “For God and My Country” CONTENTS  PIMU Introduction  National Issues - Poverty - Where does the future of Uganda lie

The New breed of Leaders that God is raising

 The Prophecy is in Motion

 We need a New Uganda  We need Change  Change in Uganda  Peace for Uganda  Jesus is King over Uganda
 The type of Leaders that Uganda Needs

 PIMU Categories  PIMU Commitment


PROPHECY IN MOTION We are living in the timing and season where what was prophesied before, concerning God’s work plan for the end times is literally unfolding before our very eyes. This is the season where each and every part of bible prophecy and messages through God’s Holy prophets is becoming a reality. There is no doubt, we are living in the endtimes and for sure Jesus is coming back to take his church that is without spot or wrinkle. (Ephesians 5:27). This is the season where God has purposed to turn the hearts of men back to himself, after that all they’ve invested their lives in, is vanity. It’s a season when truth is revealed and the deceitfulness of the enemy , totally exposed. God’s people are returning to him, to the mountain of the Lord (Zion) for help. (Obadiah 1:17, Psalms 20: 1- 2, Joel 2:32) We are seeing Governments; Religions, Tribes and people of all spheres go beyond their traditions and culture, seeking for the truth that lies in God, seeking for something to trust and to depend on. Even as God is carrying out his good plan, the adversary Satan is restlessly working hard to slow, or stop (if possible) the work that God is putting into happening. The devil is fighting so hard because as the church takes up her glorious position, Satan’s day of Eternal destruction draws nigh. So he works hard to see that he is damned with a number of people that he has led astray. Satan is such a coward who doesn’t want to face the reward of disobedience all by himself.

Now that he is moving to divert many from God’s way, (1Peter 5:8-9). It calls on the church to rise up, size up and double its effect to the world and to the works of the enemy.

PROPHECY IN MOTION UGANDA (P.I.M.U) “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY” Uganda is a nation, where the hand of God is at work in an undeniably way. The message of the cross is reaching people of all Classes, tribes and culture. Jesus has become a reason to Uganda. Thousands upon thousands each day are coming to the knowledge of God’s saving grace. Miracles have become the order of the day. We have witnessed the nation turn from the scourges of HIV/Aids epidemic from estimates 30% to 6% and below in just a period of 7Years. The Catholic Church is experiencing the true gospel of Jesus and less of religion. God is sending in numbers upon numbers of missionaries for the preparation of the Army that he is raising up to use for his Glory. Uganda is on the sound at the International scene as one of the nations that God himself has raised up from the ashes. The Nation’s economy is elevating from great corruption activities. Government officials, the state house, families and all peoples have an open recognition of Jesus Christ and the fear of God. For all that God is doing, we can only stand to say thanks and to recommit our lives for his service.

THE RISING ENDTIME ARMY As God carries on, according to his work plan, something greater is happening behind the scenes, God is raising an army of young people and the simple hearted in Unity. These are taking Uganda for Jesus by storm. These are people with less experience concerning the workings of God, all they have is the Vision, Call, Desire, Dream and a sense of Destiny they feel burning deep within their hearts, which calls them for full time commitment to God’s service. Some of these are already on the move whereas others are on the way toward God. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO ABOUT THIS Now that God is raising a new breed of people for his service, someone needs to rise up and reach out to their locations and let the message be known to them.
(Romans 10:14-15)

This breed of people need to come to the full knowledge of God’s Plan for their lives and to be taught how to prepare themselves for this type of service. Missions should be set up to reach schools, institutions, colleges and setting up of special services or Revival services among the youths. The core base of the massage should be the call to Prayer, Fasting and Unity. This call is to bring Uganda on a high level of the fear of God, Salvation of souls, healing and deliverance and Development in the Ugandan society.

After this breed of people is fully equipped for service, they will reach out to carry God’s work plan in the Government, the Church of Christ in Uganda, Civil and Social society and the missionary work to the nations of Africa and to the ends of the world.

This type of work plan is to be implemented through a foundation that will bring together people from all walks of life, the politicians, the religious and such as those that work toward the development and welfare of the social life. This foundation is known as “PROPHECY IN MOTION FOUNDATION - UGANDA”.

POVERTY Poverty is a spirit; to some it is known as a chronic condition or issue. It is also the proof of misguided funds and its enriched and boasted by ignorance. Ignorance is a state of mind. The only way to eradicate ignorance in Uganda is by availing basic education to individuals, groups and communities. We are emphasized to the education of development with an aim of alleviating illiteracy. In addition to basic education, the people should be taught to learn the art of giving (investment) without which, there can never be any harvest, increase or profit, hence development. Luke 6:38, Galatians 6:7-9. The people should also be taught how to: 1. Maximize their God given potentials. Proverbs.18:16. 2. Making of developmental Associations. Proverbs 29:24 for Right councilProverbs 20:18

3. Making good use of their profits, for purposes of greater Productions. In this, principles that govern financial increment should be availed. STRATEGY  Most financial set backs are due to mismanagement of funds but more-so spiritual bondages that keep people from Prospering.

So in this case, financial breakthrough conferences and seminars are to be held to put a stop to such activities in the people’s lives and for the reversing of bondages such as generational curses and witchcraft practices.  A financial team or committee of capable leaders is to be set up to carry on these activities from the National to the grassroots levels.

WHERE DOES THE FUTURE OF UGANDA LIE OR WHERE IS UGANDA HEADING The future of Uganda does not lie in the mind and mouth of the President, Prime minister or the Parliament. The future of Uganda is not locked up in Prison just like some political leaders are complaining that upcoming leaders are being put in Jail / Prison.

The future of Uganda lies in the mouth of God’s holy Prophets.

For any leader to be successful in Uganda’s political affairs they should live up to God’s plan for the nation and this is only known through the mouth of the Prophet. (Amos 3:7) We have had an indirect Uganda that’s been governed with selfish ambitions, deceitfulness and corruption but such a Uganda is coming to an end and God has risen up a new Uganda, which is a Person. Uganda is longer simply a nation or land with boundaries but has been rebirthed and its now a Person that is without compromise, disunity and segregation but one that is standing in to be used of God as an example to the rest of the African countries and the world at large. The new Uganda is to be led by young hearts that are after justice.

Standing to see the kingdom of God established here in righteousness, peace and the joy of the holy spirit = Salvation. Romans: 14:17, Psalms 51:12 God says, he is doing a new thing, he is bringing forth a new Uganda that is after himself and every person has to line up with this. Isaiah 43: 18 -19.


THE NEW BREED OF LEADERS THAT IS FORTH COMING TO TAKE UP UGANDA TO GOD’S LIFE STANDARDS These set of people are talked about in Joel.2: 1-11of the bible.

This breed of people have been trained and commissioned by God himself to bring up Uganda to God’s intended plan. Isaiah: 45: 1-13.

These are in place to fulfill what was foretold about the new up coming Uganda through the mouth of God’s holy prophets.

They are not intimidated by the way situation judges nature but they live in obedience to what God has called them to do.

They aren’t lining up with the former political protocol of the past Uganda but are standing up in destroying and putting an end to all forms of ungodliness within the leadership of Uganda and the nation at large. Jeremiah 1:9-10.

They are in place to sort out national matters, provide council and cords of conduct to the Ugandan community hence fostering peace and tranquility. Proverbs: 20: 18,
John 14: 27

Their strength and courage is based in God’s commission, unity, trust and power of prayer, which is the assurance of God’s intervening supernatural ability for protection and wisdom. Proverbs: 29:25.

All leaders with the same heart or in the same calling are openly welcome to be apart of this movement as we win Uganda for Jesus. Each in his respective position.


THE PROPHECY IS IN MOTION Praise God for his goodness and faithfulness, several times we read in the bible, God sending forth-directive messages and prophecies to different lands and persons and for sure these come to pass. Some of the prophetic messages foretold in the bible are still getting fulfilled even to this time. So as it is in the bible, Uganda too is in a season of experiencing what God foresaid about it. If you concentrate on the words of prophecy concerning Uganda over the years in times of 1960s, re-said in the early 1980s and made more clearly between 1996 – 1998, you can literally see each of these prophecies unfold. Different Men and Women of God over the years where so thrilled and activated by the magnificence of the words that God had said concerning Uganda. Many of them went ahead praying and preparing themselves concerning the great working that God had pronounced. Others took a step of establishing and setting up the atmosphere of the happenings that God had promised. Well signs showed up but this never brought forth the reality. The reason for its not happening is, God had a strategy of operation in mind. He had planned the type of people to participate in the leading of this type of end time revival and he had a full work plan of how everything would go about.

Well since then, the church of Christ in Uganda, the people of the world and the entire body of Christ have been in great expectancy for the type of people that God had said to train by himself, equip them and finally send them forth to do things that have never been done before on the face of the earth. As all that is going on, I would like to bring to your knowledge, young man and you that is of simple heart, that you are the person to whom the hand of God is pointing, the person that the Church has been praying for. And I want to bring it to your knowledge that now is the time you showed up and expressed what you know, who you are, show what you have and demonstrate what’s been given to you by God. All you need is to show up and God will show off through you. All your painful experiences have been but training, a preparation for your great commission Reference: Revelation. 7:13 -17. So don’t hold on to your past. It is not your Trust (to depend on as excuses) but your Testimony to say out for the enemy to be overcome. (Revelations 12:10-11) and to cause all to praise God. The message we are experiencing now in the body of Christ is not simply another prophecy carried out but a Call to participate in what was foresaid that is turning into a reality. Prophecy In Motion. Revelations 10: 11. And this call is not simply to Uganda but a call to many Peoples, Nations, Tongues and Kings.

WE NEED A NEW UGANDA  Most Christians are Confused. They lack focus and order.  Most Politicians are Corrupt. They think of self-interests.  Most Leaders are Careless, Critical and Compromising.  They are no longer responsible for the people they lead and all they do is to pull one another down. They seek each other man’s failure.  Infact they are no longer leading but ruling because leading is to live a life of example and ruling is all about setting orders for others to follow.  They are settling for less that the best. So we need to set up a new breed of people that will govern a stable, focused, peaceful and Developmental Uganda. Jeremiah 23:1-4

WE NEED CHANGE God has released his power by the Holy Spirit through his word (John 8:32) to cause deliverance for his people. 1. INDIVIDUALS FREE FROM CHAOS  Many people have lived their lives but simply wastage of time and resources. God is sending forth-directive messages for his people (Psalms 32:8) to help them live a directed life led by purpose. 2. FAMILIES FREE FROM CONFLICTS  Most families have but grown up with conflicts such as secret jealousness, unforgiveness e.t.c, resulting into lack of development. God is releasing his fear among families and he is pouring out the spirit of Love, Openness and Unity. 1Corinthians 13, Matthew 12:25, Joshua 24:15. 3. THE CHURCH FREE FROM CONFUSION  The church of God is been so involved in struggling for positions, focus less and competition has been the order of the day. Competition among Leaders, Ministers, Groups and Departments. God is calling the Church back to kingdom principles, leave alone competition, avoid appearances, forsake sin and compromise, and embrace the cross. Preach the massage of salvation.

Return to obedience and worship God as he is, in spirit and in truth. Colossians 2: 5, Romans 14:17, 1 Corinthians 12:31, Isaiah 1:19, John 4:24 4. THE NATION FREE FROM CORRUPTION God is raising a new breed of leaders that are God fearing who will stand to oppose all forms of evil operations in the government. These people are after God’s own heart and live by principle based in Righteousness. John 23:5-6

THE CHANGE OF UGANDA Uganda’s change depends on the change of its spirit and its spirit is its leadership not waragi.  It’s the spirit of the leaders that determines their decisions for the nation “so mind their spirit” a spirit can be determined by ones heart and emotional expression. The bible says, “ Out of the possession of the heart, the mouth speaks. So know their spirit and heart condition by hearing what they say and viewing their responses to different challenges and circumstances.  Some Leaders operate far different from who they really are because of lack of confidence, circumstances and fears of responsibility, truth and public opinion. They operate under the “law of appearance “ these need to be helped to change and be free through taking insight from the bible. John 8:32 PEACE FOR UGANDA Uganda needs peace! Peace for Uganda lies in the blessing of God We need God’s blessing. Psalms 67:1-7 What should we do to attain God’s blessing? - Following and being obedient to God’s holy law. Deuteronomy. 28:1-14, Isaiah 1:19 - Trusting in God. Isaiah 26:3-4 In Proverbs 10:22. We come to realize that the blessing of God prospers and keeps us at peace.

John 14: 27 shows that the peace that comes from the world has troubles and fret with it but the peace that comes from Jesus brings stability. The peace that Uganda needs is to come from God not the one that leaders promise. Pursuit of peace: James 3: 18, Hebrews 12:14, Romans: 12: 18, Romans 14: 17-19. God Bless Uganda!

JESUS IS KING OVER UGANDA Psalms 93:1, Psalms 96:10, Psalms 97:1-2, Psalms 9:7-8, Psalms 72 (NLT) We are living in moments whereby Jesus is taking up his seat as king in Uganda; he is taking full authority and all Sons of men should line up under his Governance. Isaiah 9: 6-7 Jesus is reining through us his servants, taking Uganda to a place he wants it to be. He has made us kings (leaders, governors) with him yet still ministers before him, Revelations. 5: 10, Psalms 82:6 THE TYPE OF LEADERS THAT UGANDA NEEDS  RIGHTEOUS LEADERS Scripture references: Proverbs 28: 1,12, Proverbs 14:34, Proverbs 11:30, Proverbs 29:7, Proverbs 10:30, Proverbs 10: 21, Proverbs 12: 3, Proverbs 21:21, Hebrews 11:33.  LEADERS OF KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING LEADERS THAT MIND THE POOR LEADERS WHO OBEY THE LAW: Proverbs 28: 4 – 5, 9 AND HAVE JUSTICE. Scripture references: Proverbs 24: 23 -25. Proverbs 25:2, Proverbs 28:16, Proverbs 29;4  LEADERS WITHOUT WRONG AMBITIONS OF SELF-GAIN. Scripture references: Proverbs 13:11. Scripture references: Proverbs 28: 2  Scripture references: Proverbs 28:3,27, Psalms 72 , Psalms 61 

TRUE LEADERS  True leaders are birthed not simply elected. They are chosen by God They must be development oriented Jeremiah 1:1-10, Luke 1:26 - 38.  Isaiah 42:1-9, Acts 13:1-13, Romans 13 

They must lead a principled life not according to the corrupt ways of the world but according to God’s instructions. 1Timothy 4, Romans 12:2 They must be leaders of Courage. Acts: 4: 23 -31, Joshua 1:9.

PIMU CATEGORIES 1. PRESIDENCY (Good leadership)  Project Initiators  Directors and Managers  Presidents  Self employed and Business workers 2. POVERTY ALLEVIATION (NGO’s and Government workers)  Social workers  Voluntary workers  Developmental workers  Politicians. 3. PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL  Evangelists  Pastors  Religious leaders/shepherds.

PIMU FOUNDATION IS FOCUSED ON: 1. The spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Individuals, Families, Communities, the Nation and to the Ends of the world. 2. Fostering a better life to orphans, the needy and vulnerable through services provision to education, sanitation & hygiene and nutrition health. 3. Determine promotion and creation of employment to the youths through programs that promote development and unity. 4. To encourage stability, justice, truth, freedom and respect of human rights in the Ugandan community.

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