News Groups


but functionally similar to. . and social networking sites. because it is usually a discussion group. formal discussion forums. for messages posted from many users in different locations. discussion forums on the World Wide Web. ‡ The term may be confusing to some.NEWS GROUPS ‡ A newsgroup is a repository usually within the network system. ‡ Despite the advent of file-sharing technologies such as BitTorrent. coupled with a growing number of service providers blocking access to newsgroups continue to be widely used. Newsgroups are technically distinct from. as well as the increased use of blogs. ‡ Newsreader software is used to read newsgroups.

‡ Some newsgroups allow the posting of messages on a wide variety of themes. frowning on offtopic postings.‡ Typically. regarding anything a member chooses to discuss as on-topic. while others keep more strictly to their particular subject. . the newsgroup is focused on a particular topic of interest.

some may keep articles for as little as one or two weeks. others may hold them for many months.‡ The news admin (the administrator of a news server) decides how long articles are kept on his server before being expired (deleted). . ‡ Different servers will have different retention times for the same newsgroup.

.‡ Newsgroups generally come in either of two types. ‡ There is no technical difference between the two. binary or text. ‡ Newsgroups are much like the public message boards on old bulletin board systems. but the naming differentiation allows users and servers with limited facilities to minimize network bandwidth usage.

for their subscribers. There are also a number of companies who sell access to premium news servers. Most Internet service providers host their own news servers. or rent access to one.‡ Newsgroup servers are hosted by various organizations and institutions. .

When a user posts to one news server. and so on.‡ Every host of a news server maintains agreements with other news servers to regularly synchronize. ‡ In this way news servers form a network. . That server then shares the message with the servers that are connected to it if both carry the newsgroup. and from those servers to servers that they are connected to. the message is stored locally.

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