1250 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III

Chapter 54
Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd
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Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd
Heavens ano Hells o| tbe Mlno
VoIume I
Part 1 Cosmology Unvelleo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Part 2 Lartb Ll|e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 267
VoIume tt
Part 3 Yoga: Tbe Sclence o| Unlon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 517
Part 4 Pure Cbrlstlanlty: Tbe Pellglon o| Love . . . . . . . . . . . 607
Part 5 Zen: Tbe Patb to Lnllgbtenment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 749
Part 6 Sü|l Meoltatlon: Tbe Way o| tbe Holy Flre . . . . . . . . . 825
Part 7 Tantra: Tbe Patb o| Pelatlonsblp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 903
Part 8 Tbe Warrlor Scbool: Tbe Way o| tbe Noble Warrlor . . . . 967
VoIume ttt
Part 9 Tbe Patb o| Peturn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1115
Part 10 Tbe Way o| tbe Heart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1249
Part 11 Tbe Way o| Splrltual Psycbology . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1361
Part 12 Tbe Worsblp o| tbe Goooess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1481
Part 13 Tbe Yoga o| tbe Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1583
Part 14 Tbe Patb o| Servlce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1677
VoIume tV
Appendlx A Detalleo Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1731
Appendlx ß Le×lcon o| tbe Wlsoom Language . . . . . . . . . . 1759
Appendlx C |noe× . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1941
Appendlx D Tbe Founoatlon |or Hlgber Learnlng . . . . . . . . 2077
Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd

volume |||: Trans|ormatlon
Introductlon III: Tbe New Splrltuallty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1103
Part 9 The Path of Return
49 Tbe Aquarlan Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1117
50 Tbe Aquarlan Group-Consclousness . . . . . . . . . . . 1145
51 Tbe Sclence o| Meoltatlon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1173
52 Meoltatlon Practlce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1201
53 Tbe Heart ano Spontaneous Meoltatlon . . . . . . . . . 1227
Part 10 The Way of the Heart
54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer . . . . . . . . 1251
55 Hroayam: Meoltatlons ln tbe Heart Centre . . . . . . . . 1279
56 Tbe Heart ano tbe Future Lvolutlon o| Man . . . . . . . 1309
57 Tbe Way o| Hollness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1335
Part 11 The Way of Splrltua| Psycho|ogy
58 Tbe Psycbology o| Consclousness . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1363
59 Tlme ano Lternlty: Actlon ano Destlny . . . . . . . . . . 1399
60 Metanola: Tbe Penalssance o| tbe Mlno . . . . . . . . . . 1411
61 Mabäväkya: Great Trutb Statements . . . . . . . . . . . . 1469
Part 12 The Worshlp of the Goddess
62 Tbe Great Goooess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1483
63 Tbe Heart o| tbe Dlvlne Motber . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1491
64 Srl-vloyä: Tbe Holy Sclence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1515
65 Tbe One-Hunoreo Names o| Lalltä . . . . . . . . . . . . 1555
Part 13 The Yoga of the Sun
66 Tbe Mystery o| tbe Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1585
67 Tbe Gäyatrl-Mantra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1601
68 Works o| Sllence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1643
69 Salutatlons to tbe Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1657
Part 14 The Path of Servlce
70 8uoobl Yoga: Llberatlon by Wlsoom . . . . . . . . . . . 1679
71 Tbe Call to Servlce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1705
72 |n Servlce to tbe Splrltual Hlerarcby . . . . . . . . . . . 1719
1252 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1253
Tbe Dlvlne Mooo
Vhcthcr your background is ]cwish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu,
8uddhist or Sikh, you havc lcarncd to pray somctimc or anothcr
in your lilc, or you havc sccn othcrs pray. 8ut do you know thc truc
sccrcts ol praycr: For praycr has thc samc sccrcts, no mattcr what
rcligion you bclong to, or in what languagc you pray.
Praycr is an oldlashioncd word lor c[Z_jWj_ed. Thc old rcligions
uscd thc word fhWo[hbclorc thc word c[Z_jWj_edwas invcntcd. Thus,
truc praycr and truc mcditation arc synonymous, as you shall scc.
Praycr (]~v~) is manilold and wc shall disclosc to you its powcrlul
sccrcts. Thc csscntial sccrcts ol praycr lic in thc Hvu~y~: (thc Hcart)
and 8n~v~ (mood). Òr, to bc prccisc, 8n~c~v~)~8n~v~ (Ðivinc
Mood). Thc mcanings ol thcsc words havc inlinitc dcpths, which wc
shall try to cxplain to you. !n thcsc two words, ceeZand >[Whj, lic
inlinitc worlds and all glorious rcvclations. Listcn carclully.
8n~v~ has multiplc mcanings. Òutwardly it mcans ¯mood, lccling,
attitudc, cmotion". You havc moods, lcclings, cmotions, and thcsc
¯moods" drivc you in all dircctions. To succccd in praycr (mcdita
tion), howcvcr, you must havc thc Ðivinc Mood, 8n~c~v~)~8n~v~
or Ðvv~8n~v~. That is, you havc to bc ¯in thc mood" to pray, to
This is allimportant. Ðvv~8n~v~ mcans ¯longing lor thc Ðivinc",
it is thc dcsirc, lccling, cmotion, lor Union with God. !l you havc not
yct succccdcd in your mcditation, ask yourscll: ¯How strong is my
dcsirc to bc with God:" !s it an allconsuming dcsirc: !s it only lukc
warm: Òr is thcrc nonc at all: Arc you striving always to bc unitcd
with God: Òr arc you lcaving thc work to bc donc lor two days bclorc
your dcath: 8c honcst with yourscll. Vhcn your Hcart, Hvu~, is on
Firc with ÐivincLonging, you shall \_dZGod.
7hen your (eart is on Tire
.ith Ji.ine-Ionging,
you sha// find God
7he M,ster, o[ the Heort 425
7erms o[ Pro,er 696
7he Lover o[ Cod 853
Proct|s|ng the Presence o[ Cod 711
0n the W|ngs o[ uevot|on 1129
1252 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1253
Tbe Stages o| Prayer
Pcoplc havc lorgottcn thc various lcvcls ol praycr. Praycr, as a tcch
niquc ol mcditation and Spiritual Lilc, has livc stagcs or lcvcls:
1. Òral Praycr or \crbal Praycr.
2. Mcntal Praycr.
3. Mcntal Praycr in thc Hcart.
4. HcartPraycr or Spiritual Praycr.
5. GodPraycr or thc GodStatcol8cing.
!. Orol Proyer or ¥erbol Proyer
This is what pcoplc gcncrally undcrstand as ¯praycr". EhWbFhWo[h or
L[hXWbFhWo[h is wholly cxtcrnal and lull ol distractions. !t is ekjmWhZ#
Z_h[Yj[Z, with cWdomehZi, and you pray to a God who is somcwhcrc
¯out thcrc", dwclling in thc altcrlilc or in Hcavcn. God is thought to
bc scparatc lrom you, outsidc ol you.
This is charactcristic ol thc praycrs in thc ¯outcr court" ol all
rcligions-thc ritual praycrs, ritcs, ccrcmonics, praycr books, com
pulsory praycrs, morning, noon and cvcning praycrs, church songs
and hymns, chants, dcvotional outbursts, kirtan·, bhajan·, thc Psaltcr
and canons, praycrs lor thc monks, nuns and rcligious in all rcligions,
and so on. Òr you might makc up your own praycrs cxprcsscd in
cWdomehZi. This includcs thc praycrs you rccitc in placcs ol worship
(in a church, mosquc, synagoguc or tcmplc), in a group or alonc, or
whcn you pray at homc, cithcr spontancously or lrom a praycr book
or scripturc.
\cry oltcn, such praycrs arc scllccntrcd in thc scnsc that you ask
God lor somc mehbZbo eh cWj[h_Wb X[d[\_ji lor yourscll, or lor your
lricnds, rclativcs, acquaintanccs, tribc, country, racc or rcligion. Thc
attcntion is most oltcn scattcrcd and rcmains outsidc, on worldly
things. Most ritual (Pui~) is donc abscntmindcdly, and thc various
praycrs, songs, chants, psalms and hymns arc rccitcd habitually, in
borcdom, or simply bccausc it is thc ¯custom" ol thc rcligion you havc
bccn brought up in. Most pcoplc, ol all rcligions, havc bccn brought
up in this typc ol praycr, whcthcr communal or individual. !n this
lorm ol praycr thc Ðivinc Mood is not prcscnt.
Mog|co| Pro,er 365
Pro,er Sp|r|tuo| ond Moter|o| 681
Stoges o[ lnter|or Pro,er 693
Whot |s Pro,er? 690
In Ierba/ Prayer
the Ji.ine ´ood
is not present
1254 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1255
2. Mentol Proyer
C[djWbFhWo[h is thc samc as EhWbFhWo[h cxccpt that you don't say thc
words physically, you say thcm in your mind, silcntly. Usually it is
longwindcd, using many words and rcqucsting God to bcstow somc
mehbZbobcnclits upon you, or your lricnds and rclativcs, or your tribc
or nation. Òr it may bc a praycr against your ¯cncmics", rcal or imag
incd. Òr it may consist ol long praycrs lrom a ritual or praycr book.
This mcthod is bcttcr than EhWbFhWo[h" but it is still not thc truc
!ntcrnal Praycr. You rcmain at thc mind lcvcl, locuscd in your ¯hcad"
or brain arca.
3. Mentol Proyer ìn the Heort
C[djWbFhWo[h_dj^[>[Whj is thc lirst stagc ol discovcring thc Kingdom
ol God m_j^_doek. This is thc bcginning ol truc praycr or mcditation,
or Conscious Communion with God.
Prayer is a form of meditation which uses feeling or emotion to penetrate
the Heart, via the astral body or feeling-self, and through the Heart to
penetrate the World of Unities, or Buddhic Consciousness, and hence
to Ðissolve in God (Bnauxa-NinvlNax) and experience the Highest
Truth (Sa++vax-U++axax).
Rathcr than using your brain arca (thc hcad) as thc local point ol
your mcntal praycr, you Xh_d] oekh c_dZ Zemd _dje oekh >[Whj and
rccitc thc mcntal praycr in your Hcart, silcntly. Your attcntion is
locuscd in your Hcart whilc you arc saying your praycr, or whilc you
arc singing, chanting or doing othcr Spiritual Vork. Thc important
point to rcmcmbcr is that you do this with lcclings ol intcnsc Ðcvo
tion, Lovc, Longing, Rcvcrcncc and ]oy, and thc lccling that you arc
in thc prcscncc ol God.
Most pcoplc havc not bccn taught by thc rcligious authoritics
to pray in such a way. This tradition ol praying in thc Hcart cxists
in thc ]cwish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, 8uddhist and Chincsc
rcligions, but in this matcrialistic Aquarian Agc this Knowlcdgc has
bccn lorgottcn.
The Heart unites all religions. A man or woman of the Heart is united
with all beings.
uevot|on to Krsno 449
Chr|st|on Pro,er 689
Sü[( Pro,er 863
7he 7hreod o[ the Heort 844
7he Un|verso| Heort Proct|ce 846
Jrayer is a form of meditation
.hich uses fee/ing or emotion
to penetrate the (eart
1254 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1255
C[djWbFhWo[h_dj^[>[Whj is vcry dillcrcnt lrom thc lirst two typcs
ol praycr:
· !t is wholly intcrnally dircctcd and conccntratcd, lor ¯thc Kingdom
ol God is m_j^_dyou".
· You bring your ¯mind" down into thc Hcart.
· Thc praycr is short, prccisc and to thc point.
· You do not ask God lor matcrial bcnclits, but praisc, glorily or
cxalt God.
· You arc lull ol purc Lovc and Ðcvotion, Surrcndcr to God and
Adoration ol God.
This makcs a vast dillcrcncc. You ask lor nothing lor your scparatcd
scll in thc physical body, but you arc longing and burning to bccomc
thc Ònc, thc Ònly. Such praycr will opcn in you thc possibility ol
cxpcricncing God dircctly, within yourscll, in thc Hcrc and Now.
This is God-in-the-Heart.
The fìre of Love
Mental Prayer ln tbe Heart, properly |nword|, [ocused, wlll proouce warmtb
ln tbe Heart, tben Flre. Tbus ls awakeneo tbe l|re w|th|n the Heort. We are
not talklng bere ln metapbors or symbols, tbls Splrltual Flre ln tbe Heart
ls just as real as pbyslcal |lre.
At |lrst tbe Flre ls only warmtb, tben lt becomes llke a spark, a small |lame
or a glowlng. Tbls Flame ls tbe Splrlt-Spark, tbe Llgbt-Spark, a Spark o| tbe
Dlvlne Llgbt, blooen ln tbe lnnermost cbamber o| your Heart.
|| you keep up tbe mental prayer ln your Heart, your prayer (meoltatlon)
takes on tbe cbaracter o| Flre ano you move onto tbe ne×t stage o| prayer:
Heort-Pro,er or Sp|r|tuo| Pro,er. As Love |or Goo grows ever stronger ln
your Heart, tbe Splrltual Flame ln your Heart becomes a Con|lagratlon, a
blazlng Flre, ano |lnally a oazzllng Sun-Flre or Flery Sun. Tbls ls tbe Flame
o| Love, tbe Flre o| Love.
Love is Fire, Fire is Love.
God is Fire and the $ouI is Love.
This is the Mystery.
Tbls reo| Flre ln tbe Heart, wben awakeneo, ls tbe Flre o| tbe Splrlt as lt
manl|ests tbrougb tbe buman system. |t ls tbe Flame o| Splrltual Grace
comlng |rom Goo. Tbls Flame, Flre, Splrlt-Spark, ls actually tbe Grace o|
Goo, |or tbe Salvatlon o| every man, woman ano cbllo, o| no matter wbat
rellglon, or none.
7he 0ne ond 0n|, 839
7he 8urn|ng Heort 631
7he l|re |n the Heort 1287
7he M,ster, w|th|n the Heort 1315
lncornot|ons o[ the Sun 1593
Lxper|enc|ng the Awoken|ng Heort 463
'uch prayer .i// open
in you the possibi/ity of
experiencing God direct/y
1256 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1257
4. Heort-Proyer or Spìrìtuol Proyer
This is a vcry advanccd stagc ol praycr (mcditation). !n this lorm ol
praycr, you do not pray with your mind in thc Hcart. You Zedejki[
oekhc_dZWjWbb, only thc Hcart. This is no longcr a mcthod or tcch
niquc ol mcditation, but a IjWj[e\8[_d]. !t is knowingly bcing in thc
Prcscncc ol God at all timcs, day or night, whilc slccping or waking,
sitting or walking, bcing silcnt or talking. Your Hcart spontancously
¯prays" ol itscll, or rathcr, thc Spirit ol God glorilics !tscll through
your Hcart. You havc transccndcd your mind. You havc transccndcd
yourscll. You arc in ¡cstasy or Mystical Trancc, S~:~uni.
Thc praycr that ariscs in your Hcart is wordlcss, lormlcss, likc a
tidc ol Spiritual or Transccndcntal Fccling. You may havc thc Fccling
ol thc Prcscncc, or thc \ision ol thc Prcscncc, or thc Tastc or Smcll
ol thc Prcscncc, or you may ^[WhGod in thc Sccrct Chambcr ol your
This lorm ol praycr (mcditation) Z[iY[dZiupon you. !t is not thc
product ol your dcsirc. Thc Mystics also call this ¯Rapturc" or ¯Rav
ishmcnt" by thc Spirit ol God within you.
This is God-in-Heart or God-Heart.
At thc lcvcl ol HcartPraycr you rcccivc thc Hvu~y~S~x)iv~)~,
thc Translcrcncc ol Spiritual ¡ncrgics into your Auric 8cing or
Microcosm. This is a typc ol Spiritual Kundalini Forcc, a highcr
aspcct ol Cosmic Kundalini which will translorm your wholc inncr
Scll. !n Christianity this Forcc is callcd thc ¯Holy Spirit". Again, wc
arc talking not mctaphorically or symbolically, but ol a rcal Spir
itual Forcc ol Cosmic Powcr and Ðynamism, Rcncwal, Rcbirth, and
RcAwakcning into thc ¡tcrnal. You will bc inwardly cnvclopcd in
Radiancc, and you will scc thc ÐivincLight (8v~n:~]yo)i) and
hcar thc Ðivinc \oicc (Ðvv~\~xï), and you will Know thc Truth
dircctly, with ShiningRcalization (Ðvv~\iuy~), abovc and bcyond
your mind laculty, with thc most spiritual part ol your Soul. Thcn you
will undcrstand your Path ol Transliguration or Cclcstial ¡volution.
Thc grcat Mystcrics will bc rcvcalcd to your Soul's inward Gazc.
7he Stote o[ lnner Pur|t, 497
Somodh|: the Coo| o[ ¥ogo 574
ßopture 699
7he Lxper|ence o[ M,st|c|sm 636
8opt|sm ond ße5|rth 722
7he Ho|, 8reoth 1340
This form of prayer
descends upon you
1256 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1257
5. God-Stote
Thcrc is a lurthcr stagc bcyond HcartPraycr. !n this stagc ol praycr,
thcrc is no praycr, no Hcart, no scparatcd ¯!" or pcrsonal scll. Thcrc
is only God, Unity, ¡tcrnal 8liss.
Thc Statc ol Unity is callcd Yoc~ (Sanskrit) in !ndia, T~unïu
(Arabic) among thc Muslim Saints, and ACnÐ (An~u) (Hcbrcw)
among thc ]cwish Mystics. This is thc lilth stagc ol praycr, thc truc
Goal ol Rcligion.
!n this stagc thcrc is no !nncr Striving and no !nncr ¡llort. Union
with God having bccn achicvcd, thcrc is a Spontancous Natural
Functioning in thc GodStatc at all timcs, in all conditions and in all
placcs, Ònc with All, inncr or outcr.
This is God.
This mcthod ol praycr (mcditation) is thc samc whcthcr you arc
a ]cw, a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a 8uddhist or a Taoist. !l
you practisc it, you will undcrstand thc rcal, original purposc ol
all truc rcligions bclorc thcy bccamc boggcd down in thcological
and mctaphysical spcculation, bclorc thcy wcrc dcgcncratcd by thc
ßolonce on the Physìcol Plone
Don't speno too mucb tlme |ocuseo on your booy. Too many people
wbo tblnk tbey are ¨splrltual¨ waste tbelr tlme ano energy on oletlng
ano varlous |ooo ¨|aos¨, or on pbyslcal e×erclses ano ¨keeplng |lt¨. Your
booy automatlcally takes care o| ltsel| l| you eat a wloe range o| |ooos,
sucb as |rults, vegetables, salaos, nuts, rlce, beans, eggs, mllk prooucts,
ano meat or |lsb l| you neeo tbem. || you want to succeeo ln meoltatlon,
tbe lmportant tblng ls to be 5o|onced on tbe Pbyslcal Plane. Overwork,
or taklng too mucb upon yoursel|, or over-commlttlng yoursel|, ls also
7opos: Sp|r|tuo| Pur|[|cot|on 571
This is the true
Goa/ of (e/igion
7he Seventh Stote 502
M,st|co| Un|on 846
7ouh(d: the u|v|ne Un|t, 852
7he Poth o[ Un|on 1339
7he U|t|mote ßeo||t, |s the Meon|ng o[ L|[e 526
1258 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1259
Tbe Name ano tbe Names
Thc pcoplcs ol thc Ancicnt Vorld-thc Chaldcans, 8abylonians,
Assyrians, Sumcrians, ¡gyptians, Akkadians, Grccks, Romans and
Pcrsians-all bclicvcd in thc Fem[he\j^[DWc[ and thc DWc[i. So
did thc ]cws, thc Hindus, thc Muslims, thc Sikhs, thc Zoroastrians,
thc Chincsc, and thc pcoplcs ol thc Far ¡ast, such as thc Tibctans,
Mongolians, ]apancsc and ¡skimos. So did thc Polyncsians ol thc
Pacilic, such as thc Mäori and thc Hawaiians. Thc [WhboChristians
also undcrstood this, and in 8uddhism it is practiscd in scvcral lorms.
God is not thc cxclusivc propcrty ol any onc rcligion. Thosc who
think so arc plainly dcludcd and scllccntrcd.
Somctimcs this Knowlcdgc was lorgottcn, and somctimcs it has
bccn rcmcmbcrcd again. Unlortunatcly, whcn a Z_iYel[h[Z"[nf[h_[dY[Z
aspcct ol thc Living Truth is madc into a jhWZ_j_ed, it bccomcs impris
oncd in that tradition, and soon thc latcr gcncrations lorgct thc rcal
csscncc bchind that tradition-thc rcal Truth, thc rcal cxpcricncc.
And, soon altcr that, thc pricstcralt makc rituals, ritcs and ccrcmonics,
thus linally burying thc Living Truth.
Thc Scicncc ol GodRcalization (8v~n:~ix~x~), or RcstinGod
(8v~n:ïS)ni)i), dcpcnds on thc Powcr ol thc Namc and ol thc
Namcs. Vithout it, thcrc is no Union with God (8v~n:~xivv~x~:).
Undcrstanding this subjcct is thc Kcy to it all.
Many are the Names of God.
One is the Name.
Tbe Sacreo Sclence o| tbe Dlvlne Names bas been
known, |orgotten ano revlveo, agaln ano agaln, ln all tbe
major rellglons.
Tbe Name o| Goo÷tbe Woro, tbe Logos÷ls an out-
pourlng o| lmmeasurable Splrltual Power, Glory, 8rlgbt-
ness ano Paolance, Souno ano Llgbt, Cosmlc vlbratlon.
Tbe Name o| Goo ls all-pervaolng, wltbln you ano all
arouno you, wltbln every part ano partlcle o| Creatlon.
|t ls One, lnolvlslble, lnvlslble. |t ls lnvlnclble Power ano
Ll|e-Force. |t connot be spoken or uttereo by any buman
tongue÷not ln Sanskrlt, Hebrew, Arablc, Greek, Latln,
Perslan or Cblnese, nor ln any otber buman language.
Tbe Nomes are Names o| Goo ln buman Sacreo Lan-
guages. Tbey con be uttereo, pronounceo, sung, cbanteo
ano meoltateo upon. 8ut tbe Nome, tbe Paolant Dlvlne
Lmanatlon, can only be seen wltb tbe Lyes o| tbe Soul
ano heord wltb tbe lnner Splrltual Lars. Tbe Name can be
bearo wltbln tbe Heart as sweet Heavenly Muslc, ano ln
tbe Heao as tbe Cosmlc-Ocean o| Creatlve-Pumbllng-
Woro or Power, tbe Ocean-Tloe o| Ll|e.
The Names are used to "CaII upon God", to connect
you to the Divine Word.
The Science of God-(ea/ization
depends on the Po.er of the
5ame and of the 5ames
7rod|t|on|s 379
8rohmo-N|rvono 1224
1258 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1259
Wbat ls tbe Name!
Thc DWc[is thc Powcr cmanatcd lrom m_j^_dGod, lrom Univcr
sal Consciousncss. !t is as rcal as clcctricity, magnctism or atomic
powcr-in lact, inlinitcly morc so! !t is invisiblc to physical cycs and
pcrmcatcs all ol inlinitc Spacc and all thc worlds, visiblc and invis
iblc. Sincc vcry ancicnt timcs, thc Mystics ol all rcligions havc callcd
it by many Namcs, or cxprcssions in human languagcs.
For many ccnturics bclorc thc timc ol Christ, thc Grcck Mystics
and Mystcry Schools callcd this Powcr thc Locos (thc Vord, Ðivinc
Spccch, Ðivinc Rcason or Ðivinc Mind). Christianity is a combina
tion ol ancicnt ]cwish and Grcck Mysticism, thus, thc conccpt ol thc
Logos or ¯Vord" was adoptcd by Christianity during its carly days.
Thc ancicnt Pcrsians callcd it Sv~osn~, ¯thc Vord or Namc
Powcr". !n ancicnt !ndia is was callcd S~nu~, ¯thc Living Vord or
SoundCurrcnt", and mcditation upon it was callcd S~nu~Anny~s~,
¯thc practicc ol Communion with thc Living Vord, thc Crcator
God". Noticc, it was not a thcology or bclicl systcm, but a practicc
(Anny~s~). This Powcr is dejsimply an articlc ol ¯laith", but a rcal
LivingGod. !n old !ndia it was also callcd N~u~ Yoc~, ¯Union with
God (Yoc~) through thc LivingVord (N~u~)". Nor did this indicatc
a mcrc bcliclsystcm, lor Yoga is a fhWYj_Y[, a path ol WYj_ed.
According to thc Òld Tcstamcnt ]cws, God is to bc lound in H~
Snv: (HSnM, thc Namc, thc Namc ol Namcs). To thc ancicnt
Hcbrcws, and all thc initiatcd inhabitants ol thc Ancicnt Vorld,
God mWithc Namc. Thc Hcbrcw Psalms arc lull ol thc praising ol
thc Namc ol God-thc rcal LivingPowcr ol God as it manilcsts in
Sound and Light vibrations throughout thc wholc Cosmos. This is
thc Crcativc Vord (Sound), thc CrcatorGod, thc DWc[.
Vhcn this Knowlcdgc (Gxosis) about thc Vord, thc Namc, was
lost (which happcns ovcr and ovcr again), sccrct 8rothcrhoods sprang
up in Grcccc, Romc, ¡gypt, Pcrsia, 8abylonia, and clscwhcrc, scarch
ing lor thc ¯Lost Vord". Thc Rosicrucian and Masonic Kabbalistic
Sccrct Òrdcrs arc a latcr wavc ol thc samc phcnomcnon. As usual,
thc pricstcralt camc along and produccd bcautilul, long, complicatcd
rituals, thus lurthcr losing thc Knowlcdgc thcy wcrc mcant to ¯look
lor": thc HiddcnLight, AuvG~xuz (Hcbrcw: A\RGN\Z), thc
Namc m_j^_dthcmsclvcs.
This Jo.er is IJOsimp/y
an artic/e of "faith", but
a rea/ Ii.ing-God
Aum, 0m, Nodo 550
7he Cosm|c Chr|st 662
7he \o|ce o[ Cod 864
7he Logos: the Word o[ Cod 114
7he Word, Logos, \o|ce, Nome 1646
7he Nome o[ the ue|t, 1032
7he Creot|ve Power o[ the
Pr|mord|o| Longuoge o[ Sound 1075
1260 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1261
How to begln Mental Prayer ln tbe Heart
C[djWbFhWo[h_dj^[>[Whj is also known as 9ediY_eki9ecckd_edm_j^
=eZ"I_cfb[FhWo[h and FhWo[he\I_cfb_Y_jo. This tclls you all about it.
!t is thc oppositc ol Òral Praycr, which is wordy and longwindcd.
· Focus your Attcntion or Consciousncss in thc Hcart, slightly to thc
right sidc.
· Thcrc, using your mind, usc a simplc lormula (mantra, in thc ¡ast),
such as a Ðivinc Namc, or a lcw words lrom a rcligious tcxt, praycr
book or scripturc, or lrom wcll known spiritual statcmcnts.
· Thcrc, with thc positivc, bright cmotions ol Ðcvotion, Lovc,
Longing, Praisc, Glorilication, Adoration and Vorship (8n~v~,
mood), rccitc or chant your praycr, not too last or too slow, lcaving
intcrvals in bctwccn. Totally ikhh[dZ[hyourscll to God, with Wm["
h[l[h[dY["\W_j^ and `eo.
· Rcmcmbcr that thc Prcscncc ol God within your Hcart is l[hoh[Wb.
· Makc your praycr YediY_ekiand i_cfb[.
· Thcrc should bc a ccrtain ie\jd[ii"im[[jd[ii"f[WY[ and gk_[jd[iiin
your mind. !l you arc mcntally or cmotionally agitatcd, you arc
wasting your timc.
· You can say or sing thc praycr or mantra whilc in a dclinitc mcdi
tation posturc, or standing still, or sitting in a chair, or lying on
your back in bcd or on thc ground. Ðo dejsay your praycr whilc
driving a car or doing work that rcquircs your outcr attcntion. !t is
dangcrous as wcll as incllcctivc.
· Thc praycr may align itscll to your brcathingrhythm, or it may
not. Òbscrvc which is bcst lor you. This is dejan cxcrcisc in brcath
control (Pränäyäma).
· Ðo not lct worldly worrics intrudc.
· Vhilc you arc praying (mcditating) in your Hcart, complctcly lor
gct about your physical body and your pcrsonal cgo, your pcrsonal
scnsc ol ¯!", your worldly scll.
· Spcnd as much timc in your mcditation as you can, thc longcr
thc bcttcr. Ðo not scck lor rcsults and quick miraclcs. Gradually
incrcasc thc timc you spcnd in mcditation.
When you have finished
praylng (meoltatlng), speno
your tlme ln Servlce, oolng your
outles or allotteo tasks, your
responslbllltles ln ll|e. Make
tbls worlo your |lelo o| Servlce
to tbe Dlvlne, |or tbls Plane o|
8elng ls also Dlvlne. To speno
your tlme ln Servlce (Srv») ls
just as mucb part o| Splrltual
Ll|e as ls meoltatlon.
0n Love ond Med|tot|on 1140
(emember that the
Jresence of God .ithin
your Heart is .ery rea/
1260 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1261
Tbe Names ano Mental Prayer ln tbe Heart
To cntcr thc Hcart through C[djWbFhWo[h_dj^[>[Whj, thc initiatcd
]cwish Mystics uscd two mcthods:
KavaNa (Hcbrcw): a short, conccntratcd lormula or praycr, such as
lrom thc Psalms or othcr sacrcd tcxts. For cxamplc:
Help us, O God, our Saviour.
Have pity on me, O Iord.
Through God I will find Glory.
Praise the Iord.
Blessed be the Iord.
The Spirit of the Iord has filled the whole Universe.
Iet God arise.
Using thc Ðivinc Namcs by thcmsclvcs as a K~v~x~. This Scicncc
ol using thc Namcs is proloundly csotcric. Thc Scicncc consists ol
bringing thc Namc (or Namcs) you arc using to thc NAM¡-that
is, thc human attributivc Namcs ol God to thc Truc Namc ol
God-thus Kd_j_d] oekhi[b\ m_j^ =eZ as thc !nlinitc Majcsty and
Mcasurclcss Attributcs and Powcrs.
Vhcn you can bring lorth a Namc (or Namcs) and unitc it to God,
thc NAM¡, you bccomc a 8~iSnv:T~u (Hcbrcw: a Mastcr ol thc
Good Namc, thc !nlinitc Powcr). !n thc ¡ast this Scicncc was callcd
M~x)v~ Yoc~, and onc who succccdcd was a M~x)v~ Yocï.
The Process is an Invocation and Ivocation in the Heart, with complete
Iaith and Surrender, with Pure Iove and Ðevotion.
This Science of
using the 5ames is
profound/y esoteric
7he Hos|d|m 648
7he 7wo App||cot|ons o[ Montro 1219
1262 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1263
Hebrew Dlvlne Names to be |nvokeo
(meoltateo upon) ln tbe Heart
AI (Ii)
God, Iord, Master.
AIVH (Iioan)
God, Iord, Master.
AIHIM (Iion:x)
God, the Creator-Gods.
AIHIM-GBVR (Iion:x-G:nuv)
Powerful God, Omnipotent God, Infinite Majesty.
AIHIM-TzBAVT (Iion:x-Tzanao+n)
The God of all the Heavenly Hosts, the God of all Beings and
AÐNI (AooNa:)
Iord God, the Iord and Master of the Heart.
AÐNI-H-ARTz (AooNa:-Ha-Avv+z)
The Iord of the Universe.
AÐNI-MIK (AooNa:-Mvivx)
The Iord King, Ruler over All
SnÐI (Snaoa:)
The All-Powerful, Almighty, Omnipotent.
IH (Yan)
IHVH (Yvnovan, Yanvvn)
The Iternal, the Being of Beings, Iverlasting.
IHVH-TzBAVTn (Yvnovan-Tzanao+n)
The Being above all Beings, the Iternal One of all the Hosts of Beings.
There are seventy-two Kab-
ballstlc Hebrew Names o| Goo
(attrlbutlve Names), ano tbere
are several bunoreo ln tbe Olo
Testament d|sgu|sed as names
o| people ano place names. You
wlll recognlze tbem because
eacb o| tbem wlll contaln eltber
Y»n ([»n) or Lt.
7he L|oh(m 120
Chr|st|on Med|tot|on
on the Ho|, 8reoth 1346
lH\H: l AM 1460
1262 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1263
AHIH (Invvvn)
Ixisting Iorever. The One Universal I-AM Being.
AIHIM-CnIIM (Iion:x-Cn::x)
The God of the Iiving, the God who gives Iife to All, the Universal
Iife-Producer, the Iiving God.
AÐVN-ICnIÐ-AI (AouN-Yan:o-Ii)
God, the only God, the One God.
AI-CnI-H-OVIMIM (Ii-Ha:-Ha-Ouix:x)
The Iiving God of the Iternal Ages.
The Iord God Most High, God on the Highest, the Highest God or
Iord, the Transcendental Iord.
To awakcn thc Ðivinc Hcart Ccntrc, or Union with God, you can
invokc any onc ol thcsc Ðivinc Namcs in your Hcart Ccntrc with
Longing and Ðcvotion. Thc pronunciation must bc corrcct, accord
ing to thc ancicnt Kabbalistic Hcbrcw: lull vowcls, not mulllcd as in
modcrn pronunciation.
!nvoking any ol thcsc Namcs in your Hcart, lollowing thc proccss
ol C[djWb FhWo[h _d j^[ >[Whj as prcviously dcscribcd, will rapidly
producc Hcat and Firc within thc Hcart.
You have to Cry Out to the Master of your Iife, who dwells in your
Heart and in the Heart of all things.
The Hebrew Heort
Tbe Hebrew woro |or tbe Heart ls L8 (L»ia). Tbe letter L (, Lomed) bas
tbe numerlcal value o| 30, ano tbe letter 8 (, 8e|th) bas tbe numerlcal
value o| 2. Tbus, by tbe Sclence o| Numbers, L»ia (tbe Heart) bas tbe
value o| 32, wblcb ls tbe number o| tbe Ways o| Wlsoom lnberent ln tbe
Heart, or tbe 32 types o| Lnllgbtenment posslble ln tbe Heart.
7he Wo,, the 7ruth ond the L|[e 670
Med|tot|on on the u|v|ne Nomes 1454
Sound|ng the He5rew u|v|ne Nomes 1461
Sound|ng the He5rew Ange||c Nomes 1462
To a.aken the Ji.ine (eart
Centre, you can in.oke any one
of these Ji.ine 5ames
1264 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1265
Tbe 8eautl|ul Names
Thc Arabic namc lor thc Hcart is Òin (Ò~in), which is thc Ccntrc,
thc Sourcc, thc ¡sscncc, thc Corc, thc Root ol your 8cing, thc Hcart
within thc Hcart, thc !nncr Hcart. !t is thc most intimatc part ol
yourscll, thc Thronc ol God, thc dwclling placc ol your Soul.
Thc Ðivinc Namcs arc rclcrrcd to by thc Muslim Mystics, thc
Suvï (Arabic: thc Visc) and thc F~oïv (Arabic: holy mcn), as thc
8[Wkj_\kb DWc[i. Thc Mystcry ol thc Namcs is thcir Powcr to rulc
ovcr aspccts ol thc Ðivinc Naturc.
God has many attributes, yet has none.
The sea has many waves, yet is one.
Thc 8[Wkj_\kb DWc[i rclcr to thc Ðivinc Attributcs. Thc csotcric
Sccrct is that thcsc samc attributcs cxist in Man (thc human spccics),
or can bc dcvclopcd by Man. And, by thcsc attributivc Namcs, Man
can rcturn to God, thc ¡vcrlasting Ònc, who is thc Jhk[DWc[.
8y invoking a Ðivinc Namc in your Hcart you arc doing two things:
· You dcvclop that virtuc or quality.
· You prcparc yourscll to unitc with God.
Traditionally thcrc arc 99 Ðivinc Namcs ol God in Arabic, plus 28
Ðivinc Namcs according to thc Arabic alphabct, plus many othcrs.
Thc two most bcautilul Arabic Namcs ol God arc:
The Merciful, the Compassionate, Gracious, Kind, Ioving.
Compassionate, Kind, Merciful, Iorgiving.
B:sx:iiXn Iv-RanxXN Iv-RanIx
In the Name of God, who is Compassionate and Merciful.
Vhat morc can bc said ol thc Ðivinc Naturc: 9ecfWii_edWj["Bel_d]"
C[hY_\kb$ Vould all thc Childrcn ol Man know this!
0o|5: the Sü[( Heort 848
Some Aro5|c Pro,ers to the ue|t, 850
7he 99 Aro5|c u|v|ne Nomes o[ Cod 878
The Jeautifu/ 5ames refer
to the Ji.ine :ttributes
1264 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1265
The Hidden Issence, the Mystical Heart, the
Absolute Wisdom, All-Knowing.
Omniscient, All-Wise.
Infinite Peace and Quiet.
Infinite, Ixalted.
One who is Iaithful to you.
The Protector, the Preserver.
Considerate, Gracious, Mild, Gentle.
Noble, Gracious, Generous, Kind, Honourable,
Iirm, Powerful, Immoveable.
Master of the Universe, the Iord of all Creatures.
Glorious, Kind, Generous, Benevolent.
Iull, Complete, Universal, Cosmic, Abundant,
Trustworthy, Iaithful, the Witness of Creation.
The Iiving God, the Iife-Giver.
be same Goo or Dlvlnlty resloes ln every Heart,
ln all buman belngs, lrrespectlve o| tbelr cultures
or rellglous backgrounos. Tbls ls known to tbe Wlse
by d|rect |nner exper|ence. You connot convlnce otb-
ers o| tbls baslc trutb by lntellectual arguments ano
olscusslons. Lacb person must e×perlence tbls |or
blmsel| or bersel|, as a result o| prayer/meoltatlon.
Hate ooes not e×lst ln Goo, only ln tbe twlsteo
emotlons o| Man. How many warpeo buman belngs
commlt vlolence ln tbe Name o| Goo! How many
rellglous wars bave been |ougbt, ano to wbat eno!
8ut enter tbe Heart ano you wlll enter a Pealm o|
Compasslon ano Gentleness. Tbe Wlse ||ve |n the
Nome o[ Cod, tbe Dlvlne Power wblcb ls truly Mercl-
|ul ano Compasslonate.
7he Lterno| |s 0ne 512
7he Sü[( Cod 838
More 8eautl|ul Names ln Arablc
1266 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1267
Cbrlstlan Dlvlne Names
Today's Christianity has vcry lcw Ðivinc Namcs: <Wj^[h" Ied" >ebo
You know, ol coursc, thc thcological intcrprctation ol thc Trinity:
thc old man on thc thronc (thc Fathcr), thc handsomc young man,
thc Christ (thc Son), sitting ncxt to Him, and thc Ðovc (thc Holy
Ghost) lluttcring in bctwccn thcm. Many Christians bclicvc in this
intcrprctation, but it is only a symbol, not thc Rcality. Thc Truth is
so much morc wondcrlul and wondrous!
Iord, ]esus Christ is thc !magc ol God in us, in thc Hcart.
Christ-]esus is thc Cosmic Man, thc Likcncss ol God to Man in thc
The Holy Spirit is thc ConsciousActivcPowcr ol God maintaining
all ol Crcation, thc Ðivinc Prcscncc.
God the Iather is thc !ncxprcssiblc Transccndcnt.
This is thc prolound Undcrstanding ol thc Holy Trinity-not thco
logical, not spcculativc, not mctaphysical, but as you rcally cxpcricncc
it in thc statc ol !nncr !llumination by God.
This is the profound
Understanding of the
(o/y Trinity
7he Ho|, 7r|n|t, 1342
7he Chr|st|on 7r|n|t, 113
M,th|co| Concepts o[ Cod 104
7he Cosm|c Chr|st 662
7he M,ster, o[ jesus the Chr|st 664
Some Chrìstìon Proyers to the Deìty (£nglìsh)
BIessed is the Man who deIights in the Lord.
God, instruct me by the Light of your HoIy $pirit.
May we be truIy Wise (EnIightened) by the HoIy $pirit.
God, instruct the Hearts of your FaithfuI by the Light of your $pirit.
BIessed be God.
BIessed be the Lord.
Praise be to God.
HoIiness to the Lord.
O God, my God, Iook down upon me!
The thoughts in my Heart are before You.
GIory be to the Father!
GIory be to the Word!
GIory be to the HoIy Breath!
1266 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1267
Thc Christians did not start to pray to @[iki until two or thrcc
ccnturics altcr Christ. Saint Ncilos thc Ascctic, around ~u¡cc, was
onc ol thc carlicst Saints to rclcr to thc @[ikiFhWo[h¸praying to ]csus
in thc Hcart Cakra. At his timc it was alrcady a wcllcstablishcd
practicc amongst thc Christian Saints ol thc dcscrt and in thc mon
astcrics. 8clorc that, Christians did not pray to ]csus, but to Ann~
(Hcbrcw: ¯thc Fathcr") and to ¯Òur Fathcr" as taught by ]csus. Thus,
thc dclincation ol Christian praycr cvolvcd as lollows:
From thc timc ol ]csus, praycr was to thc FathcrGod, thc Absolutc:
Hebrew: God the Iather.
8ctwccn thc lirst and lourth ccnturics, thc Christians invokcd
mantra· to thc Univcrsal Cnvis)os, thc Christ, thc Cosmic 8cing,
thc Cosmic Son, thc Univcrsal Saviour. For instancc:
Hac:os O Tnvos
Greek: Holy God.
Kvv:v Iiv:soN
Greek: Iord save me.
Cnv:s+v Iiv:soN
Greek: Christ save me.
From thc third or lourth ccnturics onwards, thc objcct ol worship
switchcd to @[iki 9^h_ij$ Vorship was through thc human aspcct
( ]csus) to thc Ðivinc Aspcct (thc Christ), and through thc Christ
8cing towards thc Fathcr, thc Transccndcntal Rcality.
Greek: ]esus.
Iatin: ]esus.
Ivsous Cnv:s+os Tnvos U:os So+vv
Greek: ]esus Christ, God's Son, Saviour.
7o Worsh|p jesus 680
7he Cnost|c 7eoch|ngs 1108
jesus, the l|re o[ Love 1725
7he Lvo|ut|on o[ Chr|st|on Pro,er 713
The Christians did not start
to pray to (esus unti/ t.o or
three centuries after Christ
1268 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1269
vlsuallzlng tbe Dlvlnlty wltbln tbe Heart
God is both !mmancnt (prcscnt within Crcation) and Transccndcnt
(abovc and bcyond Crcation). Thus, thcrc arc two typcs ol mcditation:
· Vith lorm, Sa-Rûva (rclcrring to God !mmancnt in Crcation).
· Formlcss, A-Rûva (rclcrring to GodTransccndcnt).
You can mcditatc in thc Hcart upon cithcr aspcct ol God, according
your prclcrcncc.
Medìtotìon wìth form
You can mcditatc in your Hcart by visualizing thc Cnvis), Kvsx~,
8uuun~, R~:~, or your Guru, or a grcat Saint, Mastcr or Spiritual
Adcpt, or thc Sparkling ]cwcl in thc Lotus ol thc Hcart, or thc
HcartLotus itscll with thc twclvc pctals, or thc Spiritual Sun in
thc Hcart, or any known lorm ol thc Ðcity. Having choscn your
lorm ol Ðivinity, you build up a picturc ol your choscn lorm in your
Hcart, by visualization, with grcat Bel[ and :[lej_ed. You usc your
imagination and pour all your Lovc and Ðcvotion into building thc
most pcrlcct lorm ol your choscn rcprcscntation ol Ðivinity (!s)~
Ðvv~)~). This will bc a gatc, a door, a window, a bridgc bctwccn you
and God, bctwccn your pcrsonality and your Soul.
!magining or visualizing is onc typc ol mcditation, using a mantra
is anothcr. !l you wish, altcr you havc built thc picturc or imagc
in your Hcart, you can chant a mantram to that Ðcitylorm, thc
mantram ol that Ðcity or any suitablc mantram. And thc Grcat God
within you will Awakcn in Glory.
formless Medìtotìon
To practisc lormlcss mcditation in thc Hcart, sit still, locuscd, and \[[b
thc Ðivinc Prcscncc with your Hcart as onc ol thc Transccndcntal
Òualitics, in thc ¡tcrnal Silcncc and Pcacc.
Most pcoplc lind it dillicult to mcditatc upon thc Transccndcntal
Naturc ol God, thc Unmanilcst, thc Absolutc, thc !mmutablc, thc
¡tcrnal, thc 8oundlcss, thc AllPcrvading, thc !ndcstructiblc, thc
!ncomprchcnsiblc. Most pcoplc rclatc to God in somc sort ol lorm
or cmbodimcnt.
8hokt| ¥ogo: u|v|ne Un|on 5, uevot|on 1128
Med|tot|on on the lorm o[ the Curu 1225
Cod lmmonent ond 7ronscendent 111
Poths to the 7ronscendent
ond lmmonent Cod 1120
Tou bui/d up a picture
of your chosen form of
Ji.inity in your (eart
1268 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1269
For mcditation m_j^ \ehc (S~Ruv~) you can
mcditatc on:
Sûvva (thc Sun)
!vsu Kv:s+a ( ]csus Christ)
ÐvvI (thc Goddcss)
Ox MaN: Paoxv Hûx (thc ]cwcl in thc Lotus)
For mcditation m_j^ekj \ehc (ARuv~) you can
mcditatc on:
Notc that Öx and Siva arc both with lorm and
Some Sanskrlt Dlvlne Names |or Meoltatlon ln tbe Heart
Remember, there is onIy One God! Tbe |orm
ltsel| tbat you cboose to meoltate upon ln your
Heart ls but a representot|on o| tbe true Form o|
tbe One Goo, wblcb ls vast ano cosmlc. Wbat you
cboose to meoltate upon ls calleo |sv»-Drv»v/
(Cbosen-Dlvlnlty). || lt ls wltb |orm, tben lt ls calleo
tbe |sv»-Drv»v/-Pur» (Cbosen-Delty-Form).
M, 8e|oved L|ves |n m, Heort 1290
Sanskrlt: ¨Cbosen Delty¨. Also calleo Ur/s»u/-
Musvi, ¨splrltual olsclpllne, |orm or lmage¨. Tbe
buman |orm o| tbe Dlvlne |ncarnatlon serves as
an |n|t|o| |ocal polnt o| your Love, Devotlon, Long-
lng, Pralse ano Worsblp, knowlng |ull well tbat tbe
buman |orm o| tbe |ncarnatlon merely vells tbe
glorlous Dlvlnlty beblno lt. Goo bas to appear to
Humanlty ln buman |orm untll bumans possess
Siv»-Nrvs», tbe Splrltual Lye, by wblcb tbey wlll
see Goo everywbere.
7he Sov|our |n the Heort 1296
1270 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1271
To Worsblp tbe Dlvlne |ncarnatlons
An Av~)~v~ is an cntity dcsccnding lrom thc Monadic Planc, or thc
Ðivinc Powcr or Potcncy stcppcd down to thc lowcr plancs, cvcn to
our Physical Planc ol planct ¡arth. Thc Avatära· dcsccnd lrom thc
Avatäric Sourcc, thc Monadic Planc, bcyond Nirväna.
Unlortunatcly, this lact ol Avatära· is much misundcrstood, lor in
!ndia thcy indiscriminatcly call all thcir Guru· and Saints ¯Avatära·".
Thus, at any onc timc thcrc arc dozcns ol Saints in !ndia bclicvcd
by thcir dcvotccs to bc Avatära·. 8ut this is incorrcct, Sainthood is
a dillcrcnt proccss.
Following arc thc lour grcatcst !ncarnations ol Ðivinity on ¡arth
in living mcmory:
Rlxa, who gavc Mankind Rightcousncss.
KnsNa, who gavc Mankind Ðcvotion.
Buooua, who gavc Mankind Visdom.
Cunis+, who gavc Mankind Lovc.
You must rcmcmbcr that thc planctary vibrations at thc timc ol
thcsc grcat Ðivinc !ncarnations (M~n~Av~)~v~·) wcrc dillcrcnt
on cach occasion and dillcrcnt lrom thc planctary vibration ol today,
thc twcntylirst ccntury altcr Christ. Human Consciousncss is ibembo
changing all thc timc in conjunction with thc cvolution ol thc ¡arth,
thc Planctary Logos, thc Cosmic ¡ntity whosc dcnsc physical body
is our planct ¡arth.
Oua|lty Avatära Date
Tbe Power o| Plgbteousness
Tbe Power o| Devotlon
Tbe Power o| Wlsoom
Tbe Power o| Love
11,000 years ago
5,100 years ago
2,500 years ago
2,000 years ago
Great tncarnations of Divinity
Sanskrlt: ¨To go oown¨ or ¨to
oesceno¨. From Av» (oown) ano
T/s» (to pass, to go). An Av»v/s»
ls a Descent o| Goo on Lartb ln a
buman |orm. A Dlvlne |ncarnatlon.
7he Avotoro 389
Greek: ¨Goo-manl|estatlon¨. An
appearance o| Goo. From Tnros
(Goo) ano Pn»ui» (to appear,
to manl|est). Tbe |act o| Dlvlne
|ncarnatlon accorolng to tbe
anclent pre-Cbrlstlan Greeks.
Many Cbrlstlans belleve tbat
Cbrlstlanlty ls a unlque, new
rellglon, but ln |act tbe Cbrlstlan
ooctrlne ls oerlveo olrectly |rom
anclent [ewlsb teacblngs ano tbe
Greek Mystery Scbools.
7he jew|sh Mess|oh 660
The :.atära. descend
from the Monadic P/ane,
beyond 5ir.äna
1270 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1271
An Avatära is a Rcgcncrativc Powcr lor thc planct ¡arth and lor
Mankind. Thcrc wcrc othcr grcat Avatära· on this planct, long bclorc
thc lour mcntioncd abovc, who camc to tcach and guidc nasccnt
Humanity, with cach Avatära dcmonstrating a ncw quality to bc
cmulatcd or dcvclopcd by Mankind. Thc Avatära proccss is part ol
thc Ðivinc Plan.
Rcmcmbcr that, in thc days whcn thcsc Avatära· livcd, thcrc was
no modcrn rccording cquipmcnt such as audio tapcs or vidcos, and
thcir words, tcachings and actions wcrc not writtcn down as thcy
happcncd. Vhat wc havc today is a massivc amount ol lcgcnds, talcs
and mythologics, writtcn ccnturics or thousands ol ycars altcr thcir
dcaths, cspccially in thc casc ol Räma, Krsna and 8uddha. Pcoplc
piously bclicvc in thcsc ¯scripturcs" as il thcy wcrc thc b_j[hWb truth
instcad ol just ijeh_[ie\j^[_cW]_dWj_ed.
Apart lrom thc myths writtcn about thcm, howcvcr, thc Avatära·
lclt an _cfh_dj in thc planctary atmosphcrc, in thc dccp psycho
logical laycrs ol Human Consciousncss, which cannot bc wipcd out.
Thc Ðivinc Glory and Radiancc that thc Avatära· brought down
with thcm lrom thc cxaltcd Spiritual Rcalms has bccn inluscd into
Humanity and has stimulatcd human cvolution, dcvcloping in Man
thc i[di[ol Rightcousncss, Ðcvotion, Visdom and Lovc.
Astrol Dìsìnformotìon
Tbere ls tremenoous m|s|n[ormot|on, d|s|n[ormot|on ano de|us|on comlng
|rom tbe Astral Worlo tbrougb tbe so-calleo meolums, cbannellers,
star-seeo transmltters (or wbatever tbe psycblcs ano untralneo
sensltlves cboose to call tbemselves), concernlng tbe true esoterlc
blstory o| our planet, tbe nature o| tbe lnner worlos, tbe Avatäras ano
tbe Splrltual Hlerarcbles. || you coulo know tbe real esoterlc |acts, ano
tbe utter nonsense comlng tbrougb tbe meolums ano cbannellers wbo
oecelve tbemselves ano tbe lgnorant ¨new-agers¨, wbo cbannel lmagl-
nary, non-e×lstent angels, masters, oolpblns, wbales, purpleoots ano
square elepbants |rom realms ano spaces ano worlos tbat e×lst only ln
tbelr subconsclous mlnos ano astral lmaglnatlons, you woulo be utterly
sbockeo ano woulo campalgn to ban all cbannelllng because o| tbe great
barm lt ls oolng to tbe Llvlng Trutb!
Chonne|||ng ond Med|umsh|p 317
7he Avotoros 1320
Powers o[ u|v|ne uescent 599
7he u|v|ne lncornot|on 726
7he M,ster, o[ jesus the Chr|st 664
Legends o[ the 8uddho 393
7ruth ond M,tho|og, 7
The :.atära. /eft an imprint
in the p/anetary atmosphere
1272 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1273
To Worsblp tbe Dlvlne |ncarnatlons ln tbe Heart
Thcrc arc countlcss millions ol pcoplc who worship thcsc Ðivinc
!ncarnations-Räma and Krsna in Hinduism, 8uddha in 8uddhism,
and thc Christ in Christianity-through thc practicc ol many ritcs,
ccrcmonics and rituals. Howcvcr:
These Ava+lnas must be worshipped in the Heart, by interior prayer,
meditation and worship.
This is callcd M~x~s~Pui~, ¯mcntal worship". This mcans having
your mind, M~x~s, in your Hcart, Hvu~y~:, and doing your wor
ship thcrc.
· !l you arc a lollowcr ol Räma, Krsna, 8uddha or Christ, you may
sing, chant or pray thc Namc ol thc Avatära in your Hcart Ccntrc
with Lovc, Ðcvotion, sclllorgctlulncss, surrcndcr and intcnsc
longing lor Union with your 8clovcd.
· Anothcr way is to l_ikWb_p[ thc lorm ol your 8clovcd in your
Hcart-an imagc, picturc, icon or mandala. You can visualizc in
your Hcart a picturc ol Räma, Krsna, 8uddha or Christ, or ol thc
Goddcss or thc Ðivinc Mothcr.
· Òr, you may visualizc thc lorm lirst, thcn chant or pray to thc
Sacrcd !magc.
God the Ultimate Reality, and God who ever manifests as Ðivine
Incarnations, and God who is your own true Self (the formless Self of
infinite magnitude, everlasting Silence, and Pure Consciousness) are
one and the same.
Thus, you may worship God thc Absolutc as lormlcss !nlinitc Rcality,
or you may worship any lorm or aspcct ol God, such as thc lorm ol
an Avatära, or thc Ðivinc Mothcr, or thc Univcrsal ¡ncrgy ol S~x)i,
or thc Goddcss.
The 'Goddess'
Unoerstano tbe woro Coddess ln tbe splrltual sense, not ln tbe ¨mooern¨
Western sense o| tbe Goooess as tbe pbyslcal Lartb or tbe Moon or tbe
|emale psycbologlcal qualltles o| unregenerateo buman belngs.
7he 7rue lem|n|ne 1516
The :.atära. must be
.orshipped in the (eart
uevot|on to Krsno 449
7o Co|| upon jesus 679
So|utot|on to the 8uddho 795
7he 8uddho ond the Chr|st 1722
Sokt|: the 0ne Lnerg, 150
7he u|v|ne Lnerg, 1484
1272 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1273
To thc ancicnt Hcbrcws, thc Namc ol God, Rlx,
was thc Godin!ncarnation, God as thc Cosmic
Lilc and Cosmic Principlc in Manilcstation.
!n ancicnt Hcbrcw, Rlx mcans ¯thc Allpcrvad
ing, Scllcxisting Spiritual Substancc and ¡ncrgy
ol God, thc Òrigin, Sourcc and Foundation ol
thc Univcrsc, thc Univcrsal Forcc ol Spacc". As a
God Namc, Rlx mcans ¯God on High, thc Most
High God, thc ¡xaltcd God, thc ¡stablishing
Powcr ol God".
Thus, in Hcbrcw, Rlx mcans ¯GodTransccndcnt
and God!mmancnt (hcrc, now)", simultancously
abstract and concrctc. !t is thc invisiblc Forccs
ol God activc in Crcation, in all things and all
pcoplcs, as wcll as thc Transccndcntal 8liss
Consciousncss ol thc Absolutc. !t also mcans thc
h[ijeh_d]and dekh_i^_d]Powcr ol God.
Rlx also mcans, in Hcbrcw, ¯thc Powcr which
uplilts or raiscs up, that which Savcs, that which is
¡xaltcd, ¡latcd, Glorilicd, thc Forcc that pcrvadcs
thc Univcrsc".
Rlx is also thc Human Consciousncss inluscd by
thc Powcr ol thc Holy Spirit, thc upliltcd Human
Consciousncss, or Cosmic Consciousncss.
Rlxa, Rlxau, in Hcbrcw, also mcans ¡xaltation,
an uplilting ol Consciousncss.
!n Sanskrit"Rlx is thc Ðivinc Namc ol God as
thc Univcrsal \ibration ol Light and Sound, or
SoundingLight \ibration. 8y this is mcant not
only thc physical Light and Sound, but AllLight
and AllSound upon all thc scvcn grcat Plancs ol
8cing, within all dimcnsions ol Spacc. All Spacc,
with its multiplc univcrscs, both visiblc and
invisiblc, is vibrating with thc Radiant ¡ncrgy ol
Rlx, thc lormlcss Form ol God.
Rlx is thc Univcrsal Mind in action as \ibration
throughout thc inlinitudcs ol thc Univcrsc, both
in thc visiblc and invisiblc immcnsitics ol Spacc.
!t is Purc !ntclligcncc pcrvading all things. !t
is conscious, intclligcnt Radiant ¡ncrgy, which
is dazzling, bright Light and blisslul in naturc.
This Radiant ¡ncrgy, Rlx, pcrvadcs all things, is
within all things, _iall things in Crcation. !t is thc
Òccan ol Light and thc Lakc ol Firc, in which
cvcry atom in Crcation is dancing.
Rlx is also thc ruling and dirccting Forcc within
Crcation, thc !mpclling!ntclligcncc, thc Admin
istrativc!ntclligcncc ol thc Cosmos. !t is thc
!nlinitcHcrc and ¡tcrnalNow, in blisslul Con
sciousncss and Lovc.
Rlxa, in Sanskrit, is thc Ðivinc !ncarnation or
Ðivinizing Powcr.
Päm: tbe Unlversal Name
ßom |s o Nome o[ Cod wh|ch |s uphe|d 5, 5oth Lostern ond Western Sp|r|tuo||t,
ßom: the Worr|or Power 1068
7he 8(¡o-Montro ßom 1544
1274 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1275
Consclous 8reatblng ln tbe Heart
Sincc vcry ancicnt timcs, pcoplc havc conncctcd praycr with thc
Hcart Ccntrc and with thc brcath. Conscious 8rcathing was prac
tiscd by thc Mystics ol all thc ancicnt civilizations-!ndia, Pcrsia,
China, ¡gypt, 8abylonia. !t was practiscd by thc Prophcts ol !sracl
and thc Saints ol !slam, and in thc carly days ol Christianity by thc
Ðcscrt Fathcrs.
Conscious Breathing is the recognition that the human breath is a
particle of the Ðivine Breath, the Holy Spirit, and hence can be used
as a vehicle for Unification or Yoga (Union with God).
Thc individual brcath, oekhbrcath, is a wavclct upon thc Grcat 8rcath
or Univcrsal LilcPowcr. Conscious 8rcathing is purcly rcligious in
purposc and has nothing to do with ¯kccping lit". Makc no mistakc,
pulling away in mcrcly bodyoricntcd physical brcathing cxcrciscs
is not it! !t is a way ol consciously rcconnccting with God and with
yourscll, thc Soul that you arc.
Conscious Breathing is focused in the Heart, using a Ðivine Name, or
simply Remembering the All-Presence.
Matcrialists will squirm at this idca, ol coursc, but lct thcm squirm!
This Scicncc has bccn lorgottcn by Humanity many timcs ovcr, and
you nccd to h[c[cX[h, as do all thc Childrcn ol Man. 8rcath is thc
b_dabctwccn Man and thc Spirit ol God, thc 8rcath ol God.
ßreoth-Proyer ìn the Heort
Orolnary prayer ls generally long-wlnoeo ano lnvolves osk|ng Goo |or
tblngs (usually munoane). |n orolnary prayer, usually people are stuck ln
tbelr beaos ano very o|ten tbere ls no Devotlon at all. 8reoth-Pro,er |n
the Heort ol||ers |rom orolnary prayer ln tbe |ollowlng ways:
· |t ls sbort.
· |t ls connecteo to tbe Heart.
· |t ls connecteo to tbe breatb.
Tbls metboo o| prayer ls |or splrltual oevelopment, lnvoklng Grace ano
reallzlng tbe |mmanent Presence o| Goo. |n tbls metboo tbere ls a total
surrenoer to Goo, [rom tbe Heart ano w|th|n tbe Heart.
7he Ho|, 8reoth 1340
8opt|sm ond ße5|rth 722
Prono,omo-\|d,o 1553
8reoth|ng Cod 870
M|nd[u|ness o[ 8reoth|ng 794
Chr|st|on Med|tot|on on the Ho|, 8reoth 1346
ßest |n the Creot 8reoth 1654
Jreath is the /ink bet.een
Man and the 'pirit of God
1274 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1275
To Practlse Consclous 8reatblng
Thc bcst way to practisc Conscious 8rcathing is to takc a Ðivinc
Namc and YediY_ekibo brcathc it in and out ol thc Hcart. Focus in
your Hcart Ccntrc, and thcrc invokc an intcnsc Lovc and Ðcvotion
lor God. Dej^_d]cWjj[hiXkjj^[B_l_d]=eZm_j^_doekh>[Whj$ Makc
your praycr vcry simplc, in rhythm with your brcath. For cxamplc:
Thc Vcstcrn Ðivinc Namc, ]vsu (Latin: Saviour):
_d#Xh[Wj^_d] ekj#Xh[Wj^_d]
Yv - Sû
Òr thc ¡astcrn Ðivinc Namc Souax (Sanskrit: Spirit):
_d#Xh[Wj^_d] ekj#Xh[Wj^_d]
So - HXNc
Òr you can usc thc Arabic Namc Hvia. Hv-Il rcprcscnts thc B_l#
_d] MehZ$ Hv is thc Sound aspcct, Il is thc Light. Hv-Il is thc
SoundingLight, thc Univcrsal GodRcvcrbcration in thc Cosmos,
thc Holy Spirit.
_d#Xh[Wj^_d] ekj#Xh[Wj^_d]
Hv - IX
Òr you can usc thc Hcbrcw Namc Suaiox. Thc Hcbrcw word
SuIM (Suaiox) mcans ¯God is Pcacc, God is Happincss, God is
_d#Xh[Wj^_d] ekj#Xh[Wj^_d]
Sna - Iox
Òr you can usc thc Chincsc word Tao (God), or thc ¡gyptian word
Tau (God):
_d#Xh[Wj^_d] ekj#Xh[Wj^_d]
Ta - O
Ta - Ü
More ßreoth-Proyers
ìn the Heort
|n-5reoth|ng out-5reoth|ng
Loro ÷ Goo
Loro ÷ Cbrlst
Goo ÷ 8less
Goo ÷ Heal
Goo ÷ Love
Goo ÷ Llgbt
Goo ÷ Peace
Goo ÷ [oy
à ÷ 8A
[esus useo A ÷ ßA to lnvoke
tbe Dlvlne Fatber ln Hls Heart.
Aaa», Aa», ls botb Hebrew ano
Aramalc. |t means ¨Goo, Fatber,
Source, tbe Flrst ln Creatlon,
tbe Creator-Goo, Goo as tbe
Dlvlne Fatber ln All¨.
5othing matters
but the Ii.ing God
.ithin your (eart
1276 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1277
Yesbua: tbe Secret Hebrew Name
Yvsuua is thc grcatcst 8rcathPraycr in thc Hcart in thc Vcst, and thc
most important 8rcathMantra in thc Hcbrcw and Aramaic languagcs.
!t is thc sccrct Vcstcrn 8rcathPraycr, now rcvcalcd to you altcr bcing
lost lor many ccnturics. !t was practiscd by thc Prophcts, and cvcn by
]csus himscll. ]csus spokc Aramaic, it was His nativc languagc.
Yvsuua mcans ¯thc lullncss ol thc Godhcad, God manilcst in thc
llcsh, God !ncarnatc in Man, thc Ðivinc !ncarnation within thc
Hcart Ccntrc ol a human bcing, thc 8rcath ol God, thc Holy 8rcath
incarnatc in you, thc SavingGraccPowcr within you, thc Libcrating
¡ncrgy ol thc Spirit, thc Rcdccming Powcr, thc Ðivinc Hclpcr, thc
Living God".
Yvsuua is thrcclold:
W. !t is a grcat Ðcclaration ol Truth (Mctanoia).
X. !t is a Mantra (Sound\ibration).
Y. !t is thc Holy 8rcath.
· You can usc it as a Ðcclaration ol Truth.
· You can usc it as a Mantram.
· You can usc it as thc Scicncc ol thc Holy 8rcath.
Although this wondcrlul thrcclold application ol Yvsnu~ has bccn
practiscd by thc Prophcts, it gcts lost timc and again, ccntury altcr
ccntury. Now it is your grcat good lortunc that it has bccn brought
to your attcntion.
Yesu-ßreothìng ìn the Heort
Method 1
As you oeep-breatbe tbe syllables Yr-Su or Yr-Snu ln ano out o| tbe Heart
Centre, very slowly, tblnk o| tbe meanlng o| tbe Name Yrsu: ¨Goo Saves¨.
Method 2
As you breatbe tbe syllables Yr-Su or Yr-Snu ln ano out o| tbe Heart
Centre, tblnk o| Yrsu, tbat ls, Yrsnu, Yrsnu», tbe Dlvlne |ncarnatlon, tbe
Mlraculous Person (wbo later became known as [esus Cbrlst).
Method 3
As you breatbe tbe syllables Yr-Su or Yr-Snu ln ano out o| tbe Heart
Centre, tblnk o| tbe Dlvlne Name, tbe |mmeolate Presence o| Goo, wblcb
wlll glve you great [oy ano Lcstasy.
Nomes o[ the Creot Moster jesus 661
7he M,ster, o[ jesus ond Mor, 665
7o Co|| upon jesus 679
7he Cnost|c 7eoch|ngs 1108
jesus: the l|re o[ Love 1725
7he jesus Montro ond the
Socred Heort ln|t|ot|on 1356
Whot |s Metono|o? 1412
The Breath-Prayer Teshua
.as practised by (esus himse/f
1276 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III 54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer 1277
The Holy ßreoth
Vith your consciousncss ccntrcd in thc Spiritual Hcart Ccntrc:
_d#Xh[Wj^_d] ekj#Xh[Wj^_d]
Yv - Snû
or: Yv - Sû
God Saves
You must practisc this with Lovc in your Hcart. Thc mantric pro
nunciation is Yvsnu~. !ts brcathlorm is YvSnu or YvSu.
To ¥ìbrote the Holy Nome
Usc any ol thc lollowing lorms:
Yv - Snu - X
Yo - Snu - X
Yv - Hv - Snu - X
Yv - Ho - Snu - X
· Vhcn you vibratc thc Holy Namc, it will lill you with Living Firc,
thc Firc ol thc Holy Spirit.
· Vhcn you usc it as thc Scicncc ol Holy 8rcath, it connccts your
brcath with thc Hcart Ccntrc and thc !nncr Rulcr, thc Godhcad
within thc Hcart, Ann~, thc Ðivinc Fathcr within.
· Vhcn you usc it as a Mctanoia, it will translorm your mind and
lcad you to Translormation and ¡nlightcnmcnt.
Yvsuua is thc Holy 8rcath or Holy Spirit ol God. Yvsnu~ is thc
radiant ¡ncrgy ol thc Spirit, which manilcsts as Truth (Mctanoia),
Mantra (Ðabar), thc Vord (SoundPowcr), and thc Holy 8rcath.
Yvsuua Ha-Masuiacu mcans that Yvsnu~ is thc Mcssiah, thc
Supcrnatural Powcr that dcsccnds lrom abovc and rcdccms your Soul
which is cntrappcd by Naturc in thc lowcr worlds. Yvsnu~ is thc mcs
scngcr ol Ann~ (thc Fathcr, thc Glistcning Vhitc 8rilliancc ol thc
¡tcrnal). From ancicnt HcbrcwAramaic thc word passcd into ancicnt
Grcck and bccamc !vsous. From thc Grcck it passcd into Latin and
bccamc !vsus, which latcr bccamc ]vsus. As thc word was passcd down
thc many gcncrations, its sublimc mcaning and purposc was lorgottcn.
8ut now thc Vord is told to you again, and Yvsnu~ Livcs! J
God is my $aIvation.
HeIp is from God.
t depend on God.
t surrender to God.
t pIace my trust in God.
God deIivers.
God heIps.
God saves.
God is Freedom.
God is my HeIper.
God heIps me to prosper.
7hen you .ibrate the
Ho/y 5ame, it .i// fi//
you .ith Li.ing Tire
1278 Heavens and He||s of the Mlnd III

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