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College Brochure - Seventh Sense Talent Solutions

College Brochure - Seventh Sense Talent Solutions

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Published by Vinod Prabhu

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Published by: Vinod Prabhu on May 08, 2011
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Company Overv iew

This college brochure focuses on our talent solutions for colleges.
Please ask for our corporate brochure in case you wish to know more about our solutions for corporates.

Who are we?

• We are a Talent Solutions company founded and managed by alumni from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM B) • Our talent solutions for colleges (Engineering and MBA) include: n Campus Recruitment Training Solutions n Campus Placement Solutions • Our talent solutions for corporates include: n Recruitment Solutions n Technical and Soft Skills Training Solutions • We have served students from colleges such as IIM Bangalore, IISc, Presidency, RV group, PES group, RNS group, BNM group, JSS group and VVS group of institutions (indicative) • We have served corporates such as Hindustan UniLever, General Electric, SAP India Consulting, Deloitte & Touche, Mercer Consulting, ABB, Gammon and GMR Ltd (indicative)

With assured Tier 1 company visits to your campus

Campus Recruitment Training
Overview of CREAM

• Our Campus Recruitment Training Solutions are known as Campus Recruitment Excellence Achievement Modules (CREAMs) and completely meet the recruitment needs of students and placement departments • We have separate and unique solutions for Engineering and MBA students with our trademark CREAM-Engineering and CREAM-MBA programs • HRs of leading MNCs have developed the modules and these are delivered by people with MNC experience USP: We bring additional Tier 1 companies to your campus after the training and increase the number of placements

Campus Recruitment Training
Needs of the students that we meet through CREAM

Seventh Sense helps you significantly increase the number and quality of placements of your students. We guarantee it. Our CREAM modules meet the following student needs:
Num Student needs Core Modules - How we meet these needs


• ack of knowledge and/or refresher courses required Aptitude Brilliance L in aptitude concepts – English, Maths and Data • English Analysis • Quantitative Aptitude • Puzzles and Data Analysis • ack of practice and unfamiliarity with aptitude L pattern asked by companies • eed to brush up on technical topics of the N department which is asked by CORE companies in the first stage • esume is unimpressive and formatted badly and R does not give a professional image • eed to practice writing tests and know specific N areas for improvement • Need familiarity and practice in group discussions • Knowledge about topics to talk meaningfully in GDs • fraid to face interviews and might mess up the A crucial final interviews • Interviews Mastery Technical Dominance (Engineering and MBA) • Detailed coaching in core subjects of different branches of Engineering and MBA • Resume Builder • Company Tests Excellence • Group Discussion Brilliance


3 4 5 6 7 8

• ompanies place too much importance on soft skills • Soft Skills Supremacy C which are lacking • eed career counselling to decide on the right career • Career Guidance N choice

CREAM Core Module -1
(Aptitude Brilliance)

Our aptitude modules are detailed and teaches students all the relevant concepts, exposes students to most of the patterns asked by companies, gives them experience in solving these and the confidence to tackle any problems they might face
English • Grammar • Vocabulary • Verbal Ability • eading Comprehension R • Speed Reading Quantitative Aptitude • Algebra • Arithmetic • Geometry • Calculus Puzzles + Data Analysis • Data Interpretation • Data Sufficiency • Logical Reasoning • Sectional Exercises

CREAM Core Module - 2
Technical Dominance

We train students and help them polish their technical know-how as well as get exposed to industry requirements. This helps them answer the technical questions asked in tests/ interviews and greatly enhances their chances of selection For Engineering For MBA

• asics of C, C++, Java, OS, DBMS for all • asics of 1st year common courses B B students such as Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management • rogramming concepts with coding P • ractical exposure to industry level P and practice exercises for practical problems and guidance on how to understanding solve them • ore topics for each branch covered – C • ore topics for each branch C EC/TC, CS/IS, EE, ME, IT (specialisation) covered – Marketing, Finance, IT etc C • overs test syllabus and format of leading • overs test syllabus and format of leading C companies visiting for recruitment companies visiting for recruitment • ompany visits to understand their C working

CREAM Core Module - 3
Soft Skills Supremacy

With our Soft Skills Supremacy modules, we also help your students differentiate themselves from other campuses by training them in the finer aspects of working well. This makes them confident as well as better communicators providing a solid foundation for Group Discussion and Interviews. Soft Skills Supremacy Key soft skills covered • Communication (written and oral) • Presentation skills • Time Management • Teaming • Grooming • Stress Management • oaching by top industry leaders on job relevant skills C • se interactive programs with case studies and not limited to lectures U • roup Activities to internalise learnings G • Outbound programs are conducted to practically demonstrate various aspects taught

CREAM Core Module - 4
(Resume Builder)

In our Resume Builder module we: • Conduct 1 on 1 sessions with each student for development of their master resume • Develop resumes that are grammatically correct and follow the principles of business language • Create well formatted, consistent and professional resumes for all students • Review by eminent recruiters from leading corporates which visit campus • Final resume verification exercise on behalf of the Placement Department to avoid any litigation • osting resumes on proprietary job boards to place additional students and increasing P campus placement figures

CREAM Core Module - 5
(Company Tests Excellence)

In our Company Tests Excellence module we offer: Practise Tests •- Aptitude tests covering all topics asked by companies • Computer skills tests covering C, C++, OS, Java and DBMS (for Engg) • Basic skills tests of different topics of the first year (for MBA) • Sectional tests covering department specific topics • Alumni and industry professionals offering test taking strategies Company Tests • Tests for mass recruiters like Infosys, TCS, CTS and Wipro etc (Engg) • Tests for mass recruiters that visit campus for MBA recruitment (MBA) • 6 different tests based on specific companies that visit campus • 10 take home tests with detailed solutions and tips Feedback and Improvement • Detailed discussion of the paper with solutions after each test • Ranking to provide an idea of relative standing • Counseling sessions to understand performance • Feedback sessions to understand areas for improvement • Test taking tips from industry professionals

CREAM Core Module - 6
(Group Discussion Brilliance)

In our Group Discussion Brilliance module we offer: Basics • Group Discussion introduction and basics • Review of previously recorded GDs to understand common mistakes • Strategies and tips from moderators and evaluators Practise • 6 practise GDs with evaluation of group and individual performance • Recording of all GDs and review of performance • Progress measurement chart to identify improvement areas • 100 most frequently used GD topics in campus placement Feedback and Improvement • 1 on 1 sessions to understand individual strategies to succeed • Weekly digest to educate students and enable better GD participation • Individual plans to prepare for GDs

CREAM Core Module - 7
(Interviews Mastery)

In our Interviews Mastery module we offer: Foundation • Basics of interviews and tips to crack them by HRs/Recruiters of top companies • Guidance in all types of interviews – Technical, Behavioural, Resume, Stress and Telephonic • Review of previously recorded interviews to understand common mistakes Simulation • 6 focussed practice interviews of different types – Technical, Resume based, Stress and Behavioural by HRs and Managers • 30 min feedback after each interview • Consolidated performance evaluated after all interviews • Review of individual recordings to understand strengths and weaknesses Feedback and Improvement • Material provided to ace technical and behavioural interviews • Most commonly asked questions and suggestions of best answers • Progress measurement chart to understand improvements made and next steps

Increase the number and quality of companies that visit your college

Campus Placement Solutions

• Seventh Sense provides a complete end-to-end Campus Placement Solutions helping colleges increase the number and quality of companies visiting their campuses. • We have been successfully conducting campus recruitments every year for our clients and meeting fresher requirements to a large extent. • We meet the entry-level requirements of our clients of different verticals by conducting campus recruitments in colleges specializing in different fields of study and placing freshers in these companies • USP: We bring our companies to your colleges if we are satisfied with the level and quality of training provided to your students We also help the Placement Department in: • Increasing the number of companies visiting your campus • Increasing the percentage of students placed making it closer to 100% • Getting students placed in CORE companies (which are in the same industry) • Developing better relationships with Managers and HRs of Tier 1 companies • Providing administrative help in the recruitment season, including taking care of all the company visits in the entire placement season

Campus Placement Solutions

We do campus recruitment for colleges specializing in: • Engineering Colleges • Management Colleges • Polytechnic Campuses • Graduation Campuses (B.Com, B.Sc, B.A) Our Campus Recruitment Process is divided in three stages: • re Campus Recruitment Process involves Campus Identification and scheduling P according to the availability of dates. • Hiring Activities involves various stages of tests, group discussions and interviews on behalf of the companies • Post Campus Recruitment Process involves joinee confirmation and follow-ups. A few pointers of our last year’s achievements with our vendors are: • Covered 350+ colleges across 12 states. • Campus placements conducted in major cities in India. • Covered colleges even in smaller towns so that the best campuses could be tapped. • Met approximately 18000 candidates. • Approximately 830 offers extended to candidates.

Experience in Academia

Management team has experience in serving students from institutions such as:

Experience in Organisations

The management and the core team have experience in serving companies such as



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Management Team
Vinod Prabhu, completed his MBA from IIM Bangalore and possesses significant and varied experience of working for Fortune 500 and multi-billion dollar MNCs. He has worked for Deloitte and Touche, Hindustan UniLever and Mercer Consulting in their Consulting, Marketing and HR roles respectively. He has helped clients solve their Talent issues in India, US, Singapore, UAE, South Africa and Egypt. He has also worked closely with governments and helped set up the vocational education system for the Government of Karnataka. “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success” - Vinod’s guiding principle as he strives to ensure the success of his clients and consequently that of Seventh Sense. Vinod leads the Seventh Sense Group and manages Recruitment Solutions on a daily day basis. Ananth Kamath has C suite level experience at multi-billion dollar companies; the latest was as CIO at Gammon Ltd, a construction giant. He also has more than 17 years of leadership experience in world class MNCs such as SAP India Consulting, Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (ABB) and GMR Group. He has dealt with Talent opportunities and issues in sectors as diverse as Technology, Construction, Aviation and Power Utilities. His experience and expertise has the richness and diversity that firms would love to have in their top management. “Anything can be better.” - Ananth’s guiding principle which helps us ensure that potential in our clients gets replaced by results. Ananth Kamath manages the Soft Skills Training Solutions of Seventh Sense Ganesh Shankar completed his masters from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and went on to work for General Electric (GE) in their cutting-edge Aviation as well as their Energy Divisions. During his engineering days at RVCE, Ganesh set up Surge Labs, to provide solutions to pressing engineering needs of the day. Before joining IISc, Ganesh was also the engineering mastermind at NextFirst, a start up in the fields of Mechatronics, Robotics, Vision Systems and Precision Engineering. At SELCO Labs, he helped rural India with sustainable energy solutions “What your fiercest rival does badly, do incredibly well” – Ganesh’s guiding principle which he puts to use by helping Seventh Sense be the best in providing campus recruitment training. Ganesh manages the Educational Services of Seventh Sense.

#102, 7th Main, 20th Cross, BTM Layout, Bangalore – 76 info@seventhsensetalent.com Vinod Prabhu: 990 130 2007 Ananth Kamath: 897 606 8102 Ganesh Shankar: 973 192 5888

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