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Letter of Recommendation for

London Business School PhD Programme

This letter must be received by 15 January. For the referee, please send directly to:
PhD Programme
London Business School
Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA
United Kingdom

To be completed by candidate:

Surname of candidate:

First names:

To be completed by referee: (please print)

Referee’s name:

Position: Institution:


Post/Zip code: Telephone number: Email address:

Please appraise this student in comparison to others applying to graduate school whom you have known.

Unusually Superior High Average Poor No

outstanding (top 10%) (top 25%) (middle (bottom information
(top 1%) 50%) 25%)

Native intellectual ability

Breadth of general knowledge

Background for proposed programme of study

Oral communication skills

Written communication skills

Appropriate mindset

Ability to work independently



Imagination and probable creativity

Potential as a teacher

Please continue over the page (be sure to sign the declaration)
Further comments
We would be grateful if you could comment further on the candidate’s ability to complete a PhD programme in preparation for a
career in teaching or research. London Business School operates a 4 to 5 year programme, beginning with 12-18 months of courses,
both subject area specific and general business/research courses, followed by field exams and/or a research paper.
The remaining years are focused on the production of a thesis. In this part of the reference it would be helpful if you stated:

• How long you have known the candidate and in what capacity
• If the candidate’s native language is not English, please evaluate their English ability (written and oral)
• Their ability to start and complete projects on an individual basis
• Their suitability for a career in research.
Please provide these comments type-written on this form or on a separate sheet of paper.

Please continue on separate sheet if necessary

We recognise that considerable effort may be involved in preparing this reference and we greatly appreciate your help. This reference is
provided in confidence and will not be accessible to the candidate. Please sign this reference in the space below.

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