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BattleBots Tournament Rules

BattleBots Tournament Rules

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Published by Ezz Rojas

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Published by: Ezz Rojas on May 08, 2011
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Due to possible arrangements with marketing and sponsorship organizations ("Sponsors"), BattleBots Inc.
reserves certain rights as set forth below:

2.13.1 Sponsor Conflicts

BattleBots Inc. can require removal from the robot of any logos, signage or other materials that it
determines to be offensive or in conflict with BattleBots Inc., its Sponsors or its affiliates' Sponsors.

2.13.2 Sponsorship Space Allocation

A BattleBots Robot is required to have allocated space on the camera-visible exterior of the robot for
a minimum of two separate 5 inch by 8 inch “TV Panels” to be used by BattleBots Sponsors for the
display of Sponsor logos. At BattleBots' discretion, additional panels may be required, using up to a
maximum of 25% of the external camera-visible area of the robot's chassis. The locations of the panels are
to be, where possible, on diametrically opposite sides of the robot.

The Team will be required to submit a drawing or picture of the robot with its available TV Panel locations
no later than 3 weeks prior to the first day of the Tournament.

The size, number and placement of the TV Panels may be modified by mutual agreement between
BattleBots Inc. and the Designated Team Representative, taking into account the nature and structure of the

Note: BattleBots entry documents contain additional information on BattleBots sponsorship requirements and

2.13.3 BattleBots Inc. Rights

BattleBots Inc. reserves the right to modify in advance the required TV Panel areas as set forth above.
BattleBots Inc. also has the future right to define or modify any other sponsorship display specifications
and regulations.

Note: If there are questions regarding sponsorship and advertising, contact BattleBots Inc. at the address defined
in "1.7 Contacting BattleBots Inc.".

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