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BattleBots Tournament Rules

BattleBots Tournament Rules

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Published by: Ezz Rojas on May 08, 2011
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Robots using Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries are subject to several restrictions on their use, storage and

3.10.1 Charging Area

LiPo batteries can only be charged in a specific area that will be designated by BattleBots officials. If the
LiPo batteries are not removable from the robot, then the entire robot must be moved to the designated
Charging Area when the batteries are being charged.

3.10.2 LiPo Chargers

LiPo batteries must be charged using chargers specifically designed for LiPo batteries. Any LiPo charger
must have automatic overcharge protection.

3.10.3 Charger Labeling

All LiPo batteries being charged must have the name of the Team and their Pit Table clearly labeled on the
battery charger.

3.10.4 Battery Fire Procedures

Salt water baths and containment envelopes will be available in the LiPo charging area. If a LiPo battery
begins to swell, smoke or catch fire, it will be immediately disposed of in either the salt water bath or the
containment envelope.

3.10.5 Robot Pit Location

Robots using LiPo batteries may be required to be located in a special part of the Pit Area segregated from
the non-LiPo robots.

3.10.6 Robot Fire Procedures

If LiPo batteries contained in a robot begin to burn, then the fire will be allowed to burn itself completely
out and no attempt will be made, or allowed to be made, to save the batteries or the robot. Where safely
possible, other robots and equipment will be cleared from the area of the fire.
This “no attempt” policy is regardless of the location of the robot, whether in the Charging Area, the Pit
Area, the Arena or any other area at the Tournament.

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