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BattleBots Tournament Rules

BattleBots Tournament Rules

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Published by Ezz Rojas

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Published by: Ezz Rojas on May 08, 2011
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7.7.1 Complying with Officials

During a Match, any Team member who deliberately fails to comply with any Referee's or CrewBot's
instruction will automatically have their robot Disqualified.

7.7.2 Disqualification

If a Judge, Referee or CrewBot observes a safety or technical violation, he or she may declare a Timeout to
discuss the matter with all of the BattleBots Judges. If the Judges reach a unanimous decision, they can
collectively Disqualify a robot.

7.7.3 Operator/Team Behavior

If a Referee observes disruptive or other inappropriate behavior by a Participant on the Arena platform, the
Referee can call a Timeout to instruct the Team member to leave the platform. If the affected Participant is
an Operator, and the robot cannot compete without that Operator, the robot will be declared to have lost by

7.7.4 Attacking Arena Hazards

Robots must not deliberately attack any BattleBox Hazard. If any Judge, Referee or CrewBot believes that
a robot is deliberately attacking a Hazard, they must call a Timeout to discuss the situation with the Judges.
If it is determined that the robot was deliberately attacking a Hazard, the robot will be declared to have lost
by Forfeit.

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