Meeting the Challenge of Dementia: The Role of Professionals with Alzheimer Associations

Istanbul 1 October 2005 Nori Graham Hon Vice President of ADI

A few facts about ADI
‡ Founded in 1984 in the US ‡ Secretariat in London ‡ Currently 75 national members ‡ One member per country ‡ Officially affiliated to WHO

ADI - Key goals
‡ To build and strengthen Alzheimer associations throughout the world so that they are better able to meet the needs of people with dementia and their carers ‡ To raise world awareness about Alzheimer's Disease and the other dementias

How ADI achieves its goals
‡ Provides information - web site, newsletter, fact sheets ‡ Runs Alzheimer University courses ‡ Holds an annual conference ‡ Co-ordinates World Alzheimer's Day - Sep 21 ‡ Encourages international research

What do national Alzheimer associations do?
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Give information and advice Run self-help/support groups Provide training courses Advocate on behalf of people with dementia and carers Run services Raise public awareness Assist in the development of public policy issues Encourage research

What can professionals offer?
‡ Status ‡ Resources ‡ Network ‡ Expertise ‡ Experience ‡ Can afford to be altruistic

Pitfalls for professionals
‡ Want to turn association into one for professionals rather than one mainly for patients and carers. ‡ Lack of real understanding of the purpose of association ‡ Conflict of interests ‡ Not always sensitive as to when to stand back / let go ‡ Use organisation for own agenda conscious/unconscious

Benefit to professionals
‡ Provides useful clinical insights ‡ Improves services to patients and carers ‡ Research benefits - access to the membership, possible source of money ‡ Helps patients and families to feel understood ‡ Useful link for advice on service delivery/development ‡ Strengthens the hand with policy makers