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La 84 Soccer

La 84 Soccer

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Published by: Jumptrain on May 09, 2011
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Ice is one of an athlete’s best friends; it is especially effective treatment for most of the

injuries that Soccer players experience. Ice alleviates muscle strain spasm, prevents



Managing Soccer Injuries and Athlete Health

hemorrhaging, and reduces swelling of many injuries.

Using ice improperly, however, actually can aggravate an injury or cause frostbite.

Applying ice for too long can cause increased swelling and bleeding. Also, cold

increases the permeability of the lymphatic vessels that carry excess tissue fluids back

into the cardiovascular system. With icing, though, the lymphatic vessels tend to drain

into the surrounding muscle tissue. If an area is iced too long, greater swelling and

pain may result because the lymphatic vessels will not be able to carry excess fluid away

from the injured area.

Apply ice to an injury for 10 minutes — followed by a 30-minute break — followed by

another 10 minutes of icing. This procedure can be repeated as often as possible for the

first 24–48 hours following an injury, then 3–5 times a day until the injury is healed.

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