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DB2 Backup Performance Presentation

DB2 Backup Performance Presentation

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Performance Optimization with SAP on DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows – DB2 Backup Performance

Sven-Uwe Kusche IBM May 2009


The DB2 Backup Utility
Presentation Q&A

Backup Tuning
Presentation Q&A

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The DB2 Backup Utility
Presentation Q&A

Backup Tuning
Presentation Q&A

. Read contents to high water mark Please note: DB2 backup is no file level backup! DB2 backup utility Update Recovery history file • Event • Date • Object • Granularity • .. Create Backup image ..... Read contents ..Backup Architecture Database backup DB2 configuration files DB2 container(s) ...

Backup Command 7 backup buffers Connection Layer Database Layer db2med db2med db2agent 3x db2bm READ READ READ Tablespace 3 db2bm db2bm db2bm db2pfchr db2pfchr db2pfchr Tablespace 1 WRITE Tablespace 2 WRITE pcibm16:db2w50 >db2 backup db PRD online to /dev/nst0. /dev/nst1 with 7 buffers 2x db2med parallelism 3 .

DB2 Backup in SAP – DB13 .

8973 of 9970 pages.using parallelism = 16. sqluxGetDegreeParallelism. … Autonomic BAR .log 2009-04-07-10.heap consumption.tuning enabled.090407084918 AUTHID : DB2W50 EDUID : 35 EDUNAME: db2agent (W50) 0 FUNCTION: DB2 UDB. Backup-Information in db2diag.5: As of FP4 DB2 9. Using buffer size = 553.db2w50.49. number = 16.7: As of FP0 .log in DIAGLEVEL 3: DB2 9. … Autonomic backup . Targetting (90%) .597395+120 E253547G483 LEVEL: Info PID : 7307 TID : 1195371424 PROC : db2sysc 0 INSTANCE: db2w50 NODE : 000 DB : W50 APPHDL : 0-12 APPID: *LOCAL.21.Backup Configuration db2diag.1: As of FP7 DB2 9. probe:507 DATA #1 : <preformatted> Autonomic backup/restore . database utilities.

280464 .386954 = Unthrottled = 489 = BACKUP = W50 = 0 = online db = 03/19/2009 09:38:22.Monitor Backup Process pcibm16:db2w50> db2 list utilities show detail ID Type Database Name Partition Number Description Start Time Throttling: Priority Progress Monitoring: Estimated Percentage Complete = 14 Total Work Completed Work Start Time = 8034538965 bytes = 1093299133 bytes = 03/19/2009 09:38:22.

Backup Check DB2 Recovery History File db2w50:>db2 list history backup all for W50 Op Obj Timestamp+Sequence Type Dev Earliest Log Current Log Backup ID ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B D 20090316110019001 N D S0000073. .LOG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contains 46 tablespace(s): 00001 SYSCATSPACE . .LOG S0000079. 00025 W50#ZBTAB1D 00026 W50#ZBTAB1I ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Comment: DB2 BACKUP W50 ONLINE Start Time: 20090316110019 End Time: 20090316113144 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------00010 Location: /db2/W50/backup Recovery history file • Range of relevant log files • Object Granularity • Event • Start and end time • Backup Image Location .

Backup Check DB2 Recovery History File in SAP – DB12 .

------------0 SYSCATSPACE 25812 . do date db2 "select TBSP_ID..18) as STATUS from SYSIBMADM.TBSP_UTILIZATION" sleep 60 done Wed May 6 04:14:05 CEST 2009 TBSP_ID TBSP_NAME HWM_IN_PAGES ------------.1..Monitoring Tablespace Status while true.... substr(TBSP_STATE. 44 record(s) selected. TBSP_PAGE_TOP as HWM_IN_PAGES.1..-------------.14) as TBSP_NAME. STATUS -----------------BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS NORMAL BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS NORMAL NORMAL BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS backup already finished backup running or still queued Only information about the status „backup complete“! . substr(TBSP_NAME. 9 W50#DDICD 30982 10 W50#DDICI 9762 . 20 W50#ES700D 314776 21 W50#ES700I 103242 22 W50#SOURCED 4984 23 W50#SOURCEI 7062 24 W50#PROTD 7828 25 W50#PROTI 2898 26 W50#LOADD 1464 .

.. 1=include logs 0=no compression. Status Flags .. ----------- W50 20081203121747 0 db2w50 0 0 Recovery history file is missing? 0 0 Information from 0 the 1 Backup Image via db2ckbkp -H 0=offline. 1=online 0=exclude logs... 16=incremental.Check of Backup Image Content db2ckbkp db2ckbkp -H <backup image> . 1=compression 0=full.: .... 3=tablespace 0=normal. Server Database Name Timestamp Database Partition Number Instance Backup Mode Includes Logs Compression Backup Type Backup Gran.. 48=delta Backup Mode: Include Logs: Compression: Backup Type: Backup Gran.

Summary Your questions Your questions ? .

Agenda The DB2 Backup Utility Presentation Q&A Backup Tuning Presentation Q&A .

Backup Optimization Targets: - Reduction of Database Size Reduction of Backup Image Size Reduction of Backup Runtime Solutions: - Tablespace Redistribution Deep Compression Reduction of High Water Mark Backup Tuning .

Network.. Parallelism..) File System Caching Tablespace Distribution High Water Mark (Extentsize) . CPU. Target Device) Configuration (IO Server.Backup Runtime Influencing Factors: - Database Size Hardware (Storage. Memory.. Number of Buffers.

Tablespace Redistribution Tablespace Distribution Backup Runtime (parallelism 3) Unequal Distribution 2 3 R3load Export / Import Including redistribution. Compression and HWM reduction 2/3 4 1 1 2 3 4 Redistribution 2/1 3 2/3 1 4 1 2/1 3 4 2/2 2/2 Beneficial Distribution .

Reduction of High Water Mark Overview Tablespace Tablespace Old HWM db2dart + reorg / db6conv or R3load export/import Tablespace Tablespace Backup runtime New HWM Backup runtime Extent 0 Please note: The method db2dart+reorg / db6conv is for a multiple iteration very painful and the Method R3load will need downtime! .

624901 Database Name: L70 Operational Mode: Database Inspection Only (INSPECT) ____________________________________________________________ Action option: LHWM Tablespace-ID: 26.34.1) Report: 2009-05-04-08. db ar 2d t/ W LH M Extent 0 Table1 .Reduction of High Water Mark db2dart Tablespace Unused DART (V9. Table: SAPR3.EDI40 DAT object size: 12 INX object size: 0 XDA object size: 0 LF object size: 0 LOB object size: 0 LOBA object size: 0 BMP object size: 0 Total size of object parts: 12 Minimum number of extents that will move by this operation: 12 Current highwater mark: 348 Desired highwater mark: 4 Number of used extents in tablespace: 337 Number of free extents below original HWM: 13 Number of free extents below desired HWM: 0 Number of free extents below current HWM: 12 Step #2: Object ID = 4 …….02. Desired Highwater Mark (Number-pages): 10 HWM Table1 Unused Table2 Table2 Unused Unused Table1 Table2 Table2 Table1 Step #1: Object ID = 22 => Offline REORG of this table using the LONGLOBDATA option (do not specify a temporary tablespace).

Reduction of High Water Mark Reorganization Unused Table1 Unused Unused HWM Unused Table2 Table2 Unused Unused Table1 Table2 Table2 Table1 reo rg <ta tab ble le 1> Unused Table2 Table2 Unused Table1 Table1 Table2 Table2 Table1 Extent 0 Table1 Extent 0 Table1 Significant Improvements with DB2 V9. .7.

An offline and an online table move is selectable.Reduction of High Water Mark db6conv Db6conv moves tables from one tablespace to another by recreating them in the specified target tablespace. .

Reduction of High Water Mark R3load Export/Import DB DB ex po rt R3load export image Caution: This method will need downtime! wi R3 th lo co ad m im pr p es or si t on R3 loa d .

Rule of Thumb: (Maximum Number of Tablespace Containers over all Tablespaces) x 2 .IO Server = Prefetcher Database Configuration parameter num_ioserver not optimal for daily business and online backups Database Configuration parameter num_ioserver with correct settings for daily business and online backups Backup Tablespace 1 Tablespace 1 Tablespace 2 Tablespace 3 Tablespace 1 Tablespace 1 Tablespace 2 Tablespace 3 Prefetching Buffer pool Buffer pool In case of Online Backups please increase the number of Prefetchers (num_ioserver).

it is necessary to restart the DB! .....admin....com/infocenter/db2luw/v9r5/index.. For availability of CIO / DIO please check the IBM documentation: http://publib..ibm. Tablespace name Tablespace ID Tablespace Type Tablespace Content Type Tablespace Page size (bytes) Tablespace Extent size (pages) Automatic Prefetch size enabled Buffer pool ID currently in use Buffer pool ID next startup Using automatic storage Auto-resize enabled File system caching ....jsp?topic=/com.File System Caching and DB2 Tablespaces pcibm16:db2w50 52> db2 get snapshot for tablespaces on w50 | more Tablespace Snapshot .. Large table space..luw.doc/doc/c0051304..ibm. 16384 2 Yes 1 1 No Yes No Bypassing File System Caching (CIO / DIO on) increases the UDI-Performance (Update/Delete/Insert)..boulder.. but can decrease under some circumstances the Backup Performance.db2...5) Please note: After switched OFF...dbobj. = = = = = = = = = = = = W50#DDICD 8 Database managed space All permanent data.html SAP Default: File System Caching NO (DB2 default as of DB2 V9....

5 FP7 (big I/O independent from Extentsize) . Larger Extentsize increases space consumption for empty tables MDC tables STOP Backup Performance Optimization for “No File System Caching” is targeted for V9.Effect of Extentsize on Backup Runtime File System Caching ON/OFF Backup Test 1 (5 Tablespaces with 5 Containers (2GB) ) 00:13:32 Filesystemcaching on Filesystemcaching off (SAP default) 00:08:04 00:05:26 00:03:58 00:04:02 00:04:00 Extentsize 2 Extentsize 8 Extentsize 16 Extentsize 2 Extentsize 8 Extentsize 16 Tablespaces Do not blindly increase the Tablespace Extentsize.7 FP1 and V9.

No Filesystem Caching on Target File System increases Backup Performance Writes to standard File System Writes using Direct IO (DIO) Writes using Concurrent IO (CIO) DB2 Backup Buffer Memory File System Caching File System File System Locking / Queuing Backup Image .

HWM equal Tablespace Size) 48 71GB 3h 10 min Test 1: Filesystem Caching OFF on Target Device (Filesystem) Backup Time 2h 17 min Test 2: Backup Test with parallel Workload Backup time with num_ioserver = AUTOMATIC(8) Backup time with num_ioserver = 20 3h 56 min 3h 06 min .5): Size: Compression: Tablespaces: Largest Tablespace: Online Backup Time 1.6TB After Load (800GB free.1TB ADC During Load (14GB free. no possiblity to reduce HWM) 29 900GB 8h R3load Export/Import including Tablespace Redistribution Target System (DB2 V9.5): Size: Compression: Tablespaces: Largest Tablespace: Online Backup Runtime: 1.Customer Case Source System (DB2 V9.Storage Optimization Tablespace Layout .

Suspend all write operations to database Create a database copy on file system level Resume all write operations Database Instance 3. 2 2 Database Database .Split Mirror Backup Production Server Backup Server 1 1 3 3 1. Database Instance 2.

Summary Your questions Your questions ? .

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