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Published by: Hassanal Cosain Encabo Manabilang on May 09, 2011
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A. NAME OF THE APPLICANT Mr. Manabilang Mr. Enad Ms.Disumimba Ms.Dimaporo B. BUSINESS NAME Dance and music art program C. LOCATION OF THE PROJECT Saint Michael’s college St.mary tibanga Iligan city D. BRIEF DISCUSSION OF THE PROJECT This project is an courage to build and sharing ideas among the members of the group namely; Mr. Manabilang, Mr. Enad, Ms. Disumimba, Ms. Dimaporo, Mr., to come up with a product or business that is Educational, Artistic and fun as well.

We chose to study this project dance and music art program because we wanted to learn on how to manage this kind of business, whether it will be capable in a future or not. And we think as an artist we cope up this study, to enhance their talents and give ways to knowledge for music and dancing. Also, one member of this group is planning to have a Music and Dance Tutorial Center Someday

Dance and Music Art program is a artistic program. Which gives opportunity to people who are interested in the field of dancing and playing musical instruments.

E. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT The general objective of this project is to conceptualize a business or product/s that could possibly compete in the market and figure out whether this project is feasible or not and which is a requirement in our course to apply what we have learned since the time we enrolled in this institution.

The specific objective of this project is to introduce a product with a new taste, pure patty flavor and perception on the people think about burger. This is also to promote and encourage people to eat healthy snacks through eating burger.


MARKET STUDY Our market study is very broad because of its rolling/mobile concept. As a first time entrepreneur, we want to cater the crowd places like City Plaza, Children’s Park, Churches, City Hall, and Schools. To achieve this, we need to make sure that every detail of our market study is a perfect and a strategic tool for its effectiveness.

The chicken burger has attained widespread popularity and is proliferated nationwide such as McDonald’s and Jollibee. competition. a research of various activities in the City of Iligan was done through the schedule provided by its City Tourism Office and Other activities which are not included in the list provided by the said City Tourism Office. distribution. ketchup and relish. To determine the extent of our market study. PRODUCT Chicken burger is quite demand nowadays because of its undeniable taste and affordable price which everyone will surely love. cheese and condiments such as mustard. pricing. and schools. mayonnaise.Analyzing our product. promotion. we are guided by the schedule given by the City Tourism Department which encouraged us to pursue this project. churches. Actually. . TARGET MARKET The main customers of BURGER TO GO are those crowded places such as public plaza. chicken patty. supply and demand and the people is never an easy task. Chicken burger is often served with lettuce. we need to put ourselves in it and to impart our best expertise to come up preferable results for our target market. tomato. We need to take this seriously. children’s park.

.COMPETITION BURGER TO GO will be the first to establish rolling/mobile burger store here in Iligan City because of its unique concept. Burger & Sandwich Corner. but still we can compete. we aim for this to be known to the public around Iligan City and hopefully in other cities where our target market is nearby. We can’t also deny the fact that after we establish this project. and etc. Streamers and Flyers. Radio advertisements Though these promotional activities are quite expensive. . some investors will definitely copy this concept. PROMOTION Our product is a newly introduced brand name in the market. In this statement. Here are our chosen promotional activities that will make our aim achievable: • • Print Ads such as Tarpaulins. Though burger stands were existed nowadays like Beefy Burger. we are able to disseminate information about the business that we established. We cannot achieve this aim without the help of some promotional activities for our product to be know and as much as possible to become profitable. As what is the trend in the Filipino society which is the competition among the investors and we are ready to face the consequences that we might encounter.

PRICING The price of the chicken burger is 18 pesos (P18. We arrived at this price because we calculated the total cost of the raw materials. and some expenses such as packaging materials. Table 1. Peak Months (City Tourism Schedule) DATE January February April EVENT Renewal of Permits Valentines Araw ng Kagitingan LOCATION City Hall Plaza Plaza ESTIMATED CUSTOMERS 1. = = = TOTAL PRODUCTION COST 200 pieces TOTAL PRODUCTION COST PER UNIT + MARKUP SELLING PRICE is P18.00 In addition to this. affordable and customers will not regret of the burger they have bought from us since our patty is pure and it has no extender. labor.00). 18 pesos is a competitive price. sauces. The total production cost will be divided by 200 pieces which the whole ingredients can possibly produce plus markup and will result to selling price.000 200 200 . and utilities.

200 200 200 2.000 6. Lean Months (Schedule) DAYS LOCATION ESTIMATED CUSTOMERS Sunday Plaza 200 Monday City Proper 100 .200 November December Total Table 2.000 200 500 2.May June August September Labor day Independence day National Heroes day Fiesta Bonifacio day Halloween season Christmas Plaza Plaza Plaza No exact loc. Plaza No exact loc. No exact loc.

Tuesday Plaza 100 Wednesday Children’s park 100 Thursday City proper 100 Friday Plaza/ City proper 200 Saturday Plaza/ City proper 200 Total 1000 MARKETING SUPPLY Distribution The distribution of the product will base on the schedule given by the City Tourism and based on our Lean Month Schedule and depending on the location where the rolling/mobile store will be placed. .

It is divided into four (4) batches of patties producing 50 pieces in every batch for a total of 4 hours of operation.200 P18. Aside from this event. there are also big events such as.Supply BURGER TO GO can be able to produce 200 patties of burger for initial production. SALES FORECAST YEAR ANNUAL CAPACITY QUANTITY SOLD SELLING PRICE SALES 2011 P327. Demand The demand for peak season is based on the schedule given by the City Tourism Office.600 2012 360. In addition. Interschool Cheerdance Competition.360 .00 P327. and etc. Pasikatan.600 18.360 20. we also have our own regular schedule which is shown in the Lean Months schedule.020 18.00 360.

00 666.480 24. labor. It should assess details of how the delivery of the product such as materials.646 25. TECHNICAL STUDY INTRODUCTION The technical aspect should explain everything about the wide scheme of our business management. transportation. . and equipments needed.150 26.00 484.00 440. where the business will be located.022 20.150 III.480 2015 666.440 2014 484.2013 440.224 20.440 22. etc.

50 grams black pepper. PRODUCT Our main product is CHICKEN BURGER named BURGER TO GO. Lastly. all the materials being prepared in making a patty with a minimum of 26 and a maximum of 29 are as follows. is to cover the patty with an open plastic-cut and to place it in the freezer and let it freeze for about 6 hours. is the cooking of patty for exactly 2 minutes and 25 seconds. In the commissary. schedule of delivery. 400 grams chopped white onions. . Next will be the pressing of the meatballs until it will become flat and round or patty which will then be followed by putting the patty into a clean open plastic-cut. wear a clean gloves. First thing to be done is the mixing of the ground chicken and the spices where all the ingredients are measured accordingly and mix it together to produce the desired quantity of chicken patty. Second. the preparation of the chicken burger follows. 100 grams table salt. 1 kilo ground chicken.The technical study covers the logistical or tactical plan on how the CHICKEN BURGER will be produced. 100 grams chopped garlic and egg yolks from four (4) pieces of eggs. This is an excellent tool for trouble-shooting and long-term planning. is the making of small meatballs from the mixed ground chicken and spices. and track its products or services. After which. store operates. locally homemade produced patties. first. When the patty is ready.

is the covering of the hill. Seventh. Sixth. is the cutting of the bun into two (2) and putting it onto the grill surface. is putting the patty on the crown with dressing. using a five (5) point pattern. PROCESS FLOW CHART . is wrapping the burger and finally.Third. cutting the side down for hill and crown cut side. Eighth. ready to be served.


Cleanliness will be one of the priorities to protect the integrity of the business. The water supply is connected through City Water Works of Iligan. WASTE DISPOSAL BURGER TO GO will collect. process. After canvassing. transport. quality and safeties of the product. final purchasing of the facilities and equipment will follow. To avoid accident.BURGER TO GO will have its electricity connection from Iligan Light and Power Corporation. All spoil foods will be disposed immediately to avoid flies and pests. and monitor all the waste materials used in the operations. Solid waste or non-biodegradable will be collected every Wedenesdays and Sundays based on the schedule of the collection by our city garbage collectors. all purchased facilities and equipment will be placed under observation before using it in the final operation. LABOR AND REQUIREMENT . For the telephone connection is connected with Maratel Corporation known as PLDT. such as biodegradable and nonbiodegradable. recyle. BURGER TO GO will not consider any uncertainty of the facilities and equipment that we will be purchasing. FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT Facilities and equipment of the business will be based on the standard. All waste materials will be segregated according to their classification. Management will definitely follow the ordinances regarding to the waste disposal project.

the management will hire 3 employees with specific qualification. Basing on the organizational.BURGER TO GO will base the hiring of the employees in the written job analysis and description.00 500.000. Delivery Equipment Multicab w/ Wingvan Total Quantity 1 Price P130. Employees will work for more than 8 hours a day depending on the customers.000. we need to have a multicab with wing van to smoothly run the operation from one place to another.00 .00 3. TRANSPORTATION Since our business is mobile.750.00 MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT Equipment Refrigerator Burner w/ Tank Flat Grill Tray Total KITCHEN UTENSILS Quantity 1 1 1 4 Price P 12. Salary and wages will be distributed at the end of the month with some benefits such as 13th month pay and bonuses. P130.00 P 17.00 1.

500.00 120.00 135. 2 pcs.00 P 850.00 180.00 P 965.Equipment Measuring cup Measuring spoon Knife Chopping board Mixing bowl Sauce pan Total Quantity 2 sets 2 sets 3 sets 2 pcs.00 P 3.00 FURNITURE AND FIXTURE Equipment Working table Chair Total Quantity 1 3 Price P 3. 3 pcs.00 450.00 500.00 150.00 260.00 ADMINISTRATIVE COST .950.00 OFFICE EQUIPMENT Equipment Calculator Telephone Total Quantity 1 1 Price P350. Price P 120.

00 45.00 140.00 100.00 250.00 P630.Equipment Scissor Bond paper Ballpen Puncher Paper clips Total Quantity 1 1 rim 1 box 1 1 box Price P 95.00 RAW MATERIALS .

egg yolks from eggs.50/pc Quantity 200 pcs. Price P 500.2kg. 16 pcs. black pepper. PRODUCTION COST .00/kg P 5.00/pack Statement Assumption These raw materials used for making chicken burger is consumable for daily basis.00/pc P 50. 1. 400g. it can easily be bought in the stores around iligan City.225. ground chicken.00/kg P120.00 45. chopped onions. 4kg. Ingredients Burger bun Ground chicken Egg Onion Garlic Black Pepper Total Cost P 2.00 20. table salt. chopped garlic. 200g.The main raw materials of BURGER TO GO are basic components of the chicken burger which compromise burger bun.00 80.00 P1. Since these raw materials are copious.00 60.00 P130.00 520.00/kg P 5.

00/ __200___ P 8. Total Production Cost/Unit Markup Selling Price 50.225.145 ____9.) Ketchup & Mayonnaise Utilities Total Production Cost Divided by 200 pcs.855 P 18.629.00 P1.00 .00 154.00 P1.Raw materials (ingredients) Labor Overhead Cellophane (200pcs.00 250.00 54.00 50.

The business will start at 9:00am to 5:00pm or so.75 OVERHEAD EXPENSE .600.00 P3.00 P150.ORGANIZATIONAL CHART TYPE OF ORGANIZATION The projects planned will only be a proprietorship under the management of the promoter which will be financed by co-owners and has a total of 3 employees.00 P 600.00 P28.50 P25.00 P 2.800.00 Rate per Employees Hour Manager/ Cashier Chef Cook Sales Clerk/ Driver P37.00 P43.800.200.00 P18.00 Rate per Week (X 6 days) P1.400.200.00 (X4 hours) P100. MANPOWER COSTS Rate per Day (X 8 hours) P300.00 Rate per Month (X 4 weeks) P7.00 Rate per Year (X12 Months) P86.400.00 P 900.

00 3.992.416.000.Expense Packaging Materials Repair & Maintenance Gasoline Sauces Utilities Total Monthly P6.00 2.000.00 Yearly P72.400.00 P136.00 216.000.00 24.000.592.000.00 36.00 200.00 .000.00 2.00 P11.00 2.

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