Suggested Senior Thesis Outline I.

Introduction: In general terms put forth some of your primary ideas, and approaches. Introduce projects that you consider most important. These are projects that you will elaborate upon later in the main body of the thesis. In the introduction you may choose to present a personal history, perhaps anecdotally. Body A. History of Genre that you feel affiliated with. 1. Contextualize your work by presenting a chronology of the medium and style that you use, how it has been developed. Please use proper citation. 2. Present further context by presenting artists/works that you have found inspiring. Describe the works and present a personal analysis. Please use proper citation. Selected Works/Projects and Your Process 1. Once you have presented a necessary context, write about your own work, you may choose to present a chronology: how one project or class lead you in a specific direction, how has your work evolved. 2. Accompany this section with visual examples, documentation of the projects, screen shots, storyboards, outlines, etc. Discuss your personal creative process, how you get started… Your Future 1. Discuss the direction that you see yourself working toward, where would you like to be a year from now, five years, ten years. 2. Consider the steps that you must take, further technology that you wish to learn. Does grad school lie in your future? If so what schools are you investigating?





Epilogue A brief summation of the realizations you have come to through your college career.

You may choose to write your thesis in an informal manner using the first person or write more formally using second person, always referring to yourself with name and s/he… However please treat the thesis as an academic paper using either the Chicago Manual of Style; in our library: Call Number: Z253 .U69 2003 Or A manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations; Call Number: LB2369 .T8 1955

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