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Report - 5-5-11

Report - 5-5-11

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Published by: Kanishk Bhatia on May 09, 2011
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Design Department

Day 1 5/5/2011 Mr.Man soorChikodi

NSSL consists of the following divisions
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Ferrous Valve Division Brass Valve Division Automotive Machining Division Aluminium Foundry

Following are the major types of valves manufactured at FVD 1. Gate Valve This is the most commonly used general shut off valve. Primary characteristics are its minimum pressure drop and bi directional Flow. The main parts of a gate valve are y Body (Flanged) y Bonnet (Bolted) y Seat Ring (Seal Welded) y Wedge (Flexible Type) y Stem (Rising) y Gasket y Backseat Bush y Gland Packing y Gland Flange y Eye Bolt y Eye nut y Gland y Grease Nipple y Yoke bush y Hand Wheel y Grub Screw y End Protectors We follow design standards as per API 600/ API 603 / ASM B16.34 Sizes available Class 150 to Class 2500; 2 to 60 NPS API 600 This is the design standard usually employed for the design of gate valves. This is a standard given by American Petroleum Institute to standardize the manufacture of gate valves. API 600 specifies several dimensions for a GTV of a specified class and a given NPS. Eg. Dimensions such as Body Wall thickness, Bonnet Wall thickness, types of wedges to be used, yoke lengths, standard trim material, etc. are explicitly specified under API Standards.

BS 1873: 1975 Like Gate valves. as flow and pressure are directly under the plug. Folowing are the parts y y y y y y y y y y Body (Flanged) Seat Ring (Seal Welded) Hinge and Pin Gasket Cover (Bolted) Body Cover Joint Stud Body Cover Joint Nut Stopper Blot Disc Nut Split Pin The design of Swing Check Valves. and are suitable for moderate velocity applications. Swing Check Valve These are calves specially designed to prevent flow reversal. Following are the parts of a Globe Valve y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Body (Flanged) Bonnet (Bolted) Seat Ring (Seal Welded) Plug Stem (Rising) Gasket Backseat Bush Gland Packing Gland Flange Gland Body Bonnet joint stud Body Bonnet joint nut Eye Bolt and Nut Thrust Plate Grub Screw The standard used for design is . is in accordance to BS 1868 : 1975 standard. The standard gives several dimensions and other characteristics base upon the class and d the DN. These have low pressure drop. 3. . BS1873 :1975 provides all dimensions as with respect to a specified class and the NPS. Globe Valve Globe valve is used when throttling application is there. and hence flow is only uni-directional. It is designed for quicj opening and closing.2.

Cf8M. CF8C. WCB is used for non-Abrasive flow up to 427 C. LCB for low Temperatures up to -101 C.etc. 3. CK3MCuN. . Cast Steel ASTM A216 Gr WCB.etc. C12. Other Valves Other valves that are manufactured include y API 6D Valves y High Pressure Valves y Ball Valves y Lubricated Plug Valves (Econo Valves) y Dual Plate Check Valves y Valves for critical Application (Cryogenic/ Low Temprature) Material used for Design Based on the application and usage of the valve. ASTM A 352 Gr LCB. WCC. CF3. 2. LC1. etc. Selectioncriterion includes the usage condition. LC2. 4. Allow Steel ASTM A 217 Gr WC1. Stainless Steel ASTM A 351 Gr Cf8. and CF8 for corrosive flow up to 538 C. LC3. WC6. LCC. WC9. a valve can be made using different materials. etc. Materials include 1.4. Eg. C5. Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A 351 Gr CD4MCM.

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