YOU CAN'T ESCAPE when you leave me alone ,,,I feel like I'm lost in this world ..

It's not like before Now I can't live without hear your ,,,voice What can I do if someone take ?you from me ,,I don't want to think about that ,,,just let be like we are it's not the right time to talk ,,,,about this …hear me when I cry don't leave me when I need you I know you can't forget me Even you if you heat me.. ,,,,,because I'm your everything Don't try to escape because you can't escape now,, you dissolve in me So just think about what you did LISTEN TO ME

.I will see see what you decide Don't worry they left me before I have broke heart nothing new I will never cry again Because now I know how to forget .Yes.follow .......See what I have inside me .look at me people COLLECT MY PIECES FROM THE (FLOOR(normal ver Every thing close in my face Every thing be in darkness ..that's up to you I don't want to ask you .i will go into my way.And how to find new I know they see me special.Now you know we are in two .I think I need that because they .me or leave me.ways So don't tell me where you want to go...don't care about me before I want someone see me .. ...from the dark side .They left me behind them they visit the light side . but focus more...Take me.... you will see a monster . piece by piece Collect me . you will see me inside that .me Ii can't see it's too dark and I'm scared I can't move because I ..but they left . Collect me from the floor I'm in pieces broken heart Closed mind Weak body And hurt eyes .… someone will remember me And catch my hand to take me ...… See what all people didn't see I can make you happy ??Happy!happy?happy ... you will see something inside me.don’t want to hurt my self They leave me but maybe .

I think that why I love you THE WAY YOU ARE (that why I love you) ..You ask me why I love you So let's take it from the beginning You make me laugh You capture my mind You change my brain You delete my darkness You take my eyes So maybe I will know new things ..Explorer time .in you ..

...When we are together .I just wanna stay in your hands ....When I walk near the sea Alone...that hurt me ??When I can be with you ?Could you wait me ?could You stay here ?Waiting me If you are waiting or not .Let me sleep like child Let me remember what I wrote in .. darkness and silent ??What I'm thinking about I don't know why you on my .mind Far from diary about my dreams You are one of my dreams .

Even it is snowy or rainy …All I can do is wait .I will stay here near the sea to see you ..I will wait even if you leave me ..

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