Once Upon a Time

Written and Illustrated by Dani Jones

Once Upon a Time
Written and Illustrated by Dani Jones
Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved Contact: dani@danijones.com • DaniDraws.com

Once upon a time, there was a pig…

Skippety-skip skip skip…


This is a really good story. You’re going to like it. A lot.


Will you quit bugging the poor humans! They’re trying to read! Sorry.

I just wanted to say hi. What’s wrong with that? Hey, come look at this!

What’s going on?

We’re reading a story. It’s about us I think.

No, this is MY story. You’re wasting pages. Go away!

Cool! Can I be in the story too?

So get on with it then.

Hey guys!

You’re in my way!

I want to be in the story too!


And us!

It says, “Once upon a time there was a pig.” Not, “Once upon a time there was a pig, two bears, three mice, and a bat.” Hey, that’s pretty catchy. Did you come up with that all by yourself?


Hey guys! Hi Stan!

Wow, this is going to be really good. So what do we do? I don’t know. Act all cute and stuff. The kids love it.

That’s it…

Oops, sorry.

All right, that’s more like it. Now, as I was saying…

Once upon a time, there was a pig…

Enjoy the story! It’s over. You wasted the entire book!

More about Once Upon a Time: http://DaniDraws.com/OnceUponATime About Dani Dani Jones works full-time as a children’s illustrator, writer, comic creator, and artist. You can find more about Dani and her work at DaniDraws.com. Other works by Dani My Sister, the Freak mysisterthefreak.com Frosty the Gourdman frostythegourdman.com The Best Mariachi in the World (Raven Tree Press, 2008) Elfis (Price Stern Sloan, 2006)

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