Material Master Tables Description – Table General Material Data – MARA Material Descriptions – MAKT Plant Data for

Material – MARC Material Valuation – MBEW Storage Location Data for Material – MARD Units of Measure for Material – MARM Sales Data for Material – MVKE Forecast Parameters – MPOP Planning Data – MPGD_MASS Tax Classification for Material – MLAN Material Data for Each Warehouse Number – MLGN Material Data for Each Storage Type – MLGT Vendor Master Tables: Description – Table Vendor Master (General Section) – LFA1 Vendor Master (Company Code) – LFB1 Vendor master (VAT registration numbers general section) – LFAS Vendor master (dunning data) – LFB5 Vendor Master (Bank Details) – LFBK Vendor master record (withholding tax types) X – LFBW Vendor master record purchasing organization data – LFM1 Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data – LFM2 Vendor Subrange – WYT1 Vendor Sub-Range Description – WYT1T Partner Functions - WYT3

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Related to Materials: MARA - Material Master: General data MAKT - Material Master: Description

Valuation of project stock MVER – Material Master: Consumption <Plant> DVER – Material Master: Consumption <MRP Area> MVKE – Material Master: Sales <Sales Org.Material Master: Unit of Measure MAPE .Material master: Storage location MAST .MARM .Special Stocks at Customer: History MSLBH .Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History MSKAH .Material Master: Tax indicator MARC .Valuation of sales order stock QBEW .MRP Planning File Entry: MRP Area MOFF .Special Stocks from Vendor: History MSCAH .Material Valuation: History MCHBH .Outstanding Material Master Records (Maintenance status) MARCH .Consignment price segment (old versions of SAP) EBEW .Sales Order Stock: History MSKUH .Material Master: Plant data MAPR – Material Master: Forecast MARD – Material Master: Storage Location MCH1 – Material Master: X Plant Batches MCHA – Material Master: Batches MCHB – Material Master: Batch Stock MDMA .Material link to BOM MBEW .Total Sales Order Stocks: History MSSQH .Total Project Stocks: History Related to Vendors: .Material: MRP profiles (field contents) MKOP .Material master: Export control file MARC .Material valuation MLGN – Material Master: WM Inventory MLGT – Material Master: WM Inventory type MDIP . Distr Ch> MLAN .Material master: Plant data MARD .MRP Area data DBVM .Special Stocks at Vendor: History MSPRH .Material Master Storage Location Segment: History MBEWH .Batch Stocks: History MKOLH .Material Master C Segment: History MARDH .Project Stock: History MSSAH .

Vendor Master: General data LFB1 .External services management: Unplanned limits for service types EINA .Vendor Master: Company data LFM1 .SAPScript Text Header STXL .External services management: unplanned limits for service packages ESUS .Purchasing document history EKBZ .Purchasing document history: delivery costs EKPB .Purchasing Document: Item EKET .Purchase requisition: items EBKN .Service entry sheet header data ESUC .External services management: unplanned service limits header data ESUP .SAPScript Text Lines EKKO .Purchasing document header EKPO .Purchase Requisition: account assignment STXH .Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Purchasing organization) LFM2 .Material View of Order Item/Schedule Line (good to find open PO's) EKKN .Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Plant.Account assignment specification for service line ESKN ."Material to be provided" item in purchasing document ESKL .Purchasing Document: Delivery Schedules MDBS .Account assignment in purchasing document EORD .Order price history record EKAB .Account assignment in service package ESLH .Purchase Info Record: General EINE .Service package header data ESLL .Purchasing info record: purchasing organization data KONP .Lines in service package ESSR .LFA1 .Condition Header Related to Inventory Management: . Vendor sub-range) Related to Purchasing: EBAN .Purchasing Source List EIPA .External services management: Unplanned limits for contract item ESUH .Release documentation EKBE .Condition Item KONH .

Physical inventory document items MKPF .Standard Accounts Table (Automatic Account Determination) T156 . single material MYMP1 .Document item.MRP Areas .Consignment withdrawals RSEG .FIFO results table MYML .Document item. incoming invoice Related to Customising and Other Master Data: MDLV .Document header: incoming invoice RBKPB . incoming invoice account assignment RBDIFFKO .LIFO pool layer MYPLM .LIFO period stocks.Invoice Verification: quantity differences RBDRSEG .Invoice Verification: summarization data.Storage Locations MDLW .Invoice document header (batch invoice verification) RBTX .Invoice Verification: conditions RBDIFFME .Reservation: Header RESB .Invoice Verification batch: invoice document items RBKP .Purchasing groups T030 .LIFO pool layer (monthly) RBCO .MRP Areas MDLG .MRP Areas .LIFO material layer MYMLM .Invoice document: summarization data RBVDMAT .Reservation: Item Related to Invoice Verification BSIM .Withholding tax:incoming invoice RKWA .Taxes:incoming invoice RBVD .LIFO material layer (monthly) MYMP .MRP Areas .Plants MDLL .Material Groups T024 .Movement Type T156T .Receipt data LIFO/FIFO valuation MYPL .Material document: item RKPF .Subcontractor T023 .ISEG .Material document: Header MSEG .Movement Type: Text . material RBWT .Secondary index: documents for material MYMFT .

AUSP . created: se93 TSTCT .Assignment of roles to users CDHDR & CDPOS .Change history of master data and documents EDID4 .SAP Transaction Codes.Release Procedure: Strategy values (cl20n. lock/unlock: sm01.EDI information TSTC . cl24n) AGR_USERS .Transaction codes TEXT .

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