Migration Unit

Topic 1. Types of Migration Key Points Know that there are two different types of migrant ± FORCED and VOLUNTARY: y Forced ± Migrant has no choice but to move due to a natural or human disaster. y Voluntary ± Migrant chooses to move in order to improve his/her quality of life. Two main differences: y Refugee ± Forced to leave their home country for fear of persecution or due to environmental disaster. y Asylum Seeker ± People who have left their home country and have applied to another but are awaiting permission to stay. 2. Case Study Mexico Know that migrants have PUSH and PULLfactors which cause them to migrate ± Be able to list as many of these as possible. Mexico y Know the Push and Pull factors for Mexicans to move to the USA. y Recognise that not all of the migration is legal ± For it to be legal the Mexicans must obtain a Green card. y Know some statistics on the migration ± i.e how many people move and where. The key is to know the economic, environmental, social and demographic effects on both the SOURCE (Mexico) and the Pages 30-31 Case Studies/Examples Pages 22-23

3. Affects of Migration within a country.

HOST (USA) countries. Know how migration has affected a country ± either Brazil, Egypt or the USA. y You studied one of these in the lesson. y Know where people have migrated from and to. y Know the effects of this migration and what it has done to the population distribution of the country. y If stuck read pages 26-27 and have a look at the UK, which can then be your case study for this instead.

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