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APRIL 26 , 20 11 · 12:41 PM

exposing global management team
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Air Jordan (His Airness) MK-Ultra? You Make The Call (VIDEO)

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ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Michael James Jordan “At Guard, 6’6″ From North Carolina…” “Jordan…Ohhh, A Spec-Tac-Ular Move!” Disclaimer: Moderator readily admits to extreme Hero (He-ru) worship of His Airness from the North Carolina vs. Georgetown NCAA Championship , to his selection by the Chicago Bulls, to his 1st slam dunk at Chicago Stadium, to storybook ending “Final Shot” vs the Jaz z in NBA Finals – screaming at the television screen, imagining I was executing those blurring base-line spins finishing w/vicious slams, draining those buz z er beaters. Yes “sometimes I dreamed, that he is me” and definitely wanted “to be like Mike…” His bio on
Air Jordan (His Airnes s ) MK-Ultra? You Make The Call (VIDEO ) New York City GMT Power Centers & O ccult Imagery (VIDEO ) Bob Hope & U.S.O . Monarch Slave Troupe: O ver 40yrs of MK-Ultra Pimpin (VIDEO ) MK-Ultra Monarch Prog’mg Modes ID: “I Gotta See It” Palin/O bama 2012: More MK O z Dis ney Mas s Hypnos is (VIDEO ) Es oteric Kitten Intel in NH DCYF Baby Cheyenne Cas e: O ath Keepers “Hiding In Plain Sight” (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO )

National Basketball Association (NBA) website states: “By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time…” I’ve been procrastinating with this post because…well, the man is so likable and as an ex-mediocre shooting guard, I’ve always been in awe of his physical conditioning, uncanny skills, decision making, creativity and mental focus (ability to dissociate) on the court… De-programming parallels cycles of addiction, as such the hardest step is the first step — detachment…

Animal Skins : BETA Sex Kitten Prog’mg Reinforcement (VIDEO ) Es oteric Kitten’s Hollywood MK Deception #26: Triggers w/ITK7 Commentary (VIDEO ) Es oteric Kitten’s Hollywood MK Deception Pres enters :w/ ITK7 Commentary (VIDEO ) BP Eco-Terror & O ccultis m: Tyranny By Fools (VIDEO ) BP Eco-Terror & Des truction of Gulf Coas tal Region O nly Beginning!

Blueprints, Patterns & Formulas Decoding Mind Controlled Slaves is a murky business, but always involves identifying the MK Coding & Triggers. Monarch Mind Control Slaves exist in tightly controlled environments having very specific aspects. There will ALWAYS be Prog’mrs/Handlers, Occult-Masonic Themes, Black Mass (red/black/white) Color Coding, Oz-Disney Themes, Familial Abuse (chiefly sexual and other forms) & Occultism (Numerology) and tragically ALL these are present…

50yrs of MK-Ultra BETA Sex Slaves (GRAPHIC w/VIDEO S)

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ITK7 Journal 2011 Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin Global Mgt. Team Q uotes ITK7 Journal 2010 Jes uits , SMO M Knights & RCC MK-Ultra Program Guide MK-Ultra Source Docs Moderator:

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ITK7GMT (Global Mgt. Team Structure & Players ) Geopolitical ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves online catalog of 100′s of celebs imprinted w/ MK-Ultra Prog’mg Modes ITKEK7 MK Prog'mg In Culture online catalog of major MK-Ultra Monarch
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Alex Jones Zionis t Shill expos ed as controlled oppos ition

Number 23 (2X3)=(6); upon return after MLB stint he wore no. 45 (4+5) =9 (upside down 6) accomplishing (2) three-peats (2X3=6) for total of (6) NBA Championships

Coalition O n Political As s as s ins Es oteric Kitten Hollywood O ccult Practices & Monarch Prog.

Es oteric Kitten blog Monarch Programming in Pop Culture INCO G MAN: Sick of all the BS… expos ing Zionis t cons piracy InSearchof BlackAs s as s ins Labvirus .com blog global mgt. team MK Culture O ccult Media Deception analys is of
Its G o tta Be The Sho e s

MK Culture Ps eudo-O ccult Media MK-Ultra Monarch Programming Public Vigil great info MK-Ultra Prog’mg Pop Culture Snippits & Slappits The Propaganda Project Goebbels Propaganda Principles The RR Black Nobility, MK-Ultra, Geopolitics truths eeker2473 anti-NWO Webs ter Tarpley blogs pot Tarpley blog Word Pres s .com

BP/Rothschild EcoTerror
Black O ps in Gulf Region Gulf region under s iege Gulf Dis as ter Health Cris is Map daily
je rse y (2X3)=(6 ); ha nds 1+5 =(6 ); (3+3) c ha mpio nships =(6 ) -- (6 6 6 ) in fro nt o f the who le wo rld --Bla c k Ma ss mo tif o f c o urse

reports of health is s ues http://www.ifitwas s uperimpos es BP dis as ter footprint on your town

NIKE “Frozen Moment” commercial

Military Bans CNN Anders on Cooper

Phil Jackson “Coach” MK Prog’mr/Handler

banned NO AA Natl. O ceanic Atmos pheric As s oc Prudhoe Bay O il Dis as ter Texas City Refinery USGS U.S. Geological Survey Wackenhut Media Ban In Effect Fas cis t State Unveiled

Abridge d from Wiki: Born in De e r Lodge Montana; Pare nts , Charle s and Elis abe th FunkJacks on, we re As s e mblie s of God minis te rs . Eliz abe th came from a long line of Me nnonite s be fore conve rs ion to As s e mblie s of God. In churche s that the y s e rve d, his fathe r ge ne rally pre ache d on S unday mornings and his mothe r on S unday e ve nings with his fathe r be came a minis te rial s upe rvis or. Phil, his two brothe rs , and his halfs is te r gre w up in a re mote are a of Montana in an aus te re e nvironme nt — no dancing or te le vis ion allowe d. Jacks on didn’t s e e his firs t movie until a S e nior in High S chool, we nt to a dance for the firs t time in colle ge . Growing up, he as s ume d he would be come a minis te r…

Global Management Team
13 Ruling Bloodlines 13 Ruling Dynas tic Bloodlines A-Albionic Res earch GMT res earch forum Alex Cons tantine Anti-Fas cis t Encyclopedia Amer Friends Patriot Network Total Mind Control Slave (text) Architecture of Modern Political Power Geopolitical Structure Bank For Intl. Settlements (BIS) global currency clearing hous e Brown Bros . Harriman (BBH) GMT inves tment bank; funded Third Reich Carlyle Group GMT larges t defens e contractor; s tock holding co Chatam Hous e (RIIA) global gov’t s taffing agency Chris tian Wildernes s Blogs pot

MK’d Je a nie Buss (da ug hte r o f L.A. La ke rs O wne r Je rry Buss) wife o f Phil Ja c kso n

Clinton Global Initiative GMT Steering Committee cons piracy archive expans ive s ite re: global demonic cabal Cons piracy Archive Dr. Henry Makow Cons piraz z i Pop Culture cons piracy theory links Educate Yours elf Illuminati Schemes /Fritz Springmeier Firs t Light Forum expos ing Zionis t cons piracy Foreign Affairs mag official publication of CFR Foreign Affairs magaz ine official CFR publication FourWinds great collection of pos tings , varied topics Fred K. Pars ons NWO with great
MK’d Je a nie Buss; z e bra print BETA Se x Kitte n ide ntifie r & trig g e r; To to do g (=O z -Do ro thy Pro g ’mg )

vis uals Freemas onry Watch Mas onic info/s ecrets Goldman Sachs GMT inves tment bank; underwriters 90% Hollywood films

Dean Smith Coach (MK Prog’mr/Handler) North Carolina Tarheels

films Henry 1,000 Thank You’s Henry IMDb internet movie databas e (MK catalog) Ins titute for Study of Globaliz ation & Covert Politics geopolitical s tudies Intl. Monetary Fnd (IMF) GMT global loans harking agency Jews Not Zionis ts z ionis m is NO T judais m (crucial dis tinction) Judicial-Inc O rg expos ing Zionis t cons piracy Labvirus .com blog global mgt. team memeorandum hot political topics
Jo rda n @ No rth Ca ro lina w/ MK Pro g mr/Ha ndle r De a n Smith

Modern His tory Project Murder By Injection — Eus tace Mullins treatis e on Medical Monopoly (Rockefeller) Naz i Propaganda by Jos eph Goebbels 1933-45 NSA (Natl. Sec. Agency) MK-Ultra Nerve Center NWO quotes O ne lis ting of evil orgs empowering GMT O ne World Scam Patroits Q ues tion911 PDF 9-11 Synthetic Terroris m Made In USA — Webs ter G. Tarpley PDF Examination of O bama Hidden Hypnos is In Speeches Dr. Milton Erics on Techniques

De an Edwards S mith (born Fe bruary 28, 1931) is a re tire d Ame rican he ad coach of me n’s colle ge bas ke tball. Originally from Emporia, Kans as , S mith has be e n calle d a “coaching le ge nd” by the Bas ke tball Hall of Fame . S mith is be s t known for his s ucce s s ful 36-ye ar coaching te nure at the Unive rs ity of North Carolina at Chape l Hill . S mith coache d from 1961 to 1997 and re tire d as the NCAA Divis ion I me n’s bas ke tball re cord-holde r for victorie s (879), a re cord which was s urpas s e d by Bob Knight in 2007 and Mike Krz yz e ws ki in 2010. S mith has the 9th highe s t winning pe rce ntage of any me n’s colle ge bas ke tball coach (77.6%). [1] During his te nure as he ad coach of North Carolina, the te am won two national title s and appe are d in 11 Final Fours . [2] Re ade rs s hould be aware diabolical MK (Mind Kontrolle ) Ultra Monarch S lave Program is large ly conducte d on military ins tallations (chie fly Air Force & Naval Bas e s ) Unive rs itie s & Hos pitals . North Carolina is home to Fort Bragg (one the large s t military ins tallations in the world, home of S pe cial Ops Training Ce nte rs among othe r e lite force s e .g. 82nd Airborne & De lta Force s . The umbre lla of National S e curity (NS A) apparatus cove rs a wide re gion in this s tate …

North Carolina Military Bases:

Arsenio Hall Interview 1990 Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2 (MK Prog’mg Triggers)

PDF Information Age Ps ychological O perations (PSYO PS) — Cmdr. Randall G. Bowdis h, USN PDF Murder By Injection: The Story of The Medical Cons piracy Agains t America Eus tace Mullins PDF NAFTA Super-Corridors : Security & Pros perity Partners hip (SPP) PDF None Dare Call It A Cons piracy – Gary Allen PDF Rebuilding America's Defens es : Strategy, Forces & Res ources For A New Century document lays groundwork for unres trained empire building PDF Rockefeller Philanthropies PDF Secret Societies – Nes ta Webs ter PDF Secrets of The Federal Res erve – Eus tace Mullins PDF The Grand Ches s board: American Primacy And Its

(4:57) Do you have any RITUALS that you do? (5:09) I wear em’ all the time, I gotta em’ on now… And what do they do for you in like an interview situation? (5:19) It’s just a sense of HOME, North Carolina, the university (Prog’mg Center), what it meant to me; it gave me an opportunity to be here, to be a lot of places [eh]… it unites me with HOME…and the memory of HOME, I wear them all the time…”

Geos trategic Imperatives – Zbigniew Brz ez ins ki PDF The O rder of Skull & Bones — Kris Milligan PDF The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion PDF The Rockefeller Files — Gary Allen PDF The World O rder – Eus tace Mullins expos e of GMT PDF Tragedy And Hope: A His tory of The World In O ur Time Carroll

(3) distinct references to Oz-Programming: home, home, home… “just click your heels three times and think of home” – a reference to a

Q uigley PopCulturePas tor NWO /MK-Ultra Protocols of Zion Zionis t O ne World Rulers hip Plot & End Game Real Jew News expos es global Zionis t network Red Ice Creations Rome Reports Vatican propaganda channel Secret Societies Snippits & Slappits

mannerism of sadistic Naz i MK Prog’mr Yosef Mengele. Mind Kontrolle Suvivors (Victims) testify that during Prog’mg sessions he would methodically click his boots together while administering electroshock. No accident this found its way into the script of #1 Hollywood MK Prog’mg film The Wiz ard of Oz …

Disney Connection
S pace Jam S TARRING Bugs Bunny (Prog’mg Rabbit)

Sullivan Cromwell s ee “Devil’s Advocate” s tarring Al Pacino Terroris m & The Illuminati The Cons piracy Zone excellent MKUltra, NWO , Illuminati info The Forbidden Knowledge Henry Kis s inger War Crimes The Indus try Expos expos es occult, NWO in Hip Hop The Propaganda Project Goebbels Propaganda Principles The Watcher Files 13 Bloodline Families lis ting Third World Traveler CIA info Trance-formation Cathy O ’Brien homepage Trilateral Cmms n GMT s teering council truths eeker2473 anti-NWO

All Se e ing Eye s (Eye o f Ho rus); re le a se da te (11) (1+5)=6

Vatican As s as s ins Eric Jon Phelps Webs ter Tarpley blogs pot Tarpley

blog Notice placement of STARS names here; they have EQUAL billing — the names are exactly level w/each other because how can the Monarch Slave be above The Programmer? World Net Daily geopolitical info

Chatam Hous e (RIIA) global gov’t s taffing agency Fact Foreign Affairs mag official publication of CFR Guns & Ammo 2nd Amendment Rights Modern His tory Project open congres s congres s bill tracker Perverted Jus tice chronicles PEDO antics Project For O ld American Century Source Watch
B lurring the line s be twe e n fantas y and re ality ; MK Pro g ’mg rabbit #1; dis s o ciative s piraling o n Jo rdan’s s hirt; lo cke rs (=co mpartme ntaliz atio n and ALT ERS); and o f co urs e it’s a Dis ne y Pro ductio n — Wo rld’s #1 Pro duce r o f Mind Co ntro l Pro g ’mg fo r childre n…

U.S. Gov't Patent O ffice Want To Know Info

Military Connection:

IT & Science
Firefox 3.6 Windows FREE DO WNLO AD Firefox 4.0b8 Mac FREE DO WNLO AD VeriChip microchipped MK’s Was hington Technology gov’t contractors & partners

Jesuits, SMOM

Jesuits, SMOM Knights & RCC
Ma ste r Sg t. Ja me s R. Jo rda n, Jr. USA; po inting to the bra in w/Ma so nic "sun fing e r"

Fred K. Pars ons NWO with great vis uals Keys O f This Blood Malachi Martin former Jes uit Preis t 1958-1964 O ne lis ting of evil orgs empowering GMT PDF 50 Years In The Church of Rome — Charles Chiniquy PDF Jes uit Wars PDF Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Apologetics and Church Abus e Scandal PDF Secret His tory of The Jes uits PDF The Mas ters Carpet (Mas onry & Baal Wors hip Identical) links Mas onry to Catholicis m & Satans im PDF The Pries t, The Woman & The Confes s ional Charles Chiniquy expos es corrupting influence of Auricular Confes s ion PDF The Templars Bigges t Secret & The Vatican — Mark Amaru Pinkham article for Atlantis Ris ing Magaz ine PDF Vatican As s as s ins Eric Jon Phelps The Two Babylons Alexander His lop treatis e on Paganis m roots of RCC Vatican As s as s ins Eric Jon Phelps

Familial Sexual Abuse
In My Family’s S hadow – De loris E. Jordan

Ritua l se xua l a buse within Jo rda n fa mily

Michael Jordan’s sister (Deloris Jordan) makes shocking claims of losing her virginity (rape) to her father James R. Jordan, Sr. which continued for a period of 8yrs. She also states her mother was in denial regarding the abuse and treated her coldly and subjected her to emotional abuse resulting in depression, and also claims mistreatment by brother Michael. These events are consistent within the familial structure of multi-generational Monarch families… Excerpt: “Ending eight years after it first began and five years after losing my virginity to my father, it scares me to think how much longer the abuse would have went on had I not spit out the dreadful truth to my mother during one of our many heated disagreements. Disagreements that were sometimes anything but pleasant and often featured no indication of love between the two of us…”

FAS 1s t s top for all things military

“So as she ranted and raved about how no slutty daughter of hers better get pregnant and bring any bastard children into her house. I finally heard myself saying: “If I am so much of a slut, why don’t you keep your husband out of my bed?” “When I finally found the courage to let my father’s deeds tumble from my lips, I did not know what to expect, but I never in a million years would have guessed that my mother would turn on me. Her words of betrayals did far more damage to me than my father’s deeds. They spoke volumes to the fact that she really did not care about me, which my father obviously knew. It is because she was so expressive with her dislike for me that probably made my father know he could get away with violating me…” “My father confessed his actions on the same day that I disclosed them to my mother. And on that frightful day of admission, I watched my mother, looking for a sign, any sign that she cared about me…”

Janes Defens e Weekly official DoD publication PDF Information Age Ps ychological O perations (PSYO PS) — Cmdr. Randall G. Bowdis h, USN Pentagon Channel s treaming live Soldier of Fortune MK’d Delta’s & Mercenaries

MK Control Devices
Protect Me Firs t s tun guns /cattle prods VeriChip microchipped MK’s

MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control
A-Albionic Res earch GMT res earch forum Be Wis e As Serpents Fritz Springmeier’s book Candy Jones : Hypnos is & Mind
De lo ris Jo rda n's pa re nts

Control MK’d 1940′s model Educate Yours elf Illuminati Schemes /Fritz Springmeier Es oteric Kitten Hollywood O ccult Practices & Monarch Prog. Es oteric Kitten blog Monarch Programming in Pop Culture IMDb internet movie databas e (MK catalog) InSearchof BlackAs s as s ins MK Culture

“The memory of my father whispering in my ear during the wee hours of the night about the beauty of my body has played over and over in my head for many years. And as if that has not been incapacitating enough by itself, having to comprehend the fact that more often than not, he had just gotten out of the bed he shared with my mother to find his way to my bedroom has just added to the realization of the painful situation..”
T he bo o k was publis he d in 20 0 1 and is no lo ng e r available in print. If Jo rdan had a co ld the wo rld kne w, but ho w many o f y o u have e ve r he ard this ?

No O ne Has To Die Tomorrow mkultra, occult

also from Deloris F. Jordan “From Pain To Purpose”

O ccult Media Deception analys is of MK Culture PDF Bloodlines O f The Illuminati PDF Deeper Ins ights into the Illuminati Formula PDF Dis s ociation A Norman Res pons e To Trauma — Mary Laura Englis h PDF Illuminati Formula Us ed To Create An Undetectable Total Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Cis co Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier PDF MK-Ultra Declas s ified Docs U.S. Senate Hearing 1977 PDF Project Monarch: Naz i Mind Control — Ron Patton

Deloris F. Jordan website Excerpts on these sites… E2% 80% 99s-sister-accuses-fatherof-rape/ We wish Deloris well in her recovery… Boule Society (more here)

PDF Tranceformation of America – Cathy O 'Brien Pers ons Agains t Ritual Abus e Torture Jeanne Sars on & Linda MacDonald,MEd, BScN, RN PopCulturePas tor NWO /MK-Ultra PopCulturePas expos ing occult s ymbolis m Ps eudo-O ccult Media MK-Ultra Monarch Programming Ritual Abus e, Ritual Crime & Healing Info For Survivors , Therapis ts & O thers Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor purchas e @ Amaz

Taylor purchas e @ Amaz The Cons piracy Zone excellent MKUltra, NWO , Illuminati info The Watcher Files 13 Bloodline Families lis ting Trance-formation Cathy O ’Brien homepage VeriChip microchipped MK’s Vigilant Citiz en MK-Ultra Res ource

Fact memeorandum hot political topics Want To Know Info

Jo rda n’s Bo ule So c ie ty Bro s.(L-R) Spike Le e & Ahma d Ra sha d; he a lo ng w/te a mma te Sc o ttie Pippe n a re a lso Princ e Ha ll Ma so ns…

(PDF) Deadly Deception: A Freemas on's 33 Degree Initiation — Jim Shaw details s atanic initiation rite (PDF) Morals & Dogma — Albert Pike Father of Freemas onry 12 Mas onic Signs of Recognition commonly us ed Mas onic s igns in

GMT Corporate Asset Michael James Jordan owned by NIKE Corporation, Phillip Knight CEO who fully supports and profits enormously from child labor…

commonly us ed Mas onic s igns in media Cremation of Care Cutting Edge Freemas onry Watch Mas onic info/s ecrets Mas onic Grips , &Hands igns (other) ITK7GMT 4s hared File Sharing Mas ter Mas on Handbook No O ne Has To Die Tomorrow mkultra, occult occult theocracy very rare treatis e O ne lis ting of evil orgs empowering GMT PDF 50 Years In The Church of Rome — Charles Chiniquy PDF Duncans Mas onic Ritual & Monitor PDF Is is Unveiled V 1: Mas ter Key ol To Mys teries of Ancient & Modern Science and Theology H.P. Blavats ky
NIKE billio n do lla r Air Jo rda n e nte rprise fro m c hild la bo r pro fits

PDF Is is Unveiled V 2: Mas ter Key to ol Mys teries of Ancient & Modern Science & Theology H.P. Blavats ky PDF Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Apologetics and Church Abus e Scandal PDF Mas onic O ccult Numerology PDF Mas ter Mas on Handbook PDF Mas ter’s Carpet: Mas onry & Baal Wors hip Identical – Edmund Ronayne

Nike Annual Re ports s how profitability of child labor (Human Rights violations ), though Nike is ce rtainly not the only U.S . corporation to e ngage in this form of mode rn-day

PDF The Mas ters Carpet (Mas onry & Baal Wors hip Identical) links Mas onry to Catholicis m & Satans im

s lave ry. Millions of kids only re al e xpe rie nce w/s ports on the profe s s ional le ve l is through me rchandis ing — rare ly will the y have a s e at in a major are na be caus e the firs t 5 rows of EVERY are na (s tadium) is owne d by GMT corporations …

to Catholicis m & Satans im PDF The Secret Doctrine: Synthes is of Science, Religion & Philos ophy PDF The Secret Doctrine; Synthes is of Science, Religion & Philos ophy – H.P. Blavats ky Red Ice Creations

Bloomberg Business Week Doll Programming, PsyOps (Mind Control) For Masses “Be Like Mike” iconic Gatorade commercial

Satan: Prince of This World Secret Societies Snippits & Slappits The Indus try Expos expos es occult, NWO in Hip Hop The RR Black Nobility, MK-Ultra, Geopolitics

Palin Propaganda
C4P primary Palin Propaganda blog Motivation Truth Adrienne Ros s Team Sarah Fdr. Jane Abram/Marjorie Dannenfels er

Unified Intel Agencies
Sometimes I dream That he is me You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be I dream I move, I dream I groove Like Mike If I could Be Like Mike Like Mike Oh, if I could Be Like Mike
C.I.A. Crooks , Incompetents , As s holes DIA Defens e Intel Agency KGB Komitet Gos udars tvennoy Bez opas nos ti MI6/SIS Mos s ad NSA (Natl. Sec. Agency) MK-Ultra

Oh, if I could Be Like Mike Be Like Mike, Be Like Mike Again I try Just need to fly For just one day if I could Be that way I dream I move I dream I groove Like Mike If I could Be Like Mike I wanna be, I wanna be Like Mike Oh, if I could Be Like Mike MK “triggering” word “Dream” appears (6) times in song causing people not to want to “be like” Mike, but actually be Michael Jordan (assume an ALTER) … 14,641 Gatorade Bottles For Mike * * *

Nerve Center O NI O ffice of Naval Intel US Army Intel

YouTube Channel
Es oteric Kitten Hollywood O ccult Practices & Monarch Prog. Frequency Fence reptillian s hapes hifting analys is From Babel To Ireland NWO , Illuminati info intheknow7 Expos ing Global Management Team Lylyth TV great collection of NWO info Matrix O f Exis tence NWO compilation expos e Pop Culture Pas tor occult s ymbolis m in culture Rome Reports Vatican propaganda channel The Forerunner777 Illuminati Hip Hop & New Age Agenda

ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Michael James Jordan Monarch Slave (BETA) Sex Kitten User/Abuser

April 2011 S MT WT F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10111213141516 17181920212223 24252627282930 « Mar

FEMA Camps Legislation

H.R. 2647 National Defens e Authoriz ation Act For Fis cal Year 2010 Bas ically foreign troops fr Aus tralia, Canada, Mexico, UK brought to U.S. us e GPS coordinates to help impos e martial law “in the event of a terroris t incident” in U.S. -- locate/arres t domes tic terroris ts (as defined by Attorney
MJ w/ MKd Yve tte Prie to @Pre side nts Cup Fina l Ro und

General Eric Holder) taken to military ins tallations , held in detention in FEMA concentration camp-s tyle facilities ...USA! USA!

USA! ****************************************** THIS BILL IS LAW as of 01/06/2010 ****************************************** H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Es tablis hment Act Budgeted $180M by Sen. Robert Byrd, Chmn Appropriations Cmmte (Sen. Byrd identified by MK-Ultra s urvivor Cathy O ’Brien as her mas ter/handler/torturer) Not later than 1 yr after enactment of Act, Secy of Homeland Sec (Vaderland in German), acting jointly w/ Secy of Defens e (Chief War Monger) s hall s ubmit to Congres s report containing ea. des ignated s ite-- (A) finaliz ed info detailing trans fer of control of the s ite (B) finaliz ed cooperative agreement for es tablis hment of national emergency center at s ite =========================================== See FEMA camp locations
MKd Yve tte Prie to & MK'd Elin No rde g re n (Tig e r Wo o ds e x-Ha ndle r)
Re po rte dly Jo rdan is “ he lping he r to re - e s tablis h he r cre dit” with purchas e o f this Miami ho me (re ad Sug ar- Daddy )

v=Vxd_hs iZ1Ak

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Deprogramming for
352,254 has begun!

Jo rda n & Yve tte Prie to @ Ha ll o f Fa me Induc tio n

MK’d Mariah Care y

MKd Ma ria h Ca re y Chic a g o Bulls (23) Jo rda n

MKd Ma ria h Ca re y Bull (23) Jo rda n; sho e s in Air Jo rda n mo tif

MKd Ma ria h Ca re y Bulls (23) Jo rda n mo tif; no te Air Jo rda n de sig n o f he e ls

Wiz a rd (pra c titio ne r o f Bla c k Arts)

MKd Ma ria h Ca re y Wiz a rds (23) Jo rda n mo tif

MKd Ma ria h Ca re y Jo rda n tribute

OK…sporting a huge diamond Monarch Butterfly ring on her right hand, while standing in a pentagram within a circle which is Black Mass (red/black) Color Coded and dripping in diamonds, singing about Hero (He-ru) worship; Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg for the masses! Could they be any more obvious? The s e Occult-lade n s e ts (s tage s ) are S atanic Rituals be ing e nacte d… IN YOUR FACE!

Jo rda n w/ MKd buddy Eldric k "To nt" Tig e r Wo o ds
IT KEK7 Ce rtifie d MK’s : T ig e r Wo o ds & Elin No rde g re n

fore ns ic re s e arch from MindControlAs s as s ins on Eldrick “Tont” Tige r Woods

Jo rda n w/MKd Mic ha e l Ja c kso n (no w de c e a se d)

GMT likes to showcase MK’s in pairings and groups reinforcing Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg and also as a brazen display of their ability to deceive the masses. Michael Jackson’s vids were always

Occult laden and the pattern holds true here — see what you can decode other than Jordan’s Black Mass (red/black) motif and Jackson’s Monarch (orange/black/white) Color Coding…

stills from JAM video…

ITKEK7 Ce rtifie d Monarch S lave s : Michae l Jacks on




The Artistry of Michael Jordan: compiled by Hoopsencyclopedia (Best Jordan comps on the web)

Part 1

Double team, triple team or the whole team; left hand, right hand, inside, outside, home, away, healthy or sick — it just didn’t matter, he performed like a MACHINE on auto-pilot… Part 2

Jordan’s Best Moves: compiled by Hanamichi

Balthus (excellent Jordan fan Channel) Favorite Ball Fake “Where Did He Go?” Favorite Block 38-yrs old; chase-down block/steal/rebound in one play! “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more beautiful combination of mind, body and spirit” – Bill Clinton (MK User/Abuser)

Jo rda n & Bilde rbe rg e r MK Use r/Abuse r Clinto n

Bill Clinton’s Occult Numerology Comments on Jordan’s Comeback
listen as he throws out those sixes…(6+1)=7…then another (6+1)=7 and (1) So it’s (7+7+1)=15, which is (1+5) = (6) blatant Occult Numerology Shout Out from Bilderberger Slick Willie — male 1/2 of BILLARY…

Phil Jackson commenting on Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame Selection Classic Intro to Michael Jordan’s final game vs. 1976rs

Classic Intro to Michael Jordan’s final game vs. 1976rs

Last game April 16, 2003

Emotional Hall of Fame Speech

ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Michael James Jordan * Resources: National Basketball Association NBA Encyclopedia “By Acclamation Michael Jordan Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time” G.O.A.T. Triple Post Offense USA Today “Lab Mistakes Revive Questions About Murder of Jordan’s Father” Larry Jordan Dunking How Creating Michael Jordan Almost Ruined Basketball I Wanna Be Like Mike Lyrics Be Well & Stay Vigilant * *

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7 Responses to Air Jordan (His Airness) MK-Ultra? You Make The Call (VIDEO)
May 9, 2011 at 5:06 AM

Brilliant work again ITK. Yay I can post on your site again without waiting 20 minutes for the page to

load (and then crash my browser). I also was not aware of Jordans family history re sexual abuse. As you say the signs are always there for all to see but how many want to block out the possibility that everything they see on TV is carefully co-ordinated HOAX and fully controlled by EVIL? Some who aware of NWO and the wider conspiracy STILL dont want to accept implications of MK and the llike coz its just….too fantastic? Too out there? Question only needs to be asked IS IT POSSIBLE?? If answer is YES then they MUST be doing it as scripture states. (Jeremiah 17:9) The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? ABOVE ALL THINGS! Animal mineral or vegetable…nothing tops the human heart for wickedness and deceit. If they can do it (and it has been proved without any doubt they can) then they WILL utiliz e it. And there is far worse to come. With the steady move of the Church into the areas of eastern arts to open up the pineal gland, the snare is closing for MASSIVE deception in the end times. Add to this the weakening of the populations through POISENING of all kinds (Chemtrails, modified foods etc) and we have a recipe for a ‘second coming’ (Aliens OR Jesus) deception to end all deceptions. Stay grounded in the Word of God people. Nothing can touch you if you stay close to Him. Excellent work again ITK. I get the updates thru mail but havn’t been commenting as I said the page tends to crash my comp when it gets loaded up

like your last post. Our fault for bunging loads of video in there I guess..Sorry,,,hehe Regards and keep up the great work. In Christ. Strangelove. P.S. Part 04 on my doco series on the satanic Noahide laws here: (I’ll just post the address you can paste it into your browser bar so it doesnt clunk up yer page ITK ok?) 0 Reply 0 Rate This

May 9, 2011 at 7:53 AM

“the heart is deceitful, who can know it” ========================== When you’re not “anchored” you’ll be tossed to and fro by every whim and doctrine… Tx…didn’t realiz e pg loads were that bad — running FF (IE is a disaster) and its fine, Flinstone era WordPress editing functions are aggravating…I don’t mind pg being “clunked up” w/good Intel Eventually I’ll Disqus for comment management (collective groan for un-kept promises) Be Well & Stay Vigilant

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April 29, 2011 at 3:56 PM

Wow! I didn’t know that Jordan’s father was military; and about the systematic trauma sexual abuse of his sister. Take a good look at the new “Queen of the Illuminati”, Mo’nique. She was also a victim of MK ULTRA systematic trauma sexual abuse as a child. I was also surprised that Tyler Perry admitted on the Oprah Show to systematic (scientific) trauma sexual abuse as a child in a formal hospital setting. I speculated that he had been MPD’s at Tulane University. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams’ Show-BET) is also beginning to flash more and more illuminati hand signs. She identifies with “Wonder Woman!” They’re all related. Also, Sirhan Sirhan has put MK ULTRA mind control programming, Girl with the Polka Dot Dress, back on the headlines this morning. Thanks for the leads and good quality of your work. It encourages me to keep at it. It gets a little lonely out here at times. Thanks so much, Princeray *InSearchOfBlackAssassins 1 Reply 0 Rate This

April 29, 2011 at 4:25 PM

The more I dig, the deeper it gets! It’s really unsettling to discover that so

many of your heroes (idols) are not even “real” people, but human robots following a script, like behavioral software… Wendy Williams folder coming up soon…Tx! “Thanks for the leads and good quality of your work. It encourages me to keep at it. It gets a little lonely out here at times…” Right Back At Cha 2 Reply 0 Rate This

April 28, 2011 at 5:13 PM

Nice once again. 2 Reply 0 Rate This

April 28, 2011 at 11:14 PM

Thank You Dear… 0 Reply 0 Rate This

April 26, 2011 at 8:48 PM

As one of the most celebrated, marketed, adored and yes…worshiped athletes of our time, GMT successfully engineered yet another Marionette (Doll) Prog’md Puppet Show on a global scale. Whenever they expose themselves, they provide examples of how far Monarch Prog’mg has come, and the degree to which its almost undetectable, but for the clues they ALWAYS leave — blueprints and patterns will always be visible because it’s a FORMULA… “…if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect…” 2 Reply 0 Rate This

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