The Power of Authenticity

James P. Wisdom

Waypoints 1. The Aflac Cancer Center Causes Campaign: Case Study . Context: A reason to care 2. Aflac Social Customer Service: Authenticity in action 3. The Aflac Duck: Defining an authentic mascot 4.

“What We’re Trying to Deal With” “The Old Days” “What We Know” .

• Every unhappy customer is an opportunity. . • People are less inclined to abuse those that they know.• People will be less likely to tell the world that you stink if they know you and believe that you will at least try.


BE THYSELF Processes Policies People Personas Behaviors .

.AUTHENTICITY IN ACTION Question/issue/comment posted on social networking site AflacPhyllis determines need for correct answer/resolution Question/issue presented to operations SME who determines answer/resolution Aflac operations executive management sends go/no go response AflacPhyllis posts response to social network Social media response process typically takes less than 12 hours for Monday through Friday posts.



AVIAN AUTHENTICITY Processes Policies People Personas Behaviors .

Case Study: The Aflac Duck and the Aflac Cancer Center: Color Carl’s Car Campaign .

Serendipity & Reality .

Campaign Lead-Up & Surprises .

Tactics: Integrating the Message + Leveraging Sponsorships P. Campaign = Reaching Ultimate Goals .R.

039 were joining each day or 16 per minute. . two days after the Color Carl’s Car PR event  26.Launch On September 8th.

Momentum .

CNN and NASCAR. • Color Carl’s Car received placements on ESPN. claiming the title of Causes' "top fundraising Cause". CBS Evening News.” – Causes Exchange . generating more than 114 million impressions • The Duck also enjoyed a spike in popularity during the campaign – a tenfold increase in daily Fan growth on Facebook over the prior month. and more. “Aflac is the first to understand how to fully maximize Causes. I didn’t believe you’d make it. but I gladly stand corrected. Most clients put it out there and hope – you guys had a fully integrated campaign across channels with a strong grassroots • Finished 10/6 with 851.16M.215 new members and a total donation pool of more than $1.

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