How To Write a Thesis Statement In less Than 30 Minutes!


.~ Professor talks about t.he Big Don ~ts

.~ Telling a Strong Thesis Stat.ement fnJm a weak one

.~ 5 of Exerr:i:ses on Building a Thesis sta.tement.

.~ How to use the carrea. Eflgfisfj' for your Thesis Statement


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This E book Us mean1i: for those 1F:irS'l: time, stmggling s[tJden1ts who are ~ooking for rasourees that wHI asslst in structurlng their thesls st.aitemernts. and ,guide them on tJlI;e Dos and Don'ts,\! with exampl,e5., ~e,rcises and preclse informa1i:iJo:rII as towihaf[ the sehstance of a thesis statement shoulld consist of as the resporllsibHity ef being a windlow to the whole thesis research.

At EdriJIcatlomli31~ Writing, we strive hard and dsdlk::;j3fted~y to pmlJ'id~nlg: students wilhtln,e' best reseurees that they deserve .. We helieViein q!lJla~ity wonk, and s;]m'!lJIltarl>eOus~"i also bel]eve in providing back to the· society and t&!i,e· many 5liJu'dems because .of whom we· stand sttmdy. This E book was therefore designed to provide . .5t'iJjd!er1Jits with the directioll, ti p5 and tricks that are t:&n,e only thi IilgS itlhey need at ti rnes ito. move forwa rei.

This guide is broken lntrrthree sections: an i'rusiglhlt has been p,rov]ded by JI.,me Smrth, Arts and Literature Professor alt a reputable un~versit:'!r in Chk:ago. Ulinons; pieces of help1ffull advlces w·ere provided bV !Miclhae!1 Bmwrn.lhesis SllIIpeJrvisor and n.e;ctulf,e·r <lilt a repIJlJt,aJb~.e' llllni'versiy ill1l Miami., IF~orida;. real slugge:sibions that work by Christopher Ma5eby~ a hardworkill1lg: pS'IIlCi"lology student at a reputable ulIlIl!oI'ersity in. N'ew Jersey.

T&1I is was done to provice'!fO'IlJ witlh a r.ange· of perceptions wn en ilt: 'comes ito thesis statement and'n, so that YOUI,. the' .siJudlenJit: understands how YlOur thesls statement should be able to j'!Jjs1tiify itse~f 8S the 'witncow toyoUtr thesis research '1i:Ihan the f.8ncy Ii'ddlle to the rest of yO~JIF thesls research work.

Add'~.onallly~ we halve provid.ed! war yoUl exercises ~'n Section 6 (J~ this E book .. If YOlll send uswith your attempted anSiWeirS. fi~led in this. section, OUlr team of Academic Rieseillrch Writ,e..-s are ai'IJaii.ab~e to providing ymJl with Cornsitmctnve' Feedlback. lIThey are also eurrendy providing Ihe~ pta til,esis resea rch students with th,eUr thesis statements - a II fTee of' chBrg'e.

Lastly, we hQ peltil·at you ca n bene'fiti:fTOmtine eorrtents ,owtl'niS IE book a nd it ca nl provide you with Clmng:e of le~itillig idealS and sityles: ...

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1. lntroductlon

<:I. What 'usa Thesis Statement

b., Purpese OF Thesis Statement

lhe' :Sjens~lble P'r,oifessoll" Writes.".

2. IHilowto Write a Tmesis Sta1tement

a, My perscnal advice

b. Determ~new[hat kind of paperyo'l..l arewiriting

c. Pmfi'cientv'S. Advanced

3. Th e BU'jji Don'ts!

ca. What n.m to write '~n a Thesis Statement

b. Sod,ai' Psycho ~Og)f Student's, Thesis Statement 1"[10 long

c. Engnsh lliterature SIDudent"s Averag:e Thesis Statement

d., Engl neerl nlIg Studlent:'.s Wi UI nliUlg Thesis State merrt

lhe' Annoyed SlI.IItpell'viisoIrWlI'ites •••

41. How to use trn,e' cerreet IlEnlgltish for yom Thesis, Statemellit

5. How to "Jeltl a Strong 1"hesDs Statement from a Wea k One

a, Takilll,g a Standi

b. J Ultst'irfying [)'iIScuss.:iorn

c. HaboratiioUl on One lMail"!lldea

d., Bel nlg Sp1edfic!

:6. N ow. ~et~:s plalY ,& practiee writing!

ca. ls jt a thesis?

b. Topics Op,in]oUl = Thesis Statement

c. Rewrite Open~n(g [paragraphs into Thesis Statements.

d., Iden(lJify IProbl,ems

e, [ompleite the foUow]ng thesis statements

lhe' lHIaridworlking: StllJdeil:1.t Wriites .. ".

Z Ma~e' your Thesis Statement a success

S. Don'it be Anxious about whalit is to come


a, W.hati s a, IhelSii:s State'lililem

Th ere are 1000.5 ef deifi II! ltlons across the web. But when [II wi rstlBarnil: wi'lata thesis statementls- I 9!JJ1mmarizedilntO!mill jOUlma~ 'Thesis Statemenlt: the On1e~ or twosentenc:e that peep ~e 10 ok Barly in an essav to get tn e' co UIIdel'lsation of the a Irgu ment a nd ana lysis. tnatfo~low.s'.T~is Basy defin'iibion i's what I leoktowards evelry On[;B in a while thai!: I am dloubtflUll of my Thesis Statement,

b" Purpose of Thesis Statemen"t

Writill!g in .~igh school and college often takes the form of persuaslen to COl'lf'!ol'inoe the reader that your point i:s~niterestil1lgan1l,dllogi,call in re~a'Ilj'()1I1 to the. 5ubjle<c::t 'IjIDU are .s;ibudylng, It's why they say writinr,: is an art. It's a skUI thatwm: sticll; w~h you once you've gotten the harllg of it and praloo'ce reglJlilar,~)!' in your'lv Hfe.

Just ~ike persUI!ading yom dad to let ¥O'U borrow YOUIr car or YOlll fliend to s:pem~1 time out wIth you,. COI..llrse assignments ,often ask 'IOU to, make a p eusuatsiv,e ease ]nwl[iting. Y:ou a re always required1to cOlillvim::e the rea dler of a point of v'~ew through lo.ID ca~ and e motlona II persuaslon.

nne persaaslon t~at includes ~ogic:al and emotlenal persuasion is ealled .Acadlemk ArglJlrnent, After a brief i rntradluction you state yom po in:l: of vj·ew on the topic di rectllyand often in one sentence ... This, sentence is the thesis statement, and it :5!en.res, aJS al'ry ,m the argument you'U 1m a Ike i D'l the rest of yom pa per.

Tbe Seltlsi b ie Piroressor Wlriif1!les, ••• o How ito Wr~l:e a Ihesi's Statement

a, My IPelJ'"50uMI~ Ad'iJ'h::e

It is not as though the Professor does 110:1: realizes the 'immen5le' pressure a Sil:udentt g:oes through with a direct and indi'rect approval from <I Jralllg:e om 'peop~e in tl1le process of their thesis research, By direct i mean the ,ap.llroval hom their 5li1lpelfVnsm" professors/committee, and peersand by ill'ldir,ec.t I mean a student's famUy:., his l1le1ilghbofS., hU:5 friends" himself and also thus fUirIDure careerl


Be1tweeFil that CI'l,80S, a stude nt is req ui red to concentrate hTlg:i1,ly OJ1i, what the rna iln focus o1'Ilis essai'!f is .... ~fwrlitirll,g prompt is in the worm of the question in your assigned tople, simply restate the 'question into a stra1temerllt,. and then set to creating a wi ow of paragraphs that support that starement,

nne only way to stay calm us to, worry ltttle- work more. IPerslJI!asive plaees a~ways beg'in withatJh,e'5'~s ,~atemenlit. This statemern w~l~ be the mairli claim of your thesis resBarch and so the positlon ]n wh]ch you will be basing an entire material's wortlh of information and analysis ror;

Deve~opung a Powerfull1hes'ns Statement 'is the heart of anythesn:s lIe.sBalfd and th:a:tt: ls why ~ place so much ~mpotrltance on it, It is Vlital you get your thesis statement r:igM because a weak .statement to begin w'rrh. wm on~y lead the 5IDlIJIdent ito frustration as he/s &!,e may 0 II1Ily end liJI P' with an irn p oss'Uy diHkliJ tttim,e IbDJ illdi n,g an atrgu men'!: to SIDJppoutnt.

b. Oete:rm~newhat Ikind ,of papell"youl are wiriltiine: I Good eompcsltlon ova Thesis. Statement DOmes with gpod pllall1lniD'lg. My own ,experieuu:::e says organiz.aiti'otrl is the key- even in your Ihestls Statement. In order 10 planwl1larlt YOla are proposing. rernernher that you need ito ;:u:ktl'lowl,edg,e whkh style yc:na wi~1 use. lIh ns is a must when it comes t.oThe:s'is Statements as itacts li~e' a wilildow to youtr Thesis R.esearch.

'c. Pr'O',wciie'ntv5 .. Advalrllced

Proflclerrt: lnsplres the reasonable IF,e<3rder to ask "How?" or "Why?"

Adi!o!'ancedi:, ilnspir,es 1ti'!,e reasonable readier to ask "How?'" or "Why?" and toeJCicllaim .. Wow! .... This thesis enlg:ages the student in dM,.~lengiD'lg or plrO'Voc::ati'lJle lfeSSatr>Ciland displays a ~e\l,e,1 of tho IJJ g!ht that brea·b. new grounds.!

A PowerflJlllhesu.5 Statement of course makes the reader s.a)!' Wow! Although seemingly 5imph~, i walnted to rnerrtlon this: lilmag]ne if "IOUII' thesis ir,e5:ealrd1 cannot live up to til,e. ,e'xp eetatlons It clne!i3iit:e.s witi'! yo UJ r tniesis. statement. ~ n th'1!i"1: case ]it: 'is the tihes,!", ,r,esearch that is worth chall'lginlg comp~etely tl11:111'1 the Thesls .5i!:ait:emell'lt. Your thesis; research should not on~v' bewmthy {if your committee's time but yPliIr1i:ime'too!

3" The BIG Dlcmjlts~

a, What NOT to write in a Thesis Stalleme'l'iI't

III'l the ,quest for fii:g)U lI"inl!l: what is important ina T~ esls Statement, 'I 'is almost wn:se to tread what is not impertant; .. what should be omitted ... and most impo.rtomtly what not to wr'u1te in a Thesis St<:l1l:ement~ Her,e' are most universities.' [tricks ln de'teumining a good thesis statement:

-l~ should NOT be an opinion statement onhl

When YOIJII state onht opin'UD.r1I5 invom "I:lh,e'5,ns statement, ]It sounds lilke 1tih,e author is sitm,phl Sl:atlif'iI~I a v]ewlPoill'lt that mayor malY not be sitabstanf.uated byeviden'!De ..

-1~'It should NOT be astatem,er:u't of fact oraly

When '11'0 u .state only facts i Ub you r thesisstatemenit. it is IJIln~ ikely thatveu wi ~I find it i nsplratlona I to debate over.

- l~t slhou~,cll not be vagllJl1e

A vague thesis statement is often wlritten by many students ito enccmra,g:e the reacller tn read fu rther, Th a1t is abad strate~y as the co ndensaritibn of your tn esls .statem ef'ilt should be ,ab~e to tel II the reader ,dearly what YOUl are dete'umined to prove.

- n slhoull.cll not be' too det.ali~ed

A detalled thesis staternent is like a bad TV cemrnerclal; ~:f it doesn't. end wi1tMln 2. minurlt:es, the viewer ~o~e5 ]ni:erest involurlltarily.

-It should noil: be broad

If a thesis statement ls too hruad it 'ns as good as the Toplc .Assigned to you- broad! 1~:I: us neeessa ry to be specific witJmut being too detailed, IF~nd tll,at mode ratio n

Do< SQlCiial1 P:sychol'o,gV StUidEmt:~s Thes~s Statement Tool 1.(1111118:

What has happened to :fu.e ma.1e? F-tfr a. lo'nfJ time, he: ~ ~y con.fidrtnt in h,is,!nan:h<Xld, SW~ qj his ~scuUrt.€ role t:rt S{!Ciel:y. easy and defini~ ilt his, ~ 0] sexuaJ idenffty, The jronti~ of Jam€s F€,m~ C'ooJJ"'Y', for €.m.mpl,~,lI1:euer ha.d GAy concem abol.l~ ,'ty; they we..n::: me.It, and It dId not occur (0 tltink tuJlcot a..boul it E;!;!€J'l wen into OO.€ I'tue;rtti€1!t C&Ituro ine lt~ ofDrtiiser, ~_f Fl:~.Jd, ofHermngway mert, ~EM. 0l'W ~ns to dl!:.oo a new th,..em,e ot.m€r¢ng III some ojl1~€Se autnoT5. especially in H~mfngt.vay, the i!hen'le oj!!he male Item Ittcrea.5!'ngly preoccupied with proving 1<Is r,~'y1!ity 1.0 hhnseJJ And by J', ~e f)'1@}e role MLl plQ.inJ,Y ]05l1:5 ~ cfarf(y oj outlIne ~y men we more and J11.Ore oonsci~s 0/ rna.ieness no~ a.;s a fact hut (l,s a pmbJem The wa.~.s by which A1l'1erico,,, m.m ciffirm tl'idr fflCLscWim't!l and oDsc(..U'e 1'he:re a..nE! muJtiplying signs, (rtd:eut, r.1tru ~meVt(ng ~s go:tl£ ba,d}1;j [v(()11g wi'at £!\~ Amerfoo.n maJ'e's conception ofhir'l'l:E.ielf

Here is the first paragraph ofJ Arthur Sch~e'5ill'llger;, Jlr.'.s; essay The 'Oris is of .A,meric:an MasOIJIii nity. Nlotice how everythillq~ ,dlrTive.s the readier tewards the last sentence and how that last sentence dearly signals what the rest of this essay is going to do. ... IblJJt indn.e midst of alii that a typical professor willllf1lor.mallly wonder.., should a thesis: statement be 11 li'nes long? Should n't "tlle reader qtlJl idklly h eah Ie to g:mspwl'l,at the 'ns, gon nlg to b eo alborn?

L.. ..... "'~....,.._,J._ ,u"~,....t ,'f"'o-:"!&'" ~1J..t,.,.,I-. ' ~'ls' b1'- -, .- -_.~ r - _ ''''hi

lr·~ 1,..QIU'u.«iiI ~~O.J ~ ..... ~~. 'l'I!i.<;J!~OW ~ __ a ,~,!'."i-,II! OJ _" s

ert.oowtter t~'thMt· ,KUtiZ, a whitle rna.n~ed to.sakm-IC p~ces deep :in the Cc11:gO's Interlor, ,A .sbung ooru:l.~en. o.e two II'IlVl 1each; Mari'ow ,10 go' a.g:l .... :n.s:this wttles in omer toproted Kt#'fz's ~CJ1 ~ytt.!OuJd M4rlow sidie wiEh sud!. a mem? To fuJ~y 1md~n.d his GJhooce wi!h Kllf'f2. one muse: look ~1I!J ru N1ario,tu 's feeUIlfIS aOOtd tJreel'l1e1prise at the <>l.dse~: and at .ehe

: .. ~ of ~1 SlkPt(ffC'ru'1~sitiuatl'ons rutd tu.>o illdilJid'ua1s }ie enDOW'lters ~ftll'lB .rea..cmng JaNtz,

This examp~e oiIT thesis statement 'ns ~'a'Ur~y ,g:enerall and it does focus.the ~'dea .. The w[nter prornlsesa cloF51e' look at :se~ected features in the textln order to afllswer the 'qjues.tioll, Il"Wny.shOlUIld Marlow s~de with sucha man?" One problem mi5Si~g h.ere ~stnat:there,alne facts; provided outthi·etre iisiltle eplnien as to. whatthe writer <lirims to prove through i'1li:s research .. "[his thesisStstement leoks more Ilike a slIIImmary ofthe novel or a review than a Thesis Statement to, a research that the wr'iiter itnitends to ,cawf out.

d. Enginee:riiil1lg Studelllit's, Will1lnilljg Thesis Statem.ent

The evolution of enain .. .e.e:n.:ng educaiion is influencedbu many factors, Villile the accr;edintion process has been the .rno-st

, '.,f; ~ ~ __ 4' .' ~ . '.,I'!l. ..... 'I.~ ~ ~,-,,1 't , .

.5IIgtIJ.can;t: a.g~!.-f.. lI'');, ~n~ years [n U,Le 'U1U~~ ~~Sl 1 rs

by no :means the only one, Neus engineering methode, changin.g pa~rns. oj emp,loymen~ new kinds of employers, tite ,r.e.structLtnhg of industry .. and g1obalizo:tion an ha,d an impact on. 'how engi'"it€;eri!ng education is strudured anddelioered .. This paper describes some of the ways in w.hfch. the eduoation p.rocess f.s oe.x'.ng modified in. response.

This is a l""ihes'us Stat,emenlt wlliUena.bout Engineering Educatlon. Altho!LIgln not 2-3 sentenees lonlg~ this pa rtucllIIl;ar thesis s'tai:e.rne.nt can be. deemed powerfu ~ .. The reason: There is ,8 sheer blend of facts and! o.pill1lion. endingwUh what 1rlh'e reader willi expect int"h,e' thesis pap e r .. Th is, is a pen:~ed. exam pie of what we wa nt in a thesis statement,

liheAnrnoyed Sill peIPJiiscu" Wriite s"."

4, 'lH!ow to 'l..Ise the corr,ect ElIlgl'nsh m,or YOUllr lhesJs; State'meillt

Be1fme I goO on to elaborate on anrythili1lg else, I'd lilke to p~aceg:mat emphasis on the use of Mncrosoft WOJrdL, Some students j'lll,5it: don't get 'lit, They enid up 'UI:5ili1lg all kinds of app.lli,,c.a;itions to, format their thesis wmk.~ but m,e' oll:1llV reliable source urlivelrsaUy Icnownis Micresoft Wbrd ail: t~e' moment, plea5Je dem't try to be unlque with yo 1..1 r softwa rea!; youlr glr.ammaUcc,1 er fors and punetuasienare eorreeting before yO'!lII even suhrn it il'!lyoulr resea rch work.

This a~lows for the committee to oe,Reve iroYUI1Jlr research Hndings" as they understsnd that IlEng~i5h mat beili1lgthe 1st IlartJ,gu8Ig:e sheuld not aetes a constrajnt te stude'l'llits inprtrviding fJind~nlgs, FoHowi,ng are some questions to consider jn order to get youII' EngHsh lli:ghtJw&nenl providing your sLUlpervisor with your thesis pro:posal!statemenlit.

o Who is the audlence you're wr:IDtnngfoJr?

This 'is highlyilmpolftarlit as your3udience sholiliid be able to per,cen'!ol'e 'VOUu work!1"II good spirit, thus, it being important that you write in the form of IIEFljg;~ish that they are expect:lng to read! oOr thatw'il~ appeal to them.

00 Is 'fOUllf th'e'sis statementtllfy:ingtoo hard to '~ookfancy?

This 'ils1tirue woOr most thesis statements I &nave eome across .. Yom thesis .s1t,ateme'l"llit is not a book's summarjl" ora previ,ewto the rest of yOUI' paper, it is neither a iFarncy title nor a clreimn\/e pla,y of words- Tit i,s; the 'Core message' yOUl wi II lb ew Iriting a bout,

o Your thesis statement si:lou~!dl be eoherent

Here's some more hejp, Write. your thesis, statement in at way that each sentence STarts, en a new ~inE!. Does it seem that b~eeli1 the t.\!'IiO sentences, the secom~l.senltenc::e is ta king t~e ~i est sent.ence .al s,tep furthoe r a rid rJIot more t.n!an that?' That is when you shea Id pat foulr backand move, to the third sentence and :see~ tile relation betwe e II'Il the se eond and the third sentence the same. 'way, and so forth.

If sentences do not ~ook umerrelaited then clPeaJite a sentell1lce to go un the mil::idl,e' of trne~ two sentenees that win fHl trne gap and explaill1l one idea in the sentence beforre r,:ivill1l,El a hint of the i'dea that wiH be' e.xplalinled ~nl the next.serttenee. :Ma~E: sure all YOiJr:5lell1lt,enDes interrelate wmtln eae~ other on the main idea whille gjvilng (Jut ill1lformat:uoli'n' srrnoatln~y. FiD'HIHy join all the sentences 'Rn the short paragraph, This is the secret tn wrml'llg in correet IEnlg~isrn.

5" Hlow tD Telll a Sit nang Thesis Statem@'nt fr,om a Wealk One

SomeitJimes, when a Sil:udenilt·.sithinl~dngRs barred bi/' pressure and stress, semetlmes when he just canrt t~iil1k straight because he has a jUlimble oW othe~rthinlg:s circling his mill1ldi ... , he' misses out on the obvious. Writing a th,eSRS statement is the b.eginnifll,g of criitiCElII1thi'f'lklng ... lf YOlll dOll1l't !know where you ,are headinlg~ VOlll ,coul,dl end up makill1lg p~enity olf mistakes. l~olll(Jwing are checkpolnts ito a PowenUll1 Thesls Sitaiteme,rnt;' ¥ClUIf thesis statement should cover alll,olITthlem.

,a,.rakil'll~ a ,stand

A thesis statement rneedls ito nar'Jr2' a flrm oIP,in'iotn and l"Iot a delusion of tw\o opposil'ng ideas .. lit: sl10ulld not Ellist ~anmJournce whose side it r.5 OI1l,Ut should state' strongly what it is gelng to qua~ify all'ldi support.

b. Justifyin,r. DisiC'u5s,ion

¥'OUIf thesis sheuld b eab Ie toj:lIIstify the discussion it IP laces wlih]n the' thesis statement with two or three ideas that wHI make the reader want ito ~,e!8nl mme.

e .. Ellaboll"ati:o:n1 an On.e Maiin ~dleaJ

Even if the· tlllesis research is <libolllrit oth,e'r ici,e'03ls that ,a!f,e ~ink:ed with ea('hi oithelf~ thie re fIIe;e,d\s to be 0.11'112' independent variable in thew,Qrm of main idea that other ideas are deiPem~lent1lv varlsble on.

d. Beilne Specifid

¥ourthe5is statement is 11110'[ a lI'iddlethiatwiH 50~'IIe the mystery in the,thesis research •. ,.I'tshould I:u:!' a window

into what YOUIr thesis research aims to prove le'xaict~y.

'6. N,O'W" ~e,t~s play ,& pra,ct~ce wrfrtiing! a. ~.5 ill: a thesis?

I wouk~1 Ii ~e' to become a chef when Hi D'! is h .5c&i:CIO~

Altho!JJgh beth chefs a nd cooks ca r11~Hepa Fe fl ne meals, chefs dinen-from cooks in ,education, professlenel commitment and artistry.

I enjoy white waiter r,afting.,

A first wate II' raftl ng ,ex pe nlienc:e can ch,a!lenl!l}e' the badly and s:p]rtn: a Dl.d transfnrrn an adlolescent lnte a Ill. adul1t

Men a re Icn.Siuvin'~sts.,

Om Amerkan familiy structure encourages rnentn repress thek true wleeHUIlgs, .~BiElVii'ng them open ito physical, pSiyc!hological, and relatlcnshtp diHku~ie>5.

Steroid abuse

Steroids, even those Ile:gallly a!;l'ai~able., iEllne addh:iivle and should be banned from sports,

Hip hop is t&ne, best thin\gtlhart has happened ito music in t\!lJellityyealls

Though miElny people dismiss hip hop aLS offens.ive, &nip hop music effers urban youth ,;!In importarat opportullnity for artistic eXlPressiI,on. and allows them to artDculatellhe' poetry 011' the street.

Ma n;y pee p!le object ito today's viole rat &n errer movies;

Desp,ite theilr high-teeth speda I eHects, todary's graph'uca IIIV violent horror mCI'V]E!'5 do not convey the creative US-&2' ,m cunem.atogralphy or the emotlonal imlP!8lc1i: th,all: wei saw 'un trne~ classic hmTor if] Ims oW the 1940s, an d SUs,.

"'1. iJ;olp,ic+ Op~niQn =: Thesis Sta'te:me,nt

Thefirst three are done to guide you, ifunlishi the rest of the e:!Cierci:se

r~ j + ~fllon - n~J:ls 5"U!![e,menl'
Animal's ... Da:gs mr:Jte bE'U€1 pelstllarr CJ:i'ts. ~ Wnlfll if coml;'S zo (l'liJmal» cab
S£'If1m :to make b~Ht;!r Pl!'fs: tn~!"I
rJO(}s L1J bt'lrl,!,'P pa']$we,
MOlliesUllU ,+ ~
Gm1gsQlJd .;. The lAIr lost IU5 p-efscmcJ .dS'f!t'it)!, = III tlie sool)' "01'1 tile Sidewalk
Icfell mV In Ute Clnd wos 0Il/}' seell os C £/(l1P9 Bleedlf1g", tne b(;lyloses IUS
:;taf1.,' memlJf''[, fd'~ntrty by hI .. ITWV! Qnd is OfU~'
"Ofi :tilE' SUfgLW~k If"ecogllJled 115 (J gang m~fljbef,
B.fudjfl/J' ,
Pl'OfJer!" Vulli~ In + r ~ r
ate r.I!!t"l!!'ssion
Men Grrd Wome>n .;- r ;;- ?
Telllil~ prl:!l>e~
:1«,,' ~"..",,~ + r = r
Effett5 ,8., Rewrite P:ar,agra[phs into thesis s,t:atemerntts Re-wuite the foUowing pamgmphs. that welle wr:i,.. ten toill1tmdlllloe' short ,e55ays., [I[n addition to oorrectDf'I,g the errors of gn:lmmar and 5pemng~ make sUireitlhait each paragreph h,as. a dear thesis and that the malil1l po]nits are gramlmat:nc:a~ly parallelL 11'1 some places, YOlll will have to de~eite words, phrases, or .5le mliJel'1C!e:S; i 111 other places, VOU wm have ito add them,

I. When someone' involve them self with car repair, you should alweJiY'S. have with YOUlfi'ne' OWlne r's rna nu!a I, a repair book best sUilitedililolf you,a rM~1 some idea of what not to atte mpt youlr.self. There are just some of the thnnlg;s you should consider

I. Manvundirv]du03ils have fUllitme goa~s. Mly future goals are ito become a legall seclfetary, get married and finaUy I would Uke to raise ,81 familly.

• llEv,NY student uses their oWln techniques when s1:!udyunlg. When I srudiV I arrange my notes, irrll order" then I read them orv.ell' !EH'Itlil I understand of and fin<3iHy I try writing out eaeh answertn the que5il:lionswi'l'houtgoirrllgtto my Ulote fur reference,

9\. 'Identify Proibr.e'ms

Idlenitifv the problems in the lIlolllowing thesis statements liIls~nlg: thie51e' categories: (a) cQ,rnflk:ting ideals (b~ 0lPeli1l-ended qlllenDolll fc) too broad (d)1 not Ilimited

T.he Wodd'", Fair i'n N'e\l1l Or~eans was a d'fisa5iter becausa (]If the w;~ the [pre.5S criticized the way it was ru 1i1I, Ib:ul it was. e~cirt:ing for little eh ill drelli and had manVEoodfood hn oths,

Answer: (a) (Ib) I(Ie) (eI)

TV commercials are ebnesious to the person who is intent on watching a good show; on the other &nand, they lp'f"Ov'Ude en'iJertaunmell1lt ill1l the antnC5 of th,e! perlTormers arr1d they provld e a good oppmiJlmity to take a snack brea k ..

Answer: (a) (b) ,('c) (d)

Sill1l·ce polliticiansatr,e constantly bombarding ea,c~ ot&ielf •. how do t.~,ey expect anyone to know who. is ril!J:hlt and wl10 is wn:mg?

Answer: (a) (b) ,('c) (d)

Ra p rn uslc lsa popu la r fotrm of art heca use it is cr,eait:i'v:e and orig'ina I a rid Ib ecauise lt m,ollows the tradldcns of other 5ponitaneo!JJsly develloped musk ,n,ke Jazz.

Answer: (a) ~b) (e) (d)

U nl,e'55 peolP ~e .ar,e eenselnus OT: poUution •. the world wnll be destroyed by th e' yea If 2.050 Answ,e'r: (a) (b) (e) (ell

];[11, Com.plete t.he 'foUorwilrng thesis statemell1b

rComplete the fonowlin\g: thests statements by ,addilFig the spe'cifilc ponnts, claims or a,Bi3IS 011" inrVes.1tli,g;:ation thatyou think should featlJllre in the e.s:say.

I. The mfe e.xpect.arnc'!{ mritlhe average person is inclrH3lsin\g because

Cl'~' ., •• ,

II. Technology is chall1l,ging oUir I'ilYes ln three important :31r,eraIS: ..•

III. Ii t,e:archer must havethefoillowul"llg qualltles: ...

IV. The plllrpose of th~s pape·r is to examine ..•

V. Ownill1lg am automobile is a lI1I,e,cessity both ..•

VI. Poverty has II1llllm,eroU:5 ne~ati>Je consequences for sod'ety.

indUld~ng .•..

VII. The main rdifficu~;tj,e:5 aiffectJi~g mreign .st!udlents at I!JJni\llers~ty

VII L Uv~ ng together before rna rrlage is. becoming increasingly pnpular for three rna in reasons ...

lihe' Ha rdwDrking Stude'nt Winites"",

7. Ma kevou r Thesis Statement a suceess

I say always look at YOlIJr work with tlhe view of the' third person, after youfin'ush yom work. ¥cm see when I write dowr1I .5iameth~n\g out of ,excitement- mostly thesis statements liIl,e.e'~ ,e nthusiasticend opUmi's1iDc abeut ir1t at th at point in tlrne, I tlh'ilnk 'tlhis is, the best idBalleVer' but w&!ellli gOo on to, look at "the lfe5oume:s: .a~ailable to conduct me researeh, and then cam e back ito lreview whal i wrotelast night Ii lea m the~ pa'infu~. way that my thesis statement sl~eaks the ~.angua,~ of boglJiS.!

As a wr'nt:er I suggest t:hiM leVle'ry ldea that hits you should be recorded immediate~v be!Ualuse y:ou're likely to for,get it later; .s am e g;o es war thesis slt;atem ents,; nf ,!!p'cm can 5li1lddel'lly jot ,cllowrna thesis sta{l:emeP'lt whUe watching the game at :3 ln the mornlng; IT may WlIlst work for you.

Butb eeause you shea ld 100 Ik ba ek at what you, have, wiritl:enmte'r giving yourself a break hom thhliki'n\g: abcut it that gives. you the added bene1lTit (m minimizing risk of r,ejeduon hom vour slIIpervisoll .. look bad: at it twice and you wiU ,a~way5 jfh~d mom for ]mpro",e~ merit, thmJgh keep your ~i rst draft so you ea n lref~e!ct back at ymJl run~tial ideas. 0 r1I De your Iconil:en1t i:5 great, take a deep '5~:gjh of re,~ief.a'5 ]!,u!JJIrgJ,eatl:e.stfoot has be,el"! plill1t ~arward.

8. I)on't be Anxious about what is to' come

It's easier said than done. But it is ifundamenlitailly lmpertant thatyolililkeep both yoursellf and your Ir,e:seiCiIlrch work mg,ani:z.ed. Keep a routlne OF meals amid adequate '5~ee'pi and make slire you organu'ze!¥cmritlhes'is research work into the ,categories they belong to. Another rem lnder: ¥,our thesls statement: should be the mal n 'idea oFt&!i,e thests research wh~'ch willi re ~ate' tOji"Qur purpose om writing. Thuslt is good ito go baek to readvour tbesls statement ]n order to check that youar,e' not s.trayill1l,g, from the tradvo'DJ halVe already set out witn. much tJnolJghitarlld practice, durill1l,!!lvoUir thesis research process ..

The onlyw'aiy you ea n mini miz:e· stress and amdetry during yo u r thesis research is to write' a I'Dttle every day. Ofco!JJIrse if you can rnanageto write irn lalr,g:e dunk then that i's great" but lf id eas are not flow]ng :~ 5111gg:es'lt thal[ v:ou do not skip writing a Itqgetrn er; :~n5tead you should opt to wniti'rnga Ittde~.

How can we help furth,el~?

This E-:l[h10k has been compiled bv~ulliaAugusta" IM.,A,. deglf,ee'5 in both Englush Lier.a-ruIrE and Relig'iollJl5 Stud'e'5 from fueMung Univ,ellsuity. She has been 'wlriting andtu.totrilll,El students W:OIl" over 4yeatrs. She was an 'inil:ema~ proofreader of doernra] dissertations at the Fieidilllg Un'iivers,ity. She dloes extremely w'elll workiUiig: with uniterl1a1tiiollla~ or I2Sl ,st!Udients. SlPedaiJzling in APA" M.lLA" and 'Cih'ucaga styile:5. she has wr'lItten and proofread hundreds of dectoral dissertations and has De,elll worJdn,g for Educatiion;al Writing for the past 8 ¥tears.

From Ed!JJcatiional Wr1iting" we wish you alii the best for your future ,endeavors and ho:pe that thus gui;de has; benlefited you. if you'd Hke ,any further he~:p regarding your Thesis Statements" we, wiH e lilly be happvto h1e~p !~lree of dIlarl5:e whHe the ,oHelf lastsl

Conitact liIS via Phone: (302) ,25.0-4210

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