Week 1 Shopping List

Wheat bread (1) White bread (2) Fritos Pretzels Trail mix Rice Crispies Cereal Pancake mix Apple juice (3) Oatmeal cookies Crackers Ritz crackers Nilla wafers Goldfish Eggs Ham slices Shredded cheese (2) Cheese slices (2) Lipton onion soup mix Bread crumbs Cornbread mix Marshmallows Peaches Pears Fruit cocktail Mandarin oranges Applesauce Tropical fruit Peas Chicken in a can (2) Cream of chicken Mashed potatoes Pepper Ridge Farm Stuffing Refried beans Tortillas or Taco shells Olives Ground beef (2) Chicken nuggets French fries Orange juice Rolls Blueberry muffins Chocolate chip muffins Bananas Lettuce Tomatoes Carrot sticks Apples

Syrup Butter Onion flakes Jelly Ketchup Ranch Mayo Milk Paper plates

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