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E-book Primavera Project Planner p3

E-book Primavera Project Planner p3

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Published by: Juan David Botero on May 09, 2011
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The Cosmic view enables you to navigate PERT and timescaled
PERT while keeping track of your position in relation to the entire
project. The Cosmic view displays your project at a reduced magni-
fication so you can see almost all of your project on one page.

Display the Cosmic view Choose View, Cosmic View, or right-
click in an empty area of the project window and choose Cosmic
View. P3 displays the Cosmic view to the right of the PERT or
timescaled PERT layout. The Cosmic view shows only activities;
relationships and text are not visible.

Move around the network Drag the shaded box to the portion of
the project you want to view. The PERT layout changes to display
that portion of the project.

Cosmic view

The shaded box represents the portion
of the project in the PERT layout.

Drag the vertical split bar left or
right to adjust the size of the PERT
layout and Cosmic view.

To view the entire project in
the Cosmic view at the
smallest magnification,
right-click in the Cosmic
view and choose Zoom

503 Part 4: Presentation and Analysis

Move the Cosmic view window You can change the Cosmic view
to a movable window. Right-click anywhere in the Cosmic view, then
choose Undock Cosmic View. P3 reduces the Cosmic view window
and places it in your project window.

To move the Cosmic view window, drag the title bar. To change the
Cosmic view window to a docked window, right-click in the Cosmic
view window and choose Dock Cosmic View.

Undock the Cosmic view so you can
place it anywhere in the window.

Customizing PERT Layouts 504

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