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Mayflower Memories?(A Past LIfe Recollection)

Mayflower Memories?(A Past LIfe Recollection)

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Author's past life memory of boarding a ship, similar to the Mayflower.
Author's past life memory of boarding a ship, similar to the Mayflower.

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Published by: EmpathyProject/Susan Rodgers on May 10, 2011
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Mayflowers Memories?

(A Past Life Recollection) by Susan Ripley Rodgers

The vision I have Of a life long ago… Paints a picture In hues of blue And the texture Of satin.


I was the young woman, Adorned in a blue Satin bonnet, Who along with her Husband Waited to board A ship. The Mayflower, Perhaps, Or another boat Bound for The New World. As I looked over The ship’s manifest (to find my name) –


to my surprise, only my husband’s was listed. And, so came my Question… “Where is my name on this manifest?” And, the answer That came Surprised Me (especially today) – “we don’t list wives’ names as passengers.”


4 . But. My young. feminine Mind Went a bit Crazy. “What???”. with that. still.“We list them Under “chattel” (or “belongings”)”… And. it Makes me cringe Today. and that was that… It was just The way it Was in that era.

The young woman In the blue bonnet Was me… And.I know that My husband didn’t Care that I was Listed with the furniture… Because he Was a “real” passenger. Did I come to America On the Mayflower? Perhaps… 5 . I saw it through Her (my) Eyes.

With a “knowing smile”. I am still her. I may have blonde Hair today And live in the year Of 2011. She looks back At me.What I do know Is that I am the same Energy (entity) As this young woman Of the 1600’s. when I look Into her eyes. 6 . But. And she is me. And.

Perhaps. No wonder she could smile. 7 . just perhaps. And. She knew more Than the ship’s captain Or her husband Wanted her to know. She had a feeling That she was an “eternal spirit” and that being listed as “chattel” was only a part of her eternal journey.

Published by the Empathy Project (empathyprojectinaction.O. CO 80643 8 .com) P. All rights reserved. Box 46 Keenesburg.Copyright 2011 by Susan Ripley Rodgers.

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