Recommended Books List For General Studies :S.No .

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An Introduction to the Constitution D.D.Basu of India Edited by Perspectives on Indian Subash Constitution Kashyap Biology for VIII-X Std NCERT Physics for VIII-X Std NCERT Chemistry for VIII-X Std NCERT Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Evelyn Courses Pearce Reader's Know your body Digest I.C.Dhingra An Evolution of Indian Economy (Sultan Chand & Co) Dutt & Indian Economy Sundaram Government Economic Survey of India of India General Principles of World Charles Geography Farro Charles Monsoon Asia Farro Physical Geography of India for NCERT VII - XII Std Any Good School Atlas Ancient India for VII-XII Std NCERT Medieval India for VII-XII Std NCERT Bipin Modern India Chandra A.C.Banerje History of Modern India e The Hindu & Times of India Newspapers Frontline and Political & Periodicals Economic weekly Yojana & World Focus Periodicals Statistical Methods S.C.Gupta

Arora Indian Constitution . Scott Dictionary – OXFORD Dictionary – Duncken & Mitchell IGNOU – All booklets Spectrum – Just for Reference Class Notes – Compulsory Hand Outs given in Class NCERT – XI . Mageshwari Indian Administration . commerce. Basu Public Administration .Lakshmi Kanth Science & Technology .Ramesh K.D.Spectrum Economics .uma kapila (for reference only) Polity .Class Notes Statistics . Political Science.Nicholas Henry Public Administration .R.Spectrum Guide Geography . Economy. Grover & Grover Dictionary – William Peter.economics survey. XII (Selected Pages Only) Haralombos > 6th to 10th Science and Social Science 11th and 12th History. Indian Culture and Ethics Previous years Question Bank TATA MCGRAWHILL General studies Guide (For solving the Questions) Any Group – I Guide For History: For Sociology: . Geography. Science.Class Notes Current Affairs – HINDU & Class notes NCERT – For Ancient / Medieval / Modern Ancient India – Krishna Reddy Guide Medieval – Sathish Chandra Volume I & II Modern – Bibin Chandra .S.Class notes.Lakshmi Kanth For general studies mains Modern History .Tips: Some Reading Books List For Preliminary Examination: For Public Administration preliminary: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Public Administration .D. Statistics.

11th&12th Modern History .Class notes.R.9th & 10th NCERT Mental ability .Krishna Reddy Guide Economics . manorama year book Tips: Some Reading Books List For Mains Examination: Books for Preliminary: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • For Geography Preliminary For Public Administration mains 6 to 12th NCERT Books Physical Geography -Savindra Singh Climatology – D.Mohit Batachariya Development of Public Administration Restructuring of Public Administration Local Administration .Journal (or) Unique guide IGNOU – Material NCERT – For Ancient / Medieval / Modern Ancient India – A. Medieval and modern History -NCERT 10th .S Lal Geography through Maps –Siddartha Geographical thought -Majiid Hussain Human Geographical -Majiid Hussain Indian Geography – Khullar Models & Theories – Siddhartha Certificate Physical of Physical and Human geography Gocheng leong Geography. Mageshwari IIPA . Prathiyogitha Darpan. economic survey Geography .S Agarwal Polity . Oxford Atlas > Public Administration New Horizon .Hindu General knowledge –India year book.S.11th to 12th NCERT Certificate Physical Geography coaching Science .L.R. Bhasam & Romila Thaper For History: . TTK Atlas.Orient long men.For General Studies: • • • • • • • • • • • History – Ancient .Lakshmi Kanth Current Affairs .

• • • Medieval – Sathish Chandra Volume I & II Modern – Bibin Chandra . Khanna International Politics —Bookhives Set Books Regular issues of Frontline & World Focus (magazine) Newspaper .Siddhartha Certificate Physical .The Hindu Class Notes Haralombos IGNOU – Selected topics only Morgan and King Baran Smith and Passer NCERT – XI. Gauba Introduction to Indian Constitution —D. Kashyap Indian Government and Politics .L. 11th & 12th Physical Geography .N.B.Savindra Singh Spectrum Mains Climatology – D.C. XII For Sociology: For Psychology: For Geography: • • • • • • • • • NCERT Books 10th. & Politics — V.Khullar Models & Theories . Basu India's Struggle for Independence —Bipan Chandra.S Lal Indian Geography .Gocheng leong Geography Orient long men . Our Parliament —S. Grover & Grover Krishna Reddy Guide For Political Science: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 8th to 12th NCERT BOOKS Political Theory—O.Fadiya India's Foreign Policy .J N Dixit Comparative Govt.D.P.

Gvishiani Organisation and Management: A Critique of Western Theories. Structure of Public Organisations : R. Dubbashi : Administrative Reforms Chapter-II: Chapter-III : Chapter-IV: Chapter-V: Chapter-VI : Chapter-VII: . Jain :Administrative Law Administrative Reforms: P. Satyanarayana : Administrative Thinkers D.S.K.P.I Chapter-I: Introduction Mohit Bhattacharya: New Horizons of Public Administration Nicholas Henry : Public Administration and Public Affairs Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration Theories of Administration D. Prasad and P. Robbin : Organisational Behaviour Accountability and Control: Mohit Bhattacharya : New Horizons of Public Administration Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Accountability Administrative Law: Massey :Administrative Law OR M. Jain : Public Sector Undertakings. V. and Mohit Bhattacharya : New Horizons of Public Administration Administrative Behaviour Paul Hersey : Organisational Behaviour OR Stephen P.• • Oxford Atlas TTK Atlas Recommended Books List For Public Administration:- INDIA ADMINISTRATION :: PAPER .R. Ravindra Prasad.

Basu : An Introduction to the Constitution of India.G.K.E. Sapra : Public Policy Personnel Administration: O Glenn :Stahl : Public Personnel Administration S.S. Chapter-III Union Government and Administration: . Chapter-II: Constitutional Framework: D. Financial Administration M. Arora : Comparative Public Administration Public Policy : IGNOU Lessons on Public Policy R. L. Arora : Comparative Public Administration Development Administration: Ferrel Heady : Public Administration . D. K. Puri : Administrative History of India (Vol. I. K. II and III). Thavaraj :Public Financial Administration OR G. Goel : Personnel Administration in India.N.A Comparative Perspective OR R. Lal :Financial Administration in India IGNOU Lessons on Financial Administration Chapter-VIII Chapter-IX: Chapter-X: Chapter-XI: Chapter-XII: INDIA ADMINISTRATION :: PAPER II Introduction Chapter-I: Evolution of Indian Administration: B.K. Gaiden :Administrative Reforms Comparative Public Administration: Ferrel Heady : Public Administration-A Comparative Perspective OR R. J.

J.D. Shukla : State Administration District Administration: Chapter-V: T. Jain : Public Sector Undertakings Annual Survey on Public Sector of Department of Public Enterprises Public Services: S.L. Avasthi :Central Administration State Government and Administration: J. K. K. Guha Roy: District Policing Welfare Administration: Annual Reports of Department of Social Welfare ChapterXII: ChapterXIII: ChapterXIV: Major Issues in Indian Administration: Special Issue of Indian Journal Public Administration on Indian Administration. K.: Chapter-IV: A.N. Sharma : Law and Order Administration in India K.R. Maheswari : Administrative Reforms Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Administrative Reforms Chapter-XI: Machinery for Planning: A. Dubbashi : Administrative Reforms S. Goel : Personnel Administration in India Control of Public Expenditure: Chapter-IX: M. Avasthi : Central Administration Administration of Law and Order: K. Chaturvedi :District Administration. Thavaraj : Financial Administration IGNOU Lessons on Financial Administration Public Policy : Administrative Reforms Chapter-X: P. and Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on District Administration ChapterVI : ChapterVII: ChapterVIII Local Government: S.R. Recommended Books List For Geography:- . Retros and on Good Governance. R. Maheswari : Local Government in India Public Sector in India: R. J.


Made Simple.D.D. Descriptions Geomorphology : Physical Geography by Strahler & Strahler Principles of Geomorphology by W.S.Made Simple by Rupa Publisher Agricultural Geography by Masjid Husain Population Settlement Geography : Human Geography by Majid Husain 3 Urbanization & Urban Systems in India by Ramachandran Economic and Social Geography .C. Chandna Regional Planning: 4 Regional Planning .II SECTION A : GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA .Lal 2 General Climatology by Critchfield Physical Geography .Made Simple.Any School level atlas and the maps given in the above mentioned books PAPER .Made Simple.I SECTION A : PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY S.Made Simple. Rupa Publisher Physical Geography by Strahler & Strahler Oceanography : 3 Oceanography by Sharma & Vatal.Chandna Environmental Geography by Saxena Models. Theories and Laws in Human Geography : 6 Economic and Social Geography . NCERT Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Biogeography : 4 Physical Geography .Made Simple. Rupa Publisher Physical GEography by Strahler & Strahler SECTION B : HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Perspectives in Human Geography : 1 Evolution of Geographic Thought by Majid Husain Economic Geography : Economic Geography by Hertshorn & Alexander 2 Economic and Social Geography . Rupa Publisher Political Geography by R. Rupa Publisher Physical Geography in Diagrams by Bunnett Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Geomorphology by Savindra Singh Climatology : Climatology by D.Dixit MAP QUESTIONS . Rupa Publishers A Geography by Population by R.PAPER .C. Thornbury 1 Physical Geography .by Chand & Puri Environmental Geography: Environmental Geography by Savindra Singh 5 Environmental Awareness by R.No.

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