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Top 8 wars 1800-1980 The War of 1812: June 1812 to December 1814, US vs. Great Britain US wants to push GB out of North America. and considered world power Treaty of Ghent ends war. US considered winner, b/c stop and push away GB Mexican American War: 1846 to Feb 1848 Causes: annexation of Texas and Pres. Polk¶s aggressiveness towards Mexico Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends war.US gets land and Rio Grande as border Civil War: April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865 North (Union) vs. South (CSA) Antietam (Sep. 1862) the Turning point of entire war CSA loses European thoughts and Lincoln issue Emancipation Proclamation South surrenders Apr. 1865 Union deaths: 360,000 CSA deaths: 260,000 620,000 total

4) Spanish- American War: y Apr. 1898 to Dec. 1898 y High pressure between Spain and US. Spanish sinking of the Maine in Havana lead to anti-Spanish attitude in US. US wants war y Treaty of Paris ends war (Dec. 1898) y US wins, Cuba gets independence from Spain, US gets Pacific islands 5) WWI: y For US Apr. 1917 to Nov. 1918 y US, GB, France, Russia, Italy, Japan (Allies) vs. Germany, Austria Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria (Central Powers) y Causes: Zimmerman Note, Lusitania sinking, German U-boat action y Allies win on Armistice Day Nov. 11, 1918. Harsh treaty for Germany 6) WWII: y Europe: Sept. 1939 to May 1945Asia: 1931/¶37 to Aug 1945(A-Bombs) o US Dec 1941 to Aug 1945 y Allies: US, GB, Soviets, France, China Axis: Germany, Japan, Italy y Germany, Italy, and Japan aggressive movements. Allies try to stop them y Allies win. US and Soviets left as only world super powers. Lead to Cold War 7) y y y 8) y y y y Korean War: 1950 to 1953, US with South Korea vs. North Korea US try to contain spread of communism North stays communists, South is free Vietnam War: 1961 US officials, 1965 to 1973 US troops. US and South Vietnam vs. Vietcong US try to contain spread of communism First real US failure in a war. Have to leave with a cease fire in 1973 Hurts American attitude toward foreign policy/wars. don¶t want another wa

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