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Rhce Interview Questions

Rhce Interview Questions

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Published by: surajpokhriyal21 on May 10, 2011
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1> Diff between rhel 4 & 5 ?

2> About boot process in sort? 3> Types of DNS? 4> how dns works? 5> what is squid? 6> port number of data ftp, ftp, telnet, smtp, sql 7> what is sendmail hows it's works 9> How to block downloading in squid 10> How you handle Load on server? 11> Fields in crontab? 12> Any backup tools you know? 13> what is amanda why to use? 14> How to upadte your server? 15> rpm commands to update, erase, install etc... 16> Use squid to do authentication of users on browser? 17> USe of NFS and samba? 18> Diff NfS & Samba? 19> What is SeLinux? 20> DEfault cache size in Squid? 21> I want to assign NISdomainname via DHCP is it possible how? 22> How to setup networking IP doaminname etc... 23> What is & Difference between find and grep 24> About Raid tool used & level diff 25> I want to do remote login how? 26> Use of NIS? 27> Use of Log files? 28> I sent a mail but lost how to find it where is ..? Some other - How to find which user surfed which site? squid not log file - which command you use for maintaing system info to submit to your manager? - How you reduce load on your server - tools used to check system load and performance - Do you know anything about DHCP on windows server - Application that you much like can confident about that - In sort what you know in Linux - Can you compile C program in linux how? - about Linux shell scripting any other scripting language you know ================== Some more1s> 1> size of MBR, fields in MBR, PT size in MBR 2> Dir /abcd have 744 perm to user but file /abcd/file1 has 777

? 22> write iptable to block use of sshd service via port 22 from outside of range 192. DNS.50 23> Tables in iptables 24> what is cluster & virtualizaton just basic. 7> Can we authenticate only users login on vsftpd by LDAP how 8> Port number SAMBA.10-192.168.8. .8. 9> Diff TCP/UDP 10> What are 7 Layers TCP/IP eg of each 11> Fields in DNS 12> USe of ip_farwording 13> where is config file of sshd service.168. IMAP on secure level. DHCPD.. SQUID. POP. sendmail on secure level. NTP on secure level. Firewall. 25> what is domain and hostname concept... POP. 26> can a system have multiple hostname/domainname how? 27> how many virtual ips you can assign to a single interface. 14> what is tunnel 15> What is mutt 16> fields in top command meanings 1>load average 2> %id 3> Mem: 4> SWAP 17> What is the use of swap partition 18> can we encrease swap partition size how 19> syntax of for loop in bash 14> awk stand for 15> can we change vsftpd default directory location 16> Can we change Default Directory in apache 16> Can we use index.php insted of index. Postfix. netfilter .permission can a normal user edit file1..html as default page in apache how . if no why? 4> what called #! /bin/bash 5> There a parameter in vsftpd conf file without which vsftpd server will not work 6> Diff GRUP & LILO techinical DIFF .. what you understand by term. 17> visudo command will open file? 18> Diff RHEL & Centos 19> Diff LILO GRUB 20> Advantages of GRUB 21> What is iptables.

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