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On 2 July 2011. Clore Management Centre.00 11.20 13.  our most important contemporary thinkers. finitude and infinitude. and total because he is committed to thinking the absolute ‘sense’ of the world.00 10. making sure to include your full name. politics and art. Ph. Assistante de Justice.15 17.50 16. Clore Lecture Theatre. University of London. PROGRAMME (2 JULY 2011) 10. ethics. author of Jean-Luc Nancy and the Future of Philosophy (McGill-Queens/Acumen 2005). and contact details.20 15.Phil. Please register your attendance with Ms Valerie Kelley [ v. Torrington Square. author of Jean-Luc Nancy: The First Question of Law (Routledge. (London/Birkbeck).D. Jean-Luc Nancy’s Exposition of Sense: The Critique of Kant (SUNY Press. Emeritus Professor of the University of Strasbourg. forthcoming)   Gilbert Leung.10 14. affiliation (if appropriate). Tribunal Administratif de Versailles Benjamin Hutchens.00 Welcome: Peter Fitzpatrick Sophie Schulze: The Exception Confirms the Rule Gilbert Leung: Fictive Law Break Ben Hutchens: The Aporia of ‘Right’ and ‘Case’: The ‘Double Structure’ of Jurisdiction Lunch Jean-Luc Nancy: The Ground of Law Break Additional Question Time and Discussion with Jean-Luc Nancy Close Chair: Gilbert Leung Chair: Marie-Eve Morin .10 11. D. from creation to annihilation. Photo by Anne Immele The symposium will also feature three complementary speakers who will engage with Nancy’s work in and around the question of law: Sophie (Oxon). Rutgers. from nothing to something. total insofar as he touches with infinite delicacy the thresholds of immanence and transcendence. London. Nancy will take part in a symposium at the Centre for Law and the Humanities. forthcoming) and editor of Jean-Luc Nancy: Justice. World (Continuum Press. Birkbeck. and from birth to death. He is a ‘total’ philosopher: total in Jean-Luc Nancy. Legality.kelley@bbk. is one of  that his thinking engages with questions of totality and totalitarianism. in which he will turn his mind to thinking the ‘The Ground of Law’. Venue: Birkbeck. Forthcoming) This event is free of charge and open to all.50 12. singularity and plurality. in ]. ground and foundation.

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