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SAP Manual

SAP Manual

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Published by: Shakeel Ahmed on May 10, 2011
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The Concert Program, formerly known as the Process Standardization & Harmonization Project
Utilizing SAP, is the first step in the process of fulfilling the Siemens Energy & Automation (SE&A)
Information Technology (IT) Application Landscape vision.

The Concert program goals are to:

• Design, develop, and support implementation of standardized business processes at
SE&A based on Siemens standards; and to

• Build and implement an SAP solution to support the following SE&A business processes:

• Product Order Management

• Solutions Order Management

• Service Order Management

• Finance and Accounting

• Manufacturing (discrete, repetitive, variant/job shop)

• Design and develop interfaces, conversions, and forms to support procurement

A comprehensive audit by Siemens Corporate Development Audit (CDA) determined:

• SE&A’s earnings are negatively impacted by high inventory, high receivables and
underutilized fixed assets;

• Manual interfaces cause inefficiencies and reduced data integrity;

• SE&A has many logistics weaknesses mainly due to highly manual and fragmented order
processes (weak system support) and insufficient use of “pull” techniques; and

• About 70 percent of the purchase orders placed (at six locations visited) to the suppliers
are manual (e.g., fax). This leads to additional resources, longer lead times, and potential

The bottom line is …

SE&A is not meeting its financial goals, and its lack of standardized processes and up-to-date
information systems are major limiting factors. If we do not fix this, our financial performance will
continue to be limited and we will not grow as we need to.

What can you expect from the Concert Program?

In the long term, you can expect:

• Change from a functionally driven organization to a process-driven organization; and

• Radical change to standardized business processes.


SAP Overview Student End User Manual

The training you receive in this SAP course and subsequent SAP courses will provide you with
the new business processes and how to complete these processes in SAP.


The Concert Program

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