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Reference Description as in Tender Exception Taken Explanation/ Reason

Contractor’s aggregate
To be added as a new Clause:
liability towards any
Contractor’s Aggregate Liability under this Contract
To be added obligation under this
2. for any reasons shall not exceed Total Estimated
as a new To be added as a new Clause Contract shall be limited to
Contract Price or price of the concerned Call-Out
Clause. the Total Estimated Contract
Order. Limitation of liability as set forth in this
Price or price of the
Clause shall prevail over any conflicting provision.
concerned Call-Out Order.
- Please refer to “XXX] Contractor's Equipment &
Personnel List” attached with ‘XXX’.
Contractor’s Equipment/
“XXX] Contractor's Equipment & Personnel - Contractor's Equipments/ Personnel descriptions Personnel list clarify on
3. and quantities listed under “XXX] Contractor's Equipment/ Personnel
List” shall be attached to ‘XXX’ and shall form a
Equipment & Personnel List” attached with descriptions and quantities
part of the Final Contract.
‘XXX’ shall form an integral part of the final offered by Contractor under
Contract and override the corresponding this Contract.
Company’s description of Equipment and
Personnel in the final Contract.
- Please refer to “XXX] Frank’s Notes to
Pricing” under ‘XXX’.

- Unpriced version of the same is attached as

“XXX] Frank’s Notes to Pricing (Unpriced)”
under ‘XXX’ Frank’s Notes to Pricing
clarify the pricing issues and
4. “XXX] Frank’s Notes to Pricing” attached under
‘XXX’ shall form a part of the Final Contract. - Frank’s proposal is subject to “XXX] Frank’s offer competitive prices for
Notes to Pricing” under ‘XXX’. Equipment and Personnel
offered by Frank’s.
- Frank's Notes to Pricing are a material and
integral part of this offer and will remain valid and
supersede any part of a subsequent agreement,
service/ work/ purchase order, Contract or related
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Provision for Services
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Provision for Services