SUGGESTION The study suggests that most of the investors of the India Infoline follow Portfolio Management Practices

. The study suggests that long term performance is better than the short term performance, since the Portfolio Management practices is followed for the long term only. The Management should educate the investors who do not follow the portfolio.

CONCLUSION The project setout with the primary objective of ” To evaluate the Portfolio Management practices of India Info line Investors” and also to study saving and investment pattern, investors preference for portfolio management practices, and to know the level of diversification, as secondary objective. Detail study was undertaken about the Portfolio Management Practices and market research was conducted among the India Info line customers. The finding of the market study have been analyzed and presented in the previous pages. Some of the important findings are: Most of respondent were following Portfolio Management Practises Most of respondents are satisfied with the short term profit Most of respondents portfolio is diversified Most of respondent are having alternative financial support.. Suggestions have also offered in the light of these finding. Thus we can conclude that the primary objective and secondary objective have been achieved..

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