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The Homework Grid

Kindergarten Homework

Below is an outline of a homework grid. The main idea of the homework

grid is to make life easier for parents. There are many things children
can do outside of school hours that support the development of life skills.
The homework grid offers a broad range of after school activities. The
aim is to make homework be diverse, active and enhance family life.

 Homework and reading are compulsory everyday.

 The tasks on the grid are compulsory and are to make signed off
by parents.
 The grid is from Monday to Friday for one whole month.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Help prepare Challenge Create a of Read to Teach your
healthy yourself to piece art use someone in parents a
dinner. Take be creative paint, crayons your family. sport that
a photo and can you think or any craft Practice your you have
bring to of different materials. sounds. been taught
school. fitness at school.
activity to do
Set the Help with the Help out in Use the Practice
dinner table, shopping list, the garden. computer and singing a
tidy your choose the Plant a plant research the song you
rooms, feed a cheapest or some importance of learnt at
pet, take the products, add veggies, weed healthy school to
rubbish out. up, count and and water eating and your family.
find the the garden. exercise.
Talk to your Help Mum and Go for a run Have some Use paint and
family about Dad address in the park relaxation crayons and
something you and post a and kick a time with draw a
have learnt. letter in the ball around. your family. picture of
A new maths mail. Write down something
skill, an how you felt healthy that
interesting afterwards. you would
piece of eat.
Join a sports Find a Take your pet Learn what Try a food
team and get magnet in the for walk and rubbish can you have
involved in house and play fetch. be recycled never eaten
the find out how and what before. Be
community. many cannot be adventurous
magnetic recycled.    
items are in
the house.