Lesson Plan in English IV Prepared by: Byron Paul C.


Session: 1 I. Objectives:

Date: March 1, 2011

A. Identifying sentence in present perfect tense with passive voice; B. Writing sentence using passive (present perfect tense).


Subject matter: A. Topic: Explaining a Process Using Passive Voice (Present Perfect Tense). B. Materials: textbook, visual aids (picture) C. Reference: Bermudez, V. F., Cruz, J.M., Gorgon, E.R., Nery, R.F., San Juan, M.A., 2007, English Expressway: Textbook for Fourth Year, SD Publication, Inc., G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City. (pages 281-283) D. Skill: Writing


Procedure: A. Preparation: a. Review: Ask the following question. 1. What have we discussed last time? b. Motivation: Show pictures of new technological advancement. B. Presentation: Present a chart of active and passive form of sentences in present perfect tense.
Tense Presen t perfec Voice Active Passiv Examples New technology has revolutionized the communications industry. The communication industry has been Focus New technology Communications

Each group will have to write appropriate heading for each section.g. form a sentence in present perfect passive voice. 1. Innovated tools have made house chores easier. b. How is passive voice of verb in perfect tense formed? 3. Ask the following questions: 1. What is the focus of statement I passive form? IV. E. Evaluation: Instruction: Given the verb. Green technology has been introduced by bioengineers to mitigate climate change. industry Innovated tools House chores Bioengineers Green technology C. Discussion: a. What is the focus of a statement in passive form? 2. How is perfect tense formed? 2. and receiver of the action. E. An article divided into four sections will be given to each group. What auxiliary verb do we use with singular subject? D.t e Active passiv e Active Passiv e revolutionized by technology. doer of the action. Show how the present perfect tense is formed. Generalization: Ask the following questions. Bioengineers have introduced green technology to mitigate climate change. Discuss how passive voice of verb in the present perfect tense is formed. Application: Divide the class into four groups. House chores have been made easier by innovated tools. .

Verb change Doer of the action technology Receiver of the action way of life Verb develop discover invent bring extract Doer of the action Japanese scientists Swiss microbiologists I digital age engineers Receiver of the action hybrid cars electricity-generating microbes solar bag a lot of change new energy source V. Assignment: Read: Arriving at a Consensus by Resorting to Varied Strategies. .

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