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b d bed sheet

b d bed sheet

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Published by: teach mama on May 10, 2011
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b and d

put confusion to „bed‟!
Although letter reversals are normal for emerging readers and writers, it never hurts to give our kiddos a hand with the tricky ones. This song from Word World is totally catchy, is easy to learn, and is really one of the best ways I’ve found to remember ‘b’ and ‘d’. Frog’s song: Which is the „b‟? Here‟s a trick that‟s great. First is the line, standing tall and straight. Next is the circle, like a pillow for your head. That‟s „b‟ the first letter in „bed‟. Which is the„d‟? This trick beats them all. First. comes the circle, round like a ball. Next comes the line, tall and straight. That‟s the letter „d‟. Isn‟t that great? Line and circle is the letter „b‟. Circle and line is the letter „d‟. From Word World, season 3, episode 7—“Bed Bugs” (09/08/09).

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b ol ol d

b: line and a circle is the letter b d: circle and a line is the letter d



another resource from http://www.teachmama.com

b and d:
put confusion to „bed‟!




another resource from http://www.teachmama.com

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