Joemar: Buenas tardes la Señora Perla! Ma’am Pearl: Buenas tardes tambien, el senorito Joemar!

Both: And good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Ma’am Pearl: You look handsome tonight! Joemar: Gracias, Señora Perla. You also look beautiful tonight! Ma’am Pearl: Well, I have all the reasons to be dressed up tonight because this is going to be a very wonderful experience for all of us! Joemar: I agree with you Ma’am Pearl. And I’m sure that all of us here went out of our ways to look as dazzling as possible for this very special occasion. Ma’am Pearl: Yes, that’s right! It’s really great to see our Juniors and Seniors in their Spanish Latino outfits. The girls are stunning while the boys are ravishing! Joemar: Yes, Ma’am Pearl. Obviously, everyone, including us, is prepared for this occasion! I say this because we also have researched about Spanish expressions that we could also use in our script to suffice the call of the occasion! Ma’am Pearl: Yes, that’s right, Jomz. And I am already excited to deliver those Spanish lines! Both: So, buenas tardes las damas y caballeros! Joemar: In English, good evening ladies and gentlemen! Both: La bienvenida a Junior de este año y el paseo marítimo principal del
departamento de la escuela secundaria de la Universidad del Perpetuo Socorro Sistema Dalta!

Ma’am Pearl: In English, welcome to this year's Junior and Senior promenade of the high school department of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA! Joemar: The JS Prom surely marks a special event for every student present this evening because this is considered as one of the most awaited highlights in the course of a high school life. Ma’am Pearl: I agree with you, Jomz. As we savor every exhilarating moment of the night, we will try to make this experience a remarkable one. Joemar: Para empezar, por favor, lugar de la invocación a ser dirigida por Lois Ann
Rance, un lay-out de la artista Perpetualite Junior.

Ma’am Pearl: To start with, please rise for the invocation to be led by Lois Ann Rance, a lay-out artist of the Junior Perpetualite.

Ma’am Pearl: Por favor, permanecer de pie durante el canto del Himno Nacional de
Filipinas, con Jobeth P. Zerrudo, secretario del club High School Choir.

Joemar: Please remain standing for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, with Jobeth P. Zerrudo, secretary of the High School Choir club. Ma’am Pearl: Ahora puede estar sentado. Joemar: You may now be seated.

the student governor of the Fourth Year Level Council. let us now call on the selected Juniors and Seniors for their JS formation. Ma’am Pearl: Be that as it may. Mary Louise. let us now then move on to the bequeathal ceremonies. to turn over the key of responsibility to Cristian David D. a todos nuestros futuros líderes en el buen gobierno. eso es cierto. señora Perla. Dizon. Manalo. Welcome remarks Joemar: Muchas gracias. Loreto Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias. Señor Alfonso Loreto for those stirring words of enthusiasm and encouragement. Ma’am Pearl: I agree Jomz. Joemar: Thank you very much to all our future leaders in good governance. Joemar: Sí. for her palabras de bienvenida or welcome remarks. hand down all responsibilities conferred on them to the juniors.) May we now then request Patricia Anne Mari R. we are also blessed to have in our midst a man of high esteem who has given time out of his hectic schedule to give us his words of wisdom. the seniors will. the Junior SSC vice-president internal. Juniors and Seniors. of course. On the other end. public relations officer of the Junior SSC and Maria Danica A. . editorial cartoonist of the Junior Perpetualite to hand down the Book of Knowledge to the care of John Paulo E. María Luisa. for that very tasteful and classy performance. por su discurso de bienvenida! Ma’am Pearl: Thank you very much. for your welcome remarks! Joemar: Tonight. (Yes. and I just feel auspicious to see them on one end of the spectrum basking in such a great presentation. Both: El Dr. Yabut. Ladies and gentlemen. Ma’am Pearl. Alfonso H. and Burton B. that’s true. Elano. May we now request Carl Angelo D. Yague. Science and Technology section editor of the Junior Perpetualite and Christian Joy F. associate editor of the Junior Perpetualite. Dominguiano. our university also keeps in its treasure chest a retinue of students performing well in academics. I also feel comfortable to see that the seniors will soon be bidding goodbye to their Alma mater. Samarita. Villanueva. Loreto! Ma’am Pearl: Vamos a darle un aplauso! Joemar: Let us give him a round of applause! Message of Dr. the Junior SSC vice-president external. Ma’am Pearl: Nos permiten presentar… Joemar: Allow us to present…. Baticulon. Bequeathal of the Key of Responsibility Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias. Ma’am Pearl: Aside from having responsible student leaders. and John Joel U.Ma’am Pearl: At this juncture. Démosle la bienvenida con un gran aplauso! Joemar: Please welcome them with a big round of applause! JS formation Joemar: Muchas gracias. president of the Junior Supreme Student Council. the Junior SSC treasurer. let us now listen to Mary Louise G. Joemar: Seeing them graduate in high school is excitingly inevitable! But before that happens.

to the innumerable achievements that our high school students have added to the school’s collection. editor in chief of the Junior Perpetualite. Sabuquia. Resurrecion. auditor of the Junior SSC to turn over the Laurel of Achievement to Jellian Razelle A. Ma’am Pearl: I state this with conviction because I have been a witness. nava. sports section editor. I truly believe that with the flicker that they have displayed tonight. Joemar: Thank you very much to all our students who are the living manifestations of our school’s excellence in quality education. We hope that the Juniors will do the best of their ability to continue to nurture and protect the will power of the Seniors. Jomz. Ado. ladies and gentlemen. Bajado. and Jeanette L. too. At this point. layout artist. managing editor of the Junior Perpetualite for the Lectura de la última voluntad y testamento or the reading of the last will and testament. you have just witnessed the several exchanges of speech like: clave de la responsibilidad or the key of responsibility! Joemar: El libro del conocimiento or the book of knowledge Ma’am Pearl: El laurel de logro or the laurel of achievement .Bequeathal of the Book of Knowledge Joemar: Muchas gracias. may we call on Jeanne Mari L. Juniors for that very promising prophecy for our dear Seniors. a todos nuestros estudiantes que han sido de confianza como guardianes del Libro del Conocimiento. let us now move on to the la lectura dela profecia de clase or the reading of the class prophecy by the following writers of the Junior Perpetualite: Neil Roy B. and Jessamyn Roux B. Bequeathal of the Laurel of Achievement Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias. Joemar: May we now then request Athena Almira Benedictos. editorial cartoonist.and Nicolyn Angelica H. Abunales. I know that a few years from now. and Karl Angelo C. Jacob B. have the right predictions! So there. managing editor of the Junior Perpetualite. assistant secretary of the Junior SSC. Ma’am Pearl: Thank you very much to all our students who have been trusted as caretakers of the Book of Knowledge. Edgar Maurice G. With that in mind. the Juniors will surely not fail us in our expectations. Ma’am Pearl: Yes. Ma’am Pearl: That is indeed a humbling fact. Kwok. Rozen Marrel B. business manager of the Mathematics club . Joemar: We also take pride and honor to claim without bragging that the high school department also hoards a cache of achievements in various fields of learning. May you. Shaira Mae R. a todos nuestros estudiantes que son las manifestaciones de vida de la excelencia de nuestra escuela en la educación de calidad. Reading of the Class Prophecy Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias. features editor. Julia. then. I have high hopes that our Juniors will continue to live up to the legacy that our Seniors will lay down before them. And speaking of that. Flores. vice-governor of the Fourth Year Level Council. the Seniors will be dominating in their respective fields of learning in their own right. Reading of the Last Will and Testament Joemar: Muchas gracias to our Seniors who willingly bestowed upon the Juniors their last will and testament. Rosales. Sese. editor in chief of the Junior Perpetualite.

May I now request Athena Almira Benedictos. let us first suspend their excitement with the traditional cotillion de honor. Inspirational message of the Guest Speaker Joemar: Muchas gracias. But before the board of judges will finally announce the winners. may we call on the Chairman of the board of judges…. we shall be witnessing a series of dance numbers from our selected interlude dancers. interlude dancers for that very awe-inspiring performance! The ladies are very well-dressed and the gentlemen are also very appealing in their Spanish Latino outfits! Joemar: I totally agree with you. And to present to us the finalists for the search for the Mr. let us put our hands together for our interlude dancers. and Miss Junior and Senior Personalities 2010-2011. Joemar: Ladies and gentlemen. and Miss Junior and Senior Personalities 2010-2011. Let us now . to introduce to us our esteemed Guest Speaker. editor in chief of the Junior Perpetualite. vamos a poner de pie y las manos juntas como damos honor y reverencia a nuestro estimado orador invitado. some members of the faculty and the high school office have chosen some of the interlude dancers who would be proclaimed as the Mr. Jomz. and Miss Junior and Senior Personalities 2010-2011. ladies and gentlemen. president of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA. vamos a poner nuestras manos para nuestros bailarines interludio. I am sure that up to this very moment. Another resounding applause for our President.Joemar: Lectura de la última voluntad y testamento or the reading of the last will and testament Ma’am Pearl: And la lectura dela profecia de clase or the reading of class prophecy Joemar: Ladies and gentlemen. that’s right. Ma’am Pearl: Yes. Introduction of the Guest Speaker Ma’am Pearl: Las damas y caballeros. Tamayo. you still have your bets on who would be proclaimed as the Mr. Joemar: Muchas gracias! Those lads and lasses really deserve to be finalists for the search for the Mr. demos la bienvenida con un aplauso a los bailarines cotillion de honor! Ma’am Pearl: So. Joemar: Por lo tanto. Interlude Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias. Ma’am Pearl: Ladies and gentlemen. Joemar: Ladies and gentlemen. Senor Anthony Jose M. that’s right! And I also think that the other Juniors and Seniors and our fellow teachers have their own favorites among the finalists. cotillion de honor dancers! I am sure that you have entertained well one of the most important personalities in our university who has also unselfishly given us a vital fragment of his eventful time just to be able to celebrate with us tonight. Ma’am Pearl: Las damas y caballeros. after listening to the series of speeches from the selected Juniors and Seniors. Ma’am Pearl! And because of that. Ma’am Pearl: Yes. and Miss Junior and Senior Personalities 2010-2011. let us welcome with a round of applause the cotillion de honor dancers! Cotillion de honor Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias. let us stand and put our hands together as we give honor and reverence to our esteemed Guest Speaker.

to present the winners. Joemar: Thank you very much and congratulations to all the winners. Both: Your maestro y maestra de ceremonias! Joemar: Let us altogether enjoy the party! Ma’am Pearl: Vamos a disfrutar de todo el partido! Both: Adiós y gracias! . Demagante. Vamos a darles una nueva ronda de aplausos! Joemar: Let us give them another round of applause! Ma’am Pearl: Muchas gracias y felicitaciones a todos los ganadores. the first part of the JS prom. Perlla P. Joemar: Sí. Tamayo. and Miss Veronica V. to hand over the trophies to the awardees.receive with a big round of applause Dr. dance! Ma’am Pearl: But before the revel begins. Mármol. May we also request Sir Anthony Jose M. Awarding of winners Ma’am Pearl: There. This evening has been great for all of us. Julie H. Furigay. ladies and gentlemen. the vice principal of the high school department. la danza. dance. the official school paper of the high school department. are the winners in the Search for Mr. and Miss Junior and Senior Personalities 2010-2011. la danza or dance. This is Mrs. Joemar: And this is Joemar L. y la señorita Verónica V. Ramos. to assist in the awarding of winners. Reyes. ladies and gentlemen. And I am sure that everyone is excitedly looking forward to the next part which is la danza. Marmol. Ramos. our basic education director. the coordinator for students’ welfare. the moderator of the Junior Perpetualite. nuestro director de educación básica. we want to thank everyone for sharing this moment with us. señora Perla. el coordinador para el bienestar de los estudiantes. Ma’am Pearl: May we also call on Miss Melissa A. the coordinator of the English Learning Area. Joemar: Puede también llamar a la señorita Melissa A. para ayudar en la adjudicación de los ganadores. Ma’am Pearl: That ends.

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